Saturday, 31 July 2010

[reunited!] LOST: spayed female b/w cat, tipped left ear, shaven fur, fresh tummy stitches (redhill, sun 4 jul)

Lost on Sun 4 July 2010 around 730pm around redhill close/road

Gender: Sterlised Female (Tipped left ear)
As she just had her sterilisation done, the stitches on her tummy should be obvious and the fur at the area would be shaven.

color: black and white

please call 97679495

sorry i do not have the pic of the cat.

Appreciate your help in spreading the news in facebook, twitter etc.

[tue 6 jul., tue 6 jul.]

update sat 31 jul
she has been found and returned home

Friday, 30 July 2010

[rehomed!] More mongrel pups for adoption

Breed: Mongrel - Pls google MONGREL if you do not know what is it. FYI, they will grow up to 20 to 30 kg
Colour: white and light brown
Gender: Female
Age: one month old
Temperament: Playful.
Health: Good
Good with dogs: Yes
Ideal home: Condo/Landed Property.
Adoption: Nil

Successful adopter MUST vaccine, microchip, license the dog and spay the dog when she reach 6 months old. Also, they will sign an adoption agreement & allow the re-homer to follow up.

Please SMS to XXXXXX with intro of yourself, age and occupation, family size and experience with or without dogs.

Children, please do not apply without your parents’ consent.

update fri 30 jul
all the pups have been adopted

[reunited!] FOUND: 4-5yo brown male schnauzer (yishun ring road blk 804, thu 22 jul)

Found a Male, brown Schnauzer on the 22th July at around 11-11.30 pm at Yishun Ring Road Blk 804. abt 4-5yrs old.
AVA & Pets call has no record of his mircochip no.
If you have any information about him, or able to foster / adopt her, pls contact 91027973 or email

[sat 24 jul., fri 23 jul.]

update fri 30 jul
reunited with owner

[rehomed!] FOSTER/ADOPT/ADVISE RESCUER: kitten found in punggol

STOMPer phyllis is putting up this rescued kitten for adoption. The kitten was found near Punggol area by her son.

The STOMPer said:

“This poor kitten was rescued near Punggol by my son.

“We are looking for a kind soul to adopt it.

“I am not very sure what to do with it or what will SPCA do to it if there are no takers at the end of the day.


[tue 27 jul., tue 27 jul.]

update fri 30 jul
Kitten is adopted by a nice Malay couple.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 2yo husky - giving up due neighbour's complaint

Lovely Husky for adoption. 2 years old. Looking for caring and responsible owner - I'm posting this on behalf of an acquitance. The owner, who is living in a HDB flat, is giving up the husky because neighbour complained.

[sun 20 jun. post on sg doglover's facebook wall, sat 19 jun.]

update fri 30 jul
husky found a home

[rehomed!] ADOPT: male sharpei rescued from industrial estate

This poor Sharpei was abandoned at an industrial estate some three months back and kind hearted people have been going down to feed him. He is very scared and is terribly lost on the streets. We're not sure, but he doesnt seem to be able to see very well.

People who tire of their pets should either make an effort to rehome them or choose a more humane option. Dumping their pets at faraway locations and hope they never find their way home and die a slow death is not something you should do to your companion animal who ahs been by your side loyally for the past years . . . . Dont take the easy way out! Show some heart and responsibility. If only you could see the sadness in his eyes . . . . .

If anyone has a place for this Sharpei in their home, pls do contact us soon. Life on the streets is not a life.

If you can give this sharpei a good home, please contact us directly at

[fri 18 jun., tue 15 jun.]

update sat 17 jul
Remember the abandoned Sharpei that volunteers have been wanting to rescue? (

Well, good news - Sharpei has been rescued and is presently being housed at a factory, with food and shelter. Volunteers will take him to the vet for a medical check up next week and then the hunt begins - to look for someone who would like to adopt a sweet, gentle giant.

[, fri 16 jul.]

update fri 30 jul
sharpei has found a foster/perm home.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

[rehomed!] FOUND(?)/ADOPT: friendly male siberian husky w undescended testicle (jurong west)

Hi podders,I'm putting this up at as many places as I can.

Today I was walking home and I saw a Siberian Husky wandering around aimlessly.I suspect that it has been abandoned.

The fur has been very badly shaved.

Now,I myself is a dog owner of a 14 yrs old maltese with all sorts of skin conditions before.I also tried to shave my dog when it was still a puppy.So I am sure it is very badly shaved as the texture of the coat is very uneven.That's why I'm sure it had been shaved unprofessionally.NOT SKIN DISEASE.
It is currently shedding its undercoat.

Please let me know if you are interested in adopting this young and friendly energizer.

Details of the husky:
Gender: Male
Temperament: Gentle,friendly,strong,loving.
Age:Unknown but looks young from the teeth

Conditions for adoption:
Adoptor must be willing to provide sufficient food,water and regular walks/jog for the husky.
Adoptor must understand that huskies shed their coat seasonally and must be tolerant of it.
Adoptor must understand that huskies may cry and howl when left alone.
Adoptor must agree and allow that I visit him to check on his well-being.
Adoptor must promise to provide him medical care whenever he needs it.
Adoptor must promise NOT to put him under the sun for too long(more than 1hr 30mins),knowing he is a winter dog.
Adoptor must promise to love,care and treat him like a family member,not an inferior being,and never abandon him due to any reasons even if he is terminally ill.
Adoptor must not live in HDB flat.
Adoptor must get it licensed,microchipped and keep it indoors in low temperature.

