Saturday, 22 May 2010

[reunited!] Found - Maltese (Jurong East, Fri 5 Mar)

Female maltese found along Boon Lay way, Near Chinese Garden. She had a collar.

When first saw her, she was bleeding. According to some passerbys, she was involved in an accident. She attempt to cross the road to Chinese Garden. She has microchip, but unregistered.

Original post:

Update Sat 22 May
we have found the owner!

[rehomed?] ADOPT: Whisky the 1y8mo male mini schnauzer

Helping a friend to give the dog away as she will be leaving the country.

No chicken in his diet! Only lamb or pork!

Please contact me at

No adoption fee. Just give him a good home!

[Tue 13 Apr. Source:, Mon 12 Apr.]

Update Sat 22 May
Unable to verify with person who posted the ad, but presume Whisky's adopted as the link is gone.

Friday, 21 May 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: female kitten left outside fosterer's house

This kitten was left outside our house. We already have 2 kittens in the house. The stranger must have thought that we could take care of this kitten but sadly we cant keep her.

She is about 3-4 weeks old now. We have brought her to the vet for a checkup and she is in good health. We also applied medicine to prevent fleas and ticks to be grown on her as she is only a kitten.

She is toilet trained (cat litter) , active and vocal. she likes human company and is customed to eat dry food.

We have not named her.

Please contact us for more information

[Tue 6 Apr. Source:, Mon 5 Apr.]

Update Mon 12 Apr
Link gone, but she's sitll available for adoption

Update Fri 21 May
Kitty has found a home.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Muffin the 6mo chocolate-coloured female mongrel pup

Chocolate coloured Muffin was first discovered 2 months ago by her rescuer who was on her way to work. The rescuer saw a puppy being run over by a truck and was lying on the road yelping and shivering in pain. The driver did not stop to see the damage and Muffin would have been left to die, another result from road kill.

Fortunately for Muffin, angels were watching and without hesitation, the resucer rushed Muffin to the vet for treatment and now she is recovering well from her leg injury. The vet did not perform any surgery on her as being a puppy, he left her bone to heal naturally with love, care, medication and proper nutrition.

Muffin is currently under temporary foster care. Her fosterer has this to say about her: Muffin is such sweet little cutie girl, who is attention seeking and is a fast learner too! She seems to understand human language very well and has learnt the words Sit, Come and No command naturally. Muffin has also started paper trained and has potential for much more as she is a very intelligent little pup.

Muffin is now six months old and fully vaccinated. She is ready to go to a good home with a loving and understanding owner who has the time to care and love her unconditionally.

Please note that Muffin will grow to a small medium sized dog and is not an HDB approved breed.

[Original post:, Fri 19 Feb.]

26 jul 2010
The fosterer has decided to keep her for nobody came forward to adopt her. She has become very close to the fosterer and unless a very good permanent family comes forward, she will remain with them.

[rehomed!] ADOPT Princess the 3yo schnauzer abandoned by breeding farm

princess the schnauzer, abandoned by breeding farm.

3yrs old, female, partial paper train.vac & sterilized.

contact eunice 96666035

[Sat 17 Apr. Source: sg dogslover, Sat 17 Apr.]

Update Fri 21 May
Princess has found a home.

[resolved!] ADOPT: 2yo male husky

I'm posting on behalf of my friend. She decided to give him away as he needs a more loving and caring family. Her family and her do not have the time to take care of him as all of them are working. Hope to look for a good home for him, before having the options of giving to SPCA.

Age : 2 years old , Born on March 2008
Gender : Male

Not fierce. Still quite young and like to bite things.

Viewing at Phoenix Gardens.

He's quite big size so not HDB approved.

** Not looking for anything in return. She's GIVING, not SELLING.

[Tue 4 May. Source:, Tue 4 May.]

Update Fri 21 May
family has decided to keep the dog

[reunited!] LOST/ADOPT: abandoned bunny badly handled by kids


Found this abandoned bunny being handled badly by 3 kids :/
Rescued him and he's now safe.
Unfortunately I cannot keep him as Muffin hates the sight of another male rabbit lol.
In addition, I don't have extra housing to keep him and my family objects to a second rabbit >_>

Bunny seems to be in good health.
Male, not sure if it's sterilized... I'm guessing maybe not.

