Saturday, 26 June 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Tobey the black/tan Papillon

A smiling, happy fella, Tobey is a lovely young black/tan Papillon (cross?) who was found wandering near an MRT for days. Many people passed by thinking he was lost and left him alone but after a few days with no sign of the owner returning, a compassionate lady took him in. Poor fella was so hungry and thirsty and relieved help came, he immediately sat down solemnly and gave her a "Paw" to thank her.

We call him Tobey or Mr. Tobey as he has such perfect manners, offering his paw to everyone he meets as in "How do you do, Kind Sir". Tobey is an unsterilised papillon, estimated to be between 3 to 5 years old, and with his lovely butterfly ears and smile, he makes such a welcome sight that a first instinct would be to pick him up and hug him tight He is docile, gentle and a meek little boy, still rather shy as fresh from his rescue but has settled in very well with the fosterer's dogs. He is thin and his fur condition is not as sleek nor shiny as it should be, probably from neglect and poor nutrition but nothing that love and time won't heal.

We are looking for a home, preferably with experience looking after dogs (small breed) for Tobey, with a condition that the Adopter will bring him to a vet for his vaccination, checks and sterilisation. Alternatively we can arrange to do all the necessary but adopter will cover the expenses (receipts provided).

Please email to and provide us with as much information as you can so that we can get to know you better and a contact for us to get back to you. The more the background information you provide, the less we need to ask.

Make today a Tobey day - Mr. Tobey to be exact.

[Wed 14 Apr. Source:, Tue 13 Apr.]

update sat 26 jun
mr toby has been adopted.

Friday, 25 June 2010

LOST: Lucky the male mini pinscher, black w brown legs/muzzle (saint george's, tue 22 jun)

This Mini Pinscher went missing on Tue June 22. STOMPer Aaron thinks his dog, Lucky, might be injured after being hit down by a vehicle, and hopes to find him soon.

Aaron said over the phone:

"Our dog Lucky was last seen at Block 11 St. George's Road (next to coffee shop), at around 10.30pm on June 22 (Tuesday).

"Lucky is a male Mini Pinscher, with a fully black coat of fur, brown legs and brown colouring around his mouth area. He measures about 40cm in length and stands about 30cm tall.

"My dad was having a drink with his friend at the coffee shop and had brought Lucky along with him. Lucky had not been put on a leash and ran away before my dad noticed he was missing.

"My dad tried to look for him for about three to four hours after that, to no avail.

"One of the 'aunties' at the nearby shops he went to told him that she had earlier seen a dog get hit by a vehicle. The dog was injured, but eventually stood up and ran away.

"Lucky is extremely playful and can run very fast. We just hope he's still somewhere in the area.

"If found, kindly return him to us and you will be given a reward.

"Please call: Eric @ 9009-8800/ Anna @ 9003-2233/ Aaron @ 9858-5598"

[fri 25 jun. , thu 24 jun.]

Thursday, 24 June 2010

FOUND: 8yo pomeranian

POM abt 8yrs old. Met it at the vet. With founder. Am helping to find owner. If no one claim, she will adopt.

Email if u know the owner.

Please help to spread the words.

[thu 24 jun., thu 24 jun.]

[reunited!] LOST: Bobby the mixed white terrier (sat 12 jun, seletar/begonia)

He is a mixed white terrier, small in size. I lost him on 12 June, Sat early morning, most likely around Seletar/Begonia area. He loves to walk on his two hind legs. Should respond to the name of Bobby.

He has a collar with a tag, with a number and some letters on it.

[sat 12 jun. source:, sat 12 jun.]

update thu 24 jun
bobby has been found.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Bailey the female local Dutch bunny, loves being stroked on her cheeks

A bunny in distress cuz being starved. I only noticed it today at around 2pm. When discovered, no signs of food + water to be seen. At ard 11.30pm I made my trip to provide foods water in the event if it is still not provided with any foods/water. Only a faded color pingpong ball with the bunny - bunny also din want to play w the pingpong ball anymore cuz cannot be consumed for foods. However my mission failed cuz there were few ppl engaging in late night chat session. I was not able to get close to the distress bunny to offer late supper pellets and water ration. However from a few metres away, as I cast my glance to the bunny, apart from shock that still no signs of bowls and not even improper foods given, the bunny was behaving frantic desperate as he/she standing hopping anxiously left right and clinging onto the cage grilles.