The husky is put in a boarding house currently and I'm bearing the cost.I am doing this in hope to find a good home for the dog.No ulterior motive at all.

Hope to hear from a responsible and loving adoptor soon.
Pls help to ask around too.Will deeply appreciate it.

Regine: 9171 7220 or

[mon 5 jul., sat 3 jul.]

update sat 10 jul
Hi everyone,

A friend of mine found a 2 years old male Husky that was roaming in Jurong West area. The friendly husky was in bad shape. Underweight and with lumps of matted fur on the body.

The Husky is now boarding in a dog kennel and we hope to find a permanant home/foster for it as soon as possible as the rescuer can't sustain the boarding fee ($400 per month) for long.

The Husky is friendly towards everyone and other dogs as well, however he has one undescended testicle (one testicle that remains inside the body, while one is outside, like other male dogs) that may result in higher incidence to testicular diseases or tumours if he is not sterilise.

Adopters need to :

-Sign an adoption form before adoption
-Sterilise the dog after adoption
-Microchip and apply license for the dog
-Allow the foster to visit the dog after adoption
-Only stay in private apartments. HDB dwellers need not apply (it is not a HDB approved breed)

Note: Adopter must understand that the Husky is an active breed of dog that sheds seasonally and has a high energy level. It must be brought out for walks daily if not it may turn destructive at home.

[, sat 10 jul.]

update wed 28 jul
husky has found a home

[resolved!] ADOPT: Isabella the 1+yo female Labrador cross

Name: Isabella
Gender : Female
Age : 1 year +
Size : Medium Sterilised Labrador Cross

Isabella’s story
Isabella is a year plus Labrador- cross female dog looking for a home. Friendly, Active and Intelligent, she is healthy and get along with people and loves to play with other dogs. She enjoys a good run with you.

Is there a home where Isabella can live forever and bask in the sun, play to heart’s content? She is smart and a fast learner if you have time for her.

Regretfully, Isabella would not be suitable for HDB dwelling. Please contact us 9115-3067 or to arrange for a viewing.

More photos of Isabella here:

Update Thu 27 May
Adoption temporarily on hold.

update wed 28 jul
isabella's owners have decided to work out a way to keep her.

[rehomed![ FOUND: white male terrier/westie cross (toa payoh lorong 4, sat 26 jun)

anyone lost a cross white terrier/westie? my friend found a male dog with skin prob this morning at toa payoh. it is microchipped, very tame and obeys basic commands.

the dog was found at toa payoh around lor 4. he is a sterilised male dog. i think he is a cross westie cos the ears are not tipped. He has skin prob and ear infection. we have sent him to see the vet and he is currently on medication.He is quite tame and obeys basic commands like "sit", and also likes to sleep on my bed.

[mon 28 jun. wall post by "tan sharon" on, sat 26 jun.]

update wed 28 jul
dog has been adopted by rescuer

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

[rehomed!] FOUND/FOSTER: friendly, affectionate 5yo female jrt at lorong halus

A FEMALE JRT was found and rescued from Lor Halus. She was rescued in nick of time when other strays were going to attack her.

estimated 5yr old, very friendly and affectionate.

Why was she at Lor Halus? we's such a desserted area with no farm or residence nearby.Is she another abandoned dog? why would someone so cruel to dump her there? She's such a beauty and so friendly....

[thu 22 jul., thu 22 jul.]

update tue 27 jul
she's adopted

DOG MILL REHOMERS ADOPTION DRIVE (Sat/Sun 31 Jul + 1 Aug, Mutts+Mittens)

31 JUL & 01 AUG 2010.

11AM - 5PM

Apart from these dogs, there are some tat hve been at Mutts n Mittens for a long time
also looking for homes, and afew others, brought in by volunteers at the request
of the owner of Mutts n Mittens,
so please.......


[tue 27 jul. e-mail, mon 26 jul.]

[resolved] ADOPT 3 senior dogs: 1 male + 1 female golden retriever, 1 female silky terrier

Know of 3 dogs up for adoption as the owner is moving to a smaller apartment.
2 golden retrievers(F and M) and 1 silky terrier(F). They are all of senior age; above the age of 7, with the oldest(silky terrier) being around 10 years.

i do not have pictures or much information on them, such as not knowing if they are vaccinated or sterilised, however, they are all friendly.

Viewing can be arranged if there are interested and serious adopters.
(do note that golden retrievers are not HDB approved)

[sat 10 jul. email, fri 9 jul.]

update tue 27 jul
The dogs are no longer up for adoption as the owner has a change of plans.

[rehomed!] FOSTER/ADOPT: Kiki the adorable 2yo male (angora cross?) rabbit nearly thrown onto the streets

My friend found this rabbit abandoned and was going to be thrown on the streets to fend for itself. It is a male, 2 year old possibly Angora cross and not sterilized. I just happen to help my friend to keep it but I am not able to take care of it due to my work - long hours and I have no time to care for it as well and my mom is threatening me to bring it to SPCA by next few days.

I really wish this rabbit doesn't have to be put down to sleep as it is super tame and friendly and it has a white tip nose that twitches constantly.... I am sure someone will really love it and he deserves to have a good home.

[mon 19 jul. e-mail, mon 19 jul.]

update tue 27 jul
rabbit found a home

[reunited!] FOUND: jrt x border collie? brown+white w black patches (hougang ave 8, mon 28 jun)

we found a jack russel mix, tri color. brown, white with black patches, seemingly mixed with border collie, found at hougang ave 8 on mon 28/6/10.

[tue 29 jun., tue 29 jun.]

update tue 27 jul
dog found owner