Hope to find a good home for this bunny. Preferably someone who knows how to keep a bunny properly!

No fees required.

The last thing I want is to send him to SPCA.



[Tue 18 May. Source: via, Mon 17 May.]

Update Fri 21 May
Gin chan has found a kind temporary foster parent!!! :D
Cheers to Danella~

I am currently trying to re-unite him with his owner ... he might be a lost bunny instead of being abandoned.

Until, then Gin will be in safe hands.

Thanks for everybody's concern and help!

Update Fri 21 May
I have found the bunny's owner. I went ard the neighbourhood sticking notices.

[rehomed!] FOUND: Yorkshire/Silky terrier (Bedok Reservoir Rd, Thu 6 May)

Grey / White and Brown mix Yorkshire, Silky terrier found at Bedok Reservoir Rd. Thu 6th May 2010 at around 7-8ish evening near a park.

Please PM Lydia (at the link below) or email XXXXX if you've lost your beloved at Bedok Reservoir Rd. Please give me details of your dog to see if it matches the doggy I've found.

1) Please state where you reside
2) Lost time and place.
3) Age of dog.
4) Description of your dog /
5) Name and any medical condition of your dog?

Thank you.

[Mon 10 May. Source:, Mon 10 May., Wed 12 May.]

Update Fri 21 May
Rescuer will be keeping the dog.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Shayla the 8mo female sheltie

Name: Shayla
Sex: Female
Age: 8 mths (8th Sept 2009)
Breed: Shetland
Sterilized: No
Micro-chipped: Yes

Temperament: Timid, quiet - doesn't bark, friendly

Reason for giving up: Parents' objections, no time for pet.

Pictures can be obtained from!/photo.php?pid=329829&id=113265908688899&fbid=120342001314623

Potential adopters will get thoroughly screened. New owner will be required to neuter Shayla.
Only sincere, responsible and genuine dog lovers may apply.

Things to include in your application:

Residence: HDB/CONDO/LANDED etc
Experiences with dogs:
No. of people in family:
Other info (you may wish to share):

P.S House-visit might be necessary.

Contact me vis email: XXXXX

[Sun 25 Apr. Source: e-mail, Sun 25 Apr.]

Update Fri 21 May
Shayla's adopted.

[reunited!] LOST: Lucky the 2yo shih tzu who sticks his tongue out (Race Course Road, 27 Apr)

@ Race Course Road around Blk 681. My 1 year old baby misses her pet. Last seen on Tue 27 April 2010 at 10am. A Shih Tzu about 2 years old, brown and white in color. Always sticks his tongue out. Reward will be given.

If you see him please give us a call at XXXXXXX. Thank you so much.

[Thu 13 May. Source: e-mail, Wed 12 May.]

Update Fri 21 May
Lucky has been reunited with his owners. :)

[Source:, Sat 15 May.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Xiao Bei the 2y10mo female cocker spaniel

She is playful and active, golden - white, soft baby coat, no temper and good character, have stayed with us for 2 and half years since baby, well trained in Pee/Poo outside on grass land.

very sad we have to find her a new home because we are going to have a baby soon, Parents in Law not agree to keep her further. I want to find Xiao Bei a warm family to be taken care of, better with experience owned a dog, and hopefully there will be some one of your family member not on work 9-5 type because Xiao Bei is Shadow type pest, persistently follow ppl and like to play with ppl. if there is anyone feel like as demonded please contact us. thanks.

Mr. Tian 8448-6155
Email :

[Sun 18 Apr. Source:, Sun 18 Apr.]

Update Fri 21 May
Xiao Bei has found a new home.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Tao Tao the 3+yo male golden retriever

owner can't keep him due to his own unstable life. Now she is in a foster home. With micro-chip,and full set stuffs.

Timid and quiet. sometimes quite playful.