Our weather lately has turned hot sunny. How it feels like when our skin is heated up? When we can't reach for any water source? When our skin in contact with scalding door or window grilles for hours during daytime?

I am appealing for anyone to be this poor starving bunny foster parent. U dun need to have any experience neither do I have any requirement from u. The only criteria is a gracious sincere heart w keen interest to commit and last of all, family members awareness of rabbit to be fostered & w consent given. If u have just a corner area, it's just fine. Situation can be improved / fine tuned along the way as advice & coaching will go hand in hand.

Food rations & housing accessories will be provided.

A little biodata :-
- Dwarf mix
- Light caramel color w dutch markings
- Round nose bridge
- Short ears
- Short fur coat
- Approx 5 mths old
- Gender : unknown as at now
- Friendly, active, curious
- No signs of disease / injuries (cuz bunny is really desperate hopping away begging for help)

At this moment of time, I apologise bunny photo is not readily available yet.

[Original post, 17 Feb:]

Update 12 Mar
Thanks to Ms Angela for fostering the bunny. Photos will be coming soon....

Update Sat 27 Mar
Currently in foster care undergoing litter training. Bailey would be undergoing sterilisation in time to come so as to complete her litter training progress.

Breed : Local Dutch
Color : Caramel w/ white markings
Age : 6 mths old
Gender : Female
Diet : Hay pellets veggie
Temperament : A young excited + curious bunny that is full of action to delight you w her innocent charm. More sharing to be provided by foster parent soon.
Location : Toa Payoh Lor 1

Coaching guidance on grooming care & any other necessary assistance will be provided depending on the proficiency level of the adopter. A sincere responsible heart w/ keen interest to learn is what Bailey needs after all that she has gone thru. Experience is not the priority as coaching combined w passionate learning will eventually gain experience along the way. I have witnessed Bailey from the start from distress hunger + under hot weather right up to finding foster home - she is one who will reciprocate and watches whoever is her caregiver intently.

For visiting arrangements & enquiries, pls email to

Update Mon 29 Mar
Updates from fosterer Ms Angela --> Bailey is fully litter trained now despite not sterilised yet. She is also given time out from cage to do her free roaming activities.

Update Mon 3 May
Updates --> I have visited Bailey at fosterer's home yesterday PM.

She has settled well as a home indoor foster pet since a month half ago and demonstrated great potentiality.

Her strengths :-
- She stands on her 2 hindlegs to greet ppl, even to 1st time visitors (actions similar to a dog)
- She knows how to use the stairs (fosterer shared her pets' 3storey cardboard box purchased from The BusyBarn) travel to 2nd storey & then finally to 3rd storey
- She simply welcomes strokings on her cheeks area as long as the stroking can last, even to 1st time visitors
- She gets excited each time when taking photographs - only thru using 1 finger touch her forehead method, she would then freeze to allow more photos to be taken
- She eats a variety of foods, esp. loves the yellow capsium and is not fussy eater
- She has not chewed furnitures so far. Only enjoys to hop behind the sofa to hide rest after some time of venturing.
- She follows ppl footsteps & responds more to hand clapping.

I have never realised Bailey has these qualities. My earliest efforts to get her out from her past living conditions plus wee night hours secret feeding has not been in vain.

Bailey, I am really proud of you and to Angela, your contributions is indeed valuable. W/o your fostering help, Bailey won't be outstanding today. She would still probably stuck w the small tiny cage under harsh outdoor weather conditions and eating lotsa stale cabbage. Becuz of you, she has unleashed her hidden potential.

I will try to upload her photos taken yesterday.

update thu 24 jun
bailey was adopted a week ago.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

[rehomed!] HELP: Silver the stray tom cat with an eye infection/ulcer

Silver is one of the stray tom that hangs around my Church car park. Though this area is not under my care, feeders there had sent me sos call and she is 84 and I find it hard to say “sorry, overload”. So there I am trying to link R, aunty feeder and aunty feeder J to trap tom. Tom, which R named Silver is a very feisty feral cat who gotten into a fight who left him with a very infected scar that is on the left side of his face. We all thought at first that he had been knock by car (many cats die of car accidents in this area) but upon Jvet’s x-tray he had confirmed it was a very bad fight as there is no bone fractures (PTL).

Jvet knock him off, inserted a pipe to flush the wound and what else? Antibiotic. Later we also realised that the left side of his eye seems bloodshot. At first, we thought it was the infection that had gotten to the eye and later last Fri Jvet called me to give me the bad news.

Silver has a ulcer in the left eye.

He could have got it during the gangster street fight. If no surgery done, he is confirmed blind on that side of his eye and I or rather we (Silver and me) know very well that he cant afford to have compromised sight if he were to get back on the street. So I opted for the operation and that bet is only a 50% chance of recovery. If it recovers, his vision will be blurred on that side of the eye. But, still, better than left with 1 eye (like Dobi).

50%? What is 50%, I am trusting the Lord (please be with me) for 100% vision restoration!! In Jesus’ name! Please pray that he will not get too comfortable in the vet as he got to be house for 1 month to see result. Please pray that he will continue not to trust human (for the sick of survival) so when he is ready to be back he will stay alive. Life is very, very tough for strays SO, please pray (whichever faith you believe in) that the Almighty (or the higher beings) will watch over them and be merciful to them.

If the live of Silver touches your heart and you would like to help with medical fee.

Donation can be made to :

Jireh Veterinary Clinic Pte. Ltd.
15 Venus Road
Windsor Park Estate
Singapore 574302

If donation by cheque, please state "Silver" at the back of cheque. They do accept Visa if donor wish to make a trip there.

Alternatively can IB to POSB Saving 055-27043-0

Drop me an email if IB at to confirm. My reply might be slower from 3-20/Jun as I will be traveling at different time zone.

[Wed 26 May. Source:, Mon 24 May.]

Update Tue 1 Jun

Silver is so much better now. His head is less swollen and now waiting for his eye to heal. I was told by the vet tech that he is eating well too. That's good sign and now with the eye... it's all really up to the Boss up there and lots of prayers!!!

He look tons better and very cute with the duo neon colour bandage. He is very vocal and will meow none stop when anyone come close to the cage. I request if the “hospital” is not too crowded to give him a bigger cage as his stay is long and he freezes when the girls let him out for stretches.

Please continue to pray for his eye that he will restall perfect vision. Thanks.
Donations are still appreciated.

[Source:, Mon 31 May.]

update wed 23 jun
Good and bad news for Silver. Bad new, his left eye is not healing and we have to remove it. I was suggesting to leave it since there is no infection of any kind but Jvet says it’s very painful for him, if infection later we still have to have it removed and best to have it removed now. So the op will be scheduled next week. Good news is Ms L, out of her kindness will be adopting him-BLESS HER! Ms L also will be helping with his medical bill.

[, wed 23 jun.]

[recovered!] SOS! Blood for Nicole with tick fever. Dogs 1-6yo, above 20kg. Medical/transport covered.

STOMPer unique079 is urgently seeking blood donors for her sister's dog, Nicole. Nicole is sick with tick fever, which is destroying her red blood cells. Her vet says that she may need blood donations from other dogs.

Said the STOMPer:

"Help! My sister's dog Nicole has tick fever and it is destroying her red blood cells and platelets. She is currently on steroids and anti-biotics and she has to be brought in for review again this Saturday.

The vet wants her to find some dogs to donate blood, just in case. The criteria for donors are:

1. Between 1 to 6 years old

2. Must be 20 kg or above

If anyone is willing to help, please contact me at or 98281992. We will cover all your medical and transport expenses".

[Fri 21 May. Source:, Thu 20 May, and, Wed 19 May.]

Update Sat 22 May
the correct email address is
thanks, dolphinwoof, for checking.