Must be patient to build up relationship with him.wold like to give him lifetime commitment.
Not HDB approved adoption fee optional.

pls sms XXXXXXX with your simple intro.thanx

[Sun 2 May. Source:, 6 Apr.]

Update Fri 21 May
Tao Tao has found a new home.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Packer the 4yo male rough collie - owners filing for divorce

Name: Packer

Breed: Rough Collie

Color: Blue Merle

Size: Medium

Gender: Male

Microchip: 982 009104280654

Country of birth: Perth Australia

Age: 4 years 02 months

Country of birth: Perth Australia

Reason for Rehome: Owners are filing for divorce

More information about Packer:
Packer needs a permanent home with lots of love and care. He's a great dog for companion with children and has a wonderful temperament. He is in perfect health condition with no pre-existing ailments. Active but gentle in nature.

Interested parties:
We seek for your understanding that we only wish to find Packer a good home, thus the pre-screening process. As this is rather urgent, we will contact you as soon as we have gone through the questionaire.

For more information and to download the pre-screening form, visit

[Wed 21 Apr. Source:, Wed 21 Apr.]

Update Fri 21 May
UPDATE - 27 April 2010:
Packer has found a home. Thank you for all who wrote in to us.

[resolved!] ADOPT: AJ the gentle female golden siberian husky

We are looking for a good home for AJ, our adopted female Siberian husky. She has a lovely gentle temperament but needs lots of exercise. Please contact us if you are a true dog lover. Reluctantly, we have to give AJ up for adoption as our own dog, a mongrel, is exceedingly jealous and would not tolerate the presence of another dog. What is AJ like?

- gentle, seldom barks

- needs lots of exercise

- loves to eat potatoes, meats, carrots, vegetables

- beautiful golden coat, and light brown eyes

- most beautiful feature - her tail - long, fluffy

- good with other dogs (it's my old dog who gives trouble and starts fights all the time).

More photos in the link below.

[Wed 12 May. Source:, Tue 11 May.]

Update Fri 21 May
owner has decided to keep AJ.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Russ the 2+yo male mini schnauzer

Name : Russ
Breed: Mini schnauzer
Gender : Male
Age : 2yrs +
Temperament : Tame, friendly, playful, active, good with humans and small dogs
Health : Good
Basic command: Sit
Diet : Dry food ( pls state brand), loves apples
Toilet trained : Tray with papers
Sterilized : Yes
Vaccination : Yes

Please email to if you are keen. Teens need not apply. Please give me an introduction of yourself & your family & your experience with dogs.

Much thanks.

[Tue 6 Apr. Source:, Mon 5 Apr.]

Update Wed 19 May
Russ is officially adopted.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

[rehomed?] ADOPT: beautiful 2yo female husky

2years old female husky for adoption. she needs a new home. im giving her away cause my parents doesnt like her at all and after since my brother move out she's not happy staying with us. so i've decided to help her find a better home!

she wont grow any bigger , just this size as you've seen in the pictures wink.gif

[Fri 9 Apr. Source:, Fri 9 Apr.]

Update Tue 18 May
According to flowerpod, the thread is closed.

[rehomed!] FOSTER/ADOPT: Abandoned male kitten found in Queens Condo

I found an abandoned male kitten in the grounds of Queens Condo and it is temporarily staying with me in my spare bathroom. It desperately needs to find a home as I am allergic to cats. I am feeding it and it is healthy, but if I cannot find a home for it soon I have no choice but to let it go. It is very friendly.

Please do help urgently to find a foster for this kitten as it cannot stay with me for long.

[Mon 19 Apr. Source:, Sun 18 Apr.]

Update Tue 18 May
Adopted by a family with other cats.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Jia Jia the 5yo male maltese adopted and returned (no photo yet)

28 Dec 2009:
Hi, i have a male maltese (sterilised) looking for a new home. Details of the maltese are as follows:-
Gender:- Male
Age:- abt 5yrs old
Breed:- Maltese
Paper trained:- Yes
Good with kids:- Yes
Healthy:- Yes but got abit of smelly mouth
Name:- Jia Jia

Further details of this dog, he was sort of rescued when he almost died in a pet shop due to neglect. After rushing him to the hospital and stayed for 4 days, he survived and was discharged. Cos i myself have 5 dogs already, i cant keep him, so he was passed to my elder sister who took care of him for abt 5 yrs, so anyway cut story short my sister is unable to care for him as she is too busy with work and kids (3), hence she asked me to find the dog a new home.