Update Mon 24 May
just to updated to you our nicole had went back to review at mount plasant and the vet said nicole red blood cell is still on the low side so the vet had given nicole another stronger medicine and had to take for ten day so hopefully after the ten day nicole red blood cell will increase and does not need trans blood for nicole. now i have two dog in standby hopefully nicole doesn`t need to use it cos every dog life is very important to the owner..... this is my sis blog you can get update from there too

update wed 23 jun
hi everyone, nicole had recover from tick fever. Thks for everyone concern! Thks for all the kind help and advice given.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

ADOPT: 4mo male and female singapore specials found outside condominium guardroom

Just 2 days ago on the 19/5/10 outside my condominium's guard room. The 2puppies (1 male and female around 4 months old) were desperately seeking attention and seemed to be really tired and i presume that they had been wandering in the vicinity for a pretty long time.

Thus I took them in and provided them with food and water, in an attempt to re-home them. They are really loving towards each other and they get along really well with humans. In addition, they do not bark and seem understand human emotions really well.

Just today 21/5/10 I brought the puppies to a vet (Animal Doctors, Ang Mo Kio) for a general health-check-up. Other than a minor skin condition for both dogs, they were given a clean bill of health by the vet. I then chose to vaccinate and de-wormed the puppies.

I hope that they would find a loving home with you!

Do contact me at my mobile :) (hp: 92335992)

p.s Preferably to be adopted as a pair as they are really attached to each other :)

[Sat 22 May. Source:, Fri 21 May, via]

Monday, 21 June 2010

LOST: Silver the 3yo black male schnauzer with crew cut (around sat 20 jun?, bukit batok)

LOST: Anyone out there happens to have friends tat stays in bukit batok area pls help to keep a look out of a black colour snauzher, crew cut. very short hair. Pls help to pass the word around as he was lost yesterday. He's 3yrs old by e name of Silver. Thks

contact kirsten on facebook, through the link below.

[mon 21 jun. shared on request., sun 20 jun.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Spirit the 3yo female husky rescued from farm

SPIRIT,a 3yr old female husky was rescued from a farm after knowing that her owner didn't want to keep her anymore.She had given birth to a litter and her puppies were believed being sold away.Fearing that she would be abandoned, Mdm Wong immediately took her in and hope some kind soul will give her a home.

She is obviously badly neglected by ex owner. Matted fur, ears with thick ear wax and dirt and sadness on her face...

Spirit enjoys going on walks, and once she's had her exercise she's happy to lay by your feet and hang out with you.

SPIRIT would love to have a home with someone to lavish love on her.She get along well with humans and dogs.

If you are looking for a lifetime canine companion, pls consider Spirit to be part of your family.

contact 91027973 or email with your contact and canine experience.

**Not HDB approved.Adopter must sterilize the dog.

[sun 20 jun., sat 19 jun.]

update mon 21 jun

[rehomed!] FOSTER/ADOPT/SPONSOR: Brownie the 2mo female mongrel

BROWNIE, 2 mths old female local puppy was found and rescued.A very playful and affectionate girl.

Pls contact 91027973 if you wish to adopt / foster.

If you wish to sponsor for Lil Brownie till she find a home, pls contact us :) Thank you

[Sun 23 May. Source:!/photo.php?pid=4296686&id=312804877843&fbid=393786002843, Sun 23 May.]

update mon 21 jun
brownie's adopted

[rehomed!] ADOPT/DONATE FOOD+MILK+$: 2 mongrel pups found outside shelter

These 5 young pups were found abandoned in a box outside a shelter. They are still very young estimated about a month old.

They have been vaccinated and currently at Mdm wong Shelter. Pls note they are not HDB approved breed and will grow to medium size.

Pls contact 91027973 for more details.

We also seek donations of puppy dry food,puppy milk,lactose-free milk,supplements etc for these 5 pups.

If you are able to foster, pls contact us as well. You may also donate to 198-600-334 POSB savings to help in their medical fees.

Many more photos in the link below.

[Wed 28 Apr. Source:, Tue 27 Apr.]

Update Fri 21 May
One of the five pups has been adopted. Four left.

Update Sat 5 Jun
Three of the five pups have been adopted.

update 21 jun
all happily adopted

LOST: Coco the Lhasa Apso (lost in 2000/01 but owner wishes to know his status)

Name Of Dog: Coco
Breed: Lhasa Apso
Colour Of The Dog: White/Black
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Size: 1ft 5inch

Date The Dog Was Lost: 2000
Where The Dog Was Lost: 23 Changi S. Ave #2 Singapore 486443

Owner's Name: Jenny Lie
Contact Number: 85260181028

Coco was lost in year 2000-2001. I know it is quite long time ago, but I believe someone was take him home and if they can see the ad. now and let me know coco status.
Please help. thanks.

[Fri 4 Jun. reproduced with permission of post creator. source:, Mon 31 May.]

Sunday, 20 June 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Rein the 4+yo male siberian husky

Rein - 4+ year old male siberian husky.

Ultra friendly, esp. to children and dogs
Active and playful
Smart (esp. when learning new tricks)

Imported from Australia
Colour: Silver Grey
Rein needs a great new owner and home urgently! The reason why I have to put him up for adoption is because I'm unable to take him overseas with me. - no adoption fee. Thank You.

[Thu 15 Apr. Source:]

update sun 20 jun
rein has found a new home

LOST: Oreo the 8yo female tan/white jrt - needs medical care (bedok reservoir, wed 16 jun)

Name: OREO
Breed: Jack Russell (female), Tan & white colour, 8 years old ,small size
Description: Friendly & Active, responds to her name by wagging her tail
Lost location: Last seen at Bedok Reservoir Road Area
Date Missing: 16 June 2010 Wednesday morning
Please Contact: 98623750 / 96818320 if found or seen previously.

To all kind souls out there please help to look for my precious dog and return to us as soon as possible coz she’s sick and need medical care. Thank you very much !!!

[sun 20 jun., sun 20 jun.]

[reunited!] LOST: Molten the bronze male cat with tiger-striped legs, bell and tag (Seletar Hills, Thu 22 Apr)

Bronze with tiger stripes on the legs. Wearing a black/grey collar with a bell and tag that says Molten 91595523. Will respond to his name. Last seen on Thu 22 April 2010 in Seletar Hills Estate.

Molten is also microchipped.

[Tue 27 Apr. Source:, Fri 23 Apr.]

update sun 20 jun
cat found

FOSTER/ADOPT/SPREAD THE WORD: dogs from pasir ris rescue kennel that's forced to close

Hi All,

We're a rescue kennel at Pasir Ris. Currently a major sponsor didn't come through and all pups and dogs are in danger to be sent to the SPCA by the end of the month if no one adopts them. Please help to spread this (emails, facebook, forums, word of mouth etc ) to as many people as possible. Many thanks in advance.

For contact in regards to the puppies/dogs , please call/sms 9397 8890

1. Johnny and Jojo (Mother and Son)
Mother and son pair that was sent to the AVA for displeasing a new coffee stall owner. Johnny very likely has German Sheperd blood, with same standard colouring of black and tan. An active dog that loves to be with his/her owner and also exploring on his own, Johnny's goofy antics will sometimes bowl you over with laughter . Jojo is a lovely brown coloured female, who is about 2yrs of age. Sterelised and healthy, she's a fuss free, adaptable, and a giving mummy. Till now, she still lets Johnny feeds first and had even brought a chicken wing for her only son!

2. Pappy (Steadfast, and Calm)
All white, steadfast dog who's most exraordinary characteristic is his ability to Moo like a cow! Gets along with any dogs, Pappy has never been in any scuffle, choosing rather to slowly make his rounds at the kennel, moving almost like the cows grazing on the grass! He also stays by your side and emotes a calm that is especially soothing on a stressful day.

3. Handsome (Well trained)
All white(cream) compact dog, who may have some pedigree blood. Handsome listens and understands commands. He has been to school! Give a call for sit, come and he follows it to a T! Found wondering at the void deck looking very lost and pinning for his owner, a kind lady took him in and sent him to school too! Handsome makes a good guard dog as well.

4. Little Lady and Ruby (sisters of the yayahood!)
A mongrel and JRT, found together on a hill. These odd looking pair has a bond that's closer than real sisters. Little lady has lovely light brown coat. As she went missing for awhile, upon returned, her feeder found her near skin and bones. She's slowly recovering and will sure blossom like the sweet dog in Lady and the tramp. Come to think of it, she looks like Lady as well, therefore her namesake here!

Ruby, white and ginger JRT who's quiet! but observant! She loves sneaking some side glances at you! Definitely abandoned as she simply sighs and rolls in happiness when presented with a towel, and stands in attention when given a bath!