Anyone interested please pm me. I need details like what kind of housing u are staying in? How many dogs u have presently. Any experience having dogs before? And also most importantly, please do not dump him away if u dun like him anymore.

21 Apr 2010:
Hi all, sad case, dog was adopted but returned back. So now looking for new home again!
Reason for returning is because new home female owner found out she is pregnant and you guys now what the reason is so need not explain further.

Dog is now under my care, but not for long cos i cant take him in. So, interested parties please call XXXXXXXX.

Dog food and treats with carrier will be given away with dog. Also dog is microchipped, sterilized and come with dog licence also.

[Wed 21 Apr. Source:, Wed 21 Apr.]

Update Tue 18 May
A young couple adopted Jia Jia.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Trish the 5+yo female JRT

Trish is a very obeideient dog,who will make your worries go away after one day of hard work,won't bark unless necessary...

Due to some reason,i have to find her another home,currently staying at my friends house,Adoptor have to sign an agreement to allow us vist her on your suitable timesolt..Take note:If i have a choice i won't give her up whoever take care of her must take good care of he,once found not being take good care,i will take back her,so please think carefully if you want to adopt her

[Thu 22 Apr. Source:, Thu 22 Apr.]

Updae Tue 18 May
Trish's adopted.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Schumi the 6+yo male mini schnauzer

Salt n Pepper color with gorgeous coat. Playful glutton. Toilet trained. Colleague is putting him up for adoption due to moving house.


No adoption fee, just need to find him a good home.

[Tue 27 Apr. Source:, Tue 27 Apr.]

Update Tue 18 May
Schumi's adopted.

Monday, 17 May 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Bailey the lab

Update Mon 17 May

Finally got adopted to a really promising home. Found the adopter through cats classified and there were a few pleasant people who got back to me - could be a good way to reach out to potential adopters.

[rehomed!] Drinkin' Dunkin' Drippin' Pumpkin


Pumpkin (1 yr 9 mth) is a rare Bear Coat Shar-pei. Sheds little. Fun and loving and can be goofy too!

Very, very good dog to keep. Dont really tug on walks. This breed rarely bark and only does it with strangers or being challenged.

Wont destroy things when left alone for 4-5 hours. Due to young age, will initiate play and super cute (he bounce!). Learns fast and food motivated.

Ex-owner didnt want him any more, either find him a new home or put down. Also deny him water all day except at meal time and they feed kibbles! So mean.

Lack socialisation, too friendly and might send the wrong message to other dogs/cats.

Due to the "structure" of the muzzle, after he lift his head from drink it will be like mop out of the bucket. Training him now to hold and wipe, he is learning fast. This be useful if there is someone at home all the time or wont be a problem if water is in yard-can water the plant! :)

Looking for a new family who dont mind his drinking pattern. A family with a garden for him to run. Or a penthouse owner who is willing to walk him twice daily.

Preferred owner who knows the breed or willing to learn how to care for the breed. Good to provide him with a fan or a very well sheltered and ventilated area. Might need to recheck Tyroid, last chek mild and vet need to review. This is a common sickness of the breed.


Reimburse sterilisation fee. Invoice will be provided.

[Original posts and more photos here:]

Update Mon 17 May
Pumpkin had gone on his overnight stay on Sat with his family-to-be and it turn out not bad. We met at the condo’s garden and when Pogo the pug saw Pump, she was over joy. Very friendly and demanding (to play) she did get Pump a bit annoyed and Pump keep hiding behind me to keep away from this girl who is all over him! Hahah.

Uncle Wong is a recent retiree and with more time at hand and also wanting to get a company for Pogo, he decided to adopt another dog. He had kept a few different breeds before and never a Shar-pei and very keen on Pump once he met him. And the best thing for us is that Pump is also not unfriendly towards Pogo as he is not very keen on most other dogs-big or small alike.