5. Maple (Little India stray)
Maple has been a stray for many years at Little India before she was caught by the AVA. Rescued from AVA by a cat caregiver as she didn't want a sad end to an already long and tough life. Maple suffered more after her release from AVA and was slowly nursed to health at the kennel.

(Her story can be further found here").

Due to her experiences on the road, Maple will likely stay 2 feet away from humans alike, though she seems to have a penchant for guys! She's sterelised, and her skin condition has improved much. She has also put on a lot of weight! 6. Angel (on earth)Semi long fur dog that's spending her quiet days out in the Kennel. A stray rescued by a kind lady who has been regularly feeding her, she was caught by AVA and saved by the same lady. Now Angel's piece of heaven on earth will be gone by the end of the month and the lady can't afford expensive kennel fees, she will likely be sent to spca. Quiet and unobtrusive, Angel is easy to upkeep, prefering to spend time quietly contemplating life herself.

7. Brownie (Corgi in Disguise)
With warm sunny tones on his coat, short legs and a happy smile, Brownie is like a corgi in disguise! Rescued and brought up by his owners since he was 2 days old, he had to stay in the Kennel as complaints from neighbours brought on warning letters of eviction to his owners. An affectionate boy (he loves to brush himself against you), he pads over with a big smile whenever you call.

8. CiCi (Sassy Miss and Resident "exterminator")
Miss Cici's first class act is as resident rat terminator. Small in stature, with black and light brown coat, Sissy's best feature are her sweet round eyes and floppy ears. When not doing her important duty, she spends time with her babies wenwen, nokia, jellybean and tiger.

9. Wenwen (The girl in the romantic cong yao novel)
Wenwen means gentle in Chinese. This gentle female puppy has sweet round eyes like her mom Cici. Light brown coat, and cute bark, wenwen's more gentle soul means she sometimes gets bullied by other puppies, but don't look down on her! She can stand on her good paws and tell those puppy off with fierce barks worthy of any!

10. Little Rose (3 legged puppy)
Little rose's story began with a crushed paw. Found active, but limping around, she was rescued and nursed back to health after a major surgery to remove her dead paw. No slowing her down, this little puppy jumps, runs and chase like any of her four legged comrades! Sweet and attentive, she's a doggie that will stay close to you and your heart for many years to come.

11. Brownie no. 2 (Pug in disguise)
Brownie no. 2 looks like a cross between a pug and a brown mongrel. Her favourite expression is to show you her quizzical face when asked about how she is, and then runs to give you quick hugs. Healthy and fuss free puppy, Brownie No. 2

12. Nokia (Baby of the lot)
The "littlest" baby, so called because Nokia sounds like Little Child in chinese dialect. Black with white bib, her most endearing quality is the ability to be playful but quiet when the time calls for it.

13. Tiger (Hear me roar, no yelp!)
Unusual brindle coloured puppy, one of the first to charge ahead only to quickly draw back when the first sign of trouble shows! Her funny antics will endear you, especially her cute yelps!

14. Jellybean (I'm Sunshine)
She's like colours of the rainbow, happy Jellybean's sunshine personality bursts forth like a packet of skittles! Her black colouring doesn't do her justice at all, but this happy puppy is always up for any activity you engage her in.

15. Kiwi (Kwick, i'm whipping ice-cream!)
Little Kiwi loves her food! She's a non fussy eater and an easy baby to raise. Her good appetite and zest for life makes her one of the most well loved puppy in the kennel.

16. Socks (Leader of the Pack)
All the babies seems to love following brother Socks. So called because of his white paws, Sock's a natural born leader. This stray puppy was found at the bus depot stealing food from the resident dog! He loves a good run and can outpace all the dogs in the kennel, even the adults!

17. Little Star (Pretty baby boy)
Easily the prettiest baby, with light brown fur and white mitts. The mischevious twinkle in his eye belies his sweet looks! Little star loves every bit of action that's happening in the kennel and his favourite toy is the washing sponge! He's a healthy baby with good appetite close to kiwi's!

To adopt or see any of these lovely dogs and babies, contact 9397 8890 Thank you all.

[sun 20 jun. source: facebook wall post, sun 20 jun.]