Uncle Wong will be traveling soon to China hence Pump’s two weeks trial will only start after he is back. I am more than happy to keep him with us and will enjoy his company as much as we could. He was very happy when he was at mom’s gate waiting to get in. He kept wagging his tail and jumping to get to mom. Uncle Wong is very lucky to adopt him and I guess Pump is as lucky too to be with Uncle Wong and Pogo. After Sat trial Uncle Wong is going to install two ceiling fans for him; 1 in kitchen and another 1 in the hall. If Pump were to visit Uncle Wong’s daughter, he will have a big field to run with the horse (she owns a black horse) and two other dogs and some cats to play with. I hope he’ll be happy .

[Source:, Mon 17 May.]

[resolved!] ADOPT: Money the 14mo male American cocker spaniel

Looking for a responsible owner for my american cocker spaniel 'money'.He is 14 months old. Really active,playful and a very curious dog.

Preferably owner who lived in a landed property. I hope before you decide to adopt 'money' please be sure that you or your family would have sufficient time for him. Eg,bring him for walks,playing with at the backyard etc. No adoption fee. Reason for giving away 'money' is because my school is starting in a month time and im sure wont have time for him.For more information message me @ 97973569

[Sun 11 Apr. Source:, Sat 10 Apr.]

Update Mon 17 May
Owner has decided not to give Money away.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Bullet the 11yo but still active male Japanese spitz who loves fruits

Brought over from a family since he was 3 months old. So its a local breed. All jap was done in a vet. Very playful and active. Love to play ball.

Good temper, like to play. It may be a 11years old dog. But he is still active like a 3yrs old dog. very alert dog.

Love fruits..Hope that the new owner can spend time for him to bring him out for a walk.

Pls call Alan direct and no sms pls at 9782 9514

No fee for the adoption. Just need someone to look after him for the next half of his life (6 to 8years). Pls think carefully before calling me up. Be responsible. Giving up as family commitment increasing. Kindly do not call me if you think of selling him. Pls pls pls read up all my writting and take some time to consider and rather a hot 5mins desperation to adopt. Viewing at Blk 121 Bedok Reservoir Rd.

[Sat 3 Apr. Source:, Sat 3 Apr.]

Update Mon 17 May
Bullet has been adopted.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Aiko, 3mo female Japanese Spitz

Aiko is only with me for about 2 weeks. Due to certain unexpected concerns, I have to give her away. Hope to find a truly responsible owner who can give Aiko a happy home.

No adoption fee. Playpen, bed, pee trays, shampoo, eye/ear wash, comb/brushes will be given too.

If interested, please contact me at 8338 1355. Thanks.

[Thu 13 May. Source:, Wed 12 May.]

Update Mon 17 May
Aiko has been adopted.

[reunited!] LOST: Cookie the 9yo female JRT (Sembawang, Tue 11 May)

Pls contact us if anyone seen any white female Jack Russel around Sembawang. Dog was missing on Tue 11th May around 12pm. Will reward for information or assistance to locate the dog.
Pls call or sms me.

Anthony 96879262

Jack Russel Terrier
9year old
small size, skinny.

[Wed 12 May. Source:, Tue 11 May.]

Update Mon 17 May
Reunited with owner.

ADOPT: 1 2mo kittens saved from being aborted by owners

These kittens were born in January 2010. My family and I had saved this litter of 5 kittens from being aborted by their owners by agreeing to take them in. After one month of fostering, we are now finding homes for them.

These kittens are offspring of house pets (not strays), accustomed to being kept in homes and extremely friendly. They would make the perfect pets.

Please email Jimmy at or contact 84276079 with a short description on why you would like to adopt this kitten.

Details and more photos at

Update Fri 23 Apr
2 kittens have been adopted; 3 more waiting for homes.

Update Tue 27 Apr
2 kittens to go...

Updte Mon 17 May
1 kitten left for adoption (the one on the bottom right)

Sunday, 16 May 2010

[reunited!] LOST: Brownie the JRT x Pomeranian tt looks like chihuahua (AMK, Thu 6 May)

Posting on behalf of my fren who has lost her dog yesterday. Please contact her @ XXXXXXXX if you see the doggie.

Appreciate all your help.

Details as per follow:

Breed: Mixed Jack Russell and Pomeranian (chi wa wa look alike)
Age:4 years

Last Seen: Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 Block 252 Coffee Shop at 11.15am 6th May 2010 (Thurs)

Name: Brownie
Size: Petite with long tail

Please contact owner ASAP as doggie needs medication.

[Sat 8 May. Source:, Fri 7 May.]

Update Sun 16 May
thanks all for your fren found her dog le...a maid took him in and bath him then saw the flyers and called my fren up

[reunited!] LOST: Gen the 1+yo female golden retriever (Upper East Coast Rd/Old Bedok Rd, Mon 10 May)

LOST: Golden Retriever, 10 May 2010 @ Eastwood Terrace

Date Lost: Mon 10 May 2010
Location: Eastwood (Upper East Coast Road/ Old Bedok Road)


Name Of Pet: Gen
Colour: Cream / Beige
Gender: Female
Age: 1 yr 2 months
Size: Small built
Distinct Features: Skinny
Micro Chip: YES

She has skin problem and requires constant medical treatment.

Owner's Name: Grace
Contact Number: 8188 9161

[Wed 12 May. Source: e-mail and, Tue 11 May.]

Update Sun 16 May
Gen is found.

[resolved] ADOPT: Shepherd the 10yo male golden retriever with a limp

Shepherd, a 10-year old Golden Retriever, is up for adoption. Shepherd was an abandoned dog which someone found wandering outside a pet shop. He was then passed to a family to temporarily house him while they looked for a potential owner. During that time when Shepherd was with the family, they bonded with him and decided to keep him instead. He's been with that family for the last 7 years.

Shepherd is a fairly healthy dog. The only problem he has is a limp on his front legs. However, that has not hindered his movement as he loves to take lengthy walks. Shepherd's true age is unknown. Vets and groomers estimated him to be about 10 human years (he's young at heart). He's not neutered.

The family's decision to give Shepherd away is not an easy one, but one they have to make due to the current situation. Shepherd needs to be taken down for walks 3 times a day to relieve himself. He does not have a good control of his bladder. Both the father and son share this responsiblilty. However, the father had a couple of heart attacks and went through heart surgery and doctors forbid him to walk big dogs indefinitely. The son has been taking care of Shepherd, however, he is going back to school this July, which leaves practically no one to look after Shepherd and bring him for his walks.

Shepherd is a very friendly dog and loves people in general. He's quite ok with other dogs except sometimes with other male dogs.

If you can give Shepherd a good home, pls email Thank you.

Update Sun 16 May
Shepherd has ben diagnosed with malignant melanoma, a form of skin cancer. There is a tumour growing on his upper jaw and it has been bleeding profusely. He is now on medication which helps to stop the bleeding, smell and infection. The vet says he has only about 1-3 months to live. Due to the current situation, I think it is best that Shepherd remains with us for his remaining days.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Jewel the 7mo female boxer beagle mix

JEWEL is another sad case of being given up by several families.We were shocked at first thinking she may be too difficult for them to handle but to our surprise, she's such a manja and friendly young lady.

She is definitely a dog that need regular exercise and would be great with someone who leads active lifestyle and of coz include her in as well!

She's estimated to be around 7 mths old, in good health, good with humans and dogs.

Pls contact 91027973 for more info.

*Not HDB approved and must sterilize and microchip.

[Thu 6 May. Source:, Thu 6 May.]

Update Sun 16 May
JEWEL, the female boxer/Beagle cross has been adopted by Philip & Phyllis.Jewel is now known as WHISKY.She was given up by her last family.Apparently, she was passed around to several families, with unknown reason. She is a very friendly and sweet girl.According to Phyllis, Whisky has been a sweet girl and she bring alot joy to the family.She will be starting her dog training course next week. All the best to Whisky and her new found pawrents!

[Source:, Sun 16 May.]