Saturday, 6 March 2010

[rehomed!] 8+ years and handsome as ever: Golden Retriever for adoption

Message from owner

Some background info of him:
- Turns 9 years old come September 2010
- Still active and likes to play with human / toys when there’s company
- Male, not neutered
- Obedience trained to intermediate level, paper and outdoor trained for toilet needs
- Eats dry food (Avoderm baked lamb / rice)
- Very good and sweet temperament with kids
- Good with dogs, but takes a bit of time to warm up to male huskies (was ever bitten by one when 3 mths old, since then, a bit wary)
- Seldom barks unless absolutely necessary
- Overall still in a healthy state and his muzzle is still brown!
- The attached pics were taken when he was 8 years old, so you could see he didn’t change one bit!

Do contact Dylan @ 94878216

More photos here:!/album.php?aid=142143&id=149272656235

Update 4 Mar
He's been adopted.

[rehomed!] 5 puppies found at 11 Tuas Ave 12 - already approached by AVA

Hi all,

This morning we found 5 puppies inside a box placed along the drain outside our company at 11 Tuas Ave 12. According to the security guard, he said that the puppies were abandoned by someone. The puppies are less than 2 months old.

I have called Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD), but the volunteer told me that they have too many dogs and impossible to take in any more. SPCA said that they won’t take in puppies unless they are injured.

And just about 5 min ago (10.30am), there are people from AVA here, wanted to bring the puppies away. We asked what they will do with the puppies and they said that they are going to put them to sleep, and we quickly stop them from bringing the puppies away.

If anyone wants to adopt or can help, please e-mail me at

Thanks a lot!

[Original post: 1 Mar,]

Update 6 Mar
Hi all,

Good news! All 5 puppies have been adopted! Together with the help from my friends and colleagues, we managed to find people from different places to rehome the puppies! I hope and I suppose the new home will be the best shelter for them.

I sincerely thank all who are care and concern on this matter.

[recovering!] SOS: Need negative dog blood (2-8years, above 21kg). ARC Balestier. Call Kemmy 97767526.

Hello all,

Anyone willing to let their dog donate blood? The dog must be between 2-8 years old and should weigh about 21kg and above.

My friend's dog is in need of a blood transfusion. So far 6 dogs have been tested and they were all postive blood groups. A negative blood group dog is needed.

I read online that breeds more likely to be negative include Greyhounds, Boxers, Irish Wolf Hounds, German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Pit Bulls. Breeds more commonly positive are Golden Retrievers and Labradors.

However anyone who is willing, can just send your dog (any breed!) down for testing! The dog is now at Animal Recovery, Balestier. All medical expenses will be paid for.

I can be contacted at 97767526 (Kemmy).

Please help!! Many thanks.

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Update 6 Mar
She is okay now. We found a blood donor. Recovering at home.

[rehomed!] Baby the injured puppy needs a home

Posted on SGClub, Wed 3 Feb 2010:

i saved an adorable pup from being attacked from a stray in my neighborhood just now. but when i save it, it's already badly injured. i brought the pup home then my parents started yelling at me telling me to get rid of the pup. i cant keep the pup, it's badly injured it's even having difficulties walking.
Please if you can adopt & help the pup please contact me @
i couldnt help the pup, im still a student not having any ability to help it. please.

Update Thu 4 Feb 2010, 1946h
i haven got the puppy to the vet, i did some first aid on the bruises alr. she's still trying to walking, it's very heartbreaking to see that. i cant afford to bring her to a vet too.):

Update Fri 5 Feb 2010, 0107h
A friend has volunteered to accompany the student to the vet, probably this evening. If you stay around Old Airport Road and have a car/van to help send them to the vet, or if you know of any vet in the East that's good with strays, please contact The puppy also urgently needs a temporary foster home from Fri to Wed (5 - 10 Feb, the friend will be out of town during this time. Thanks.

Fri 5 Feb 2010 evening
The puppy (nicknamed 'Baby') that the girl saved is back from the vet. Everything's fine, just a small wound caused by bites from the other strays. It will heal in a few days' time. Please help to find her a home by sharing this post, as the girl is secretly keeping Baby at home. Baby is about 4 months' old and very lovable.

Update 21 Feb
Baby's urgently looking for a foster/permanent home, as the current foster family will be very busy from March. She is now about 5 months old, quiet, gentle and toilet/paper-trained. Call Ray 91027973 if you can help.

Update 6 Mar
Baby has not only found a foster home - she has been adopted!

Friday, 5 March 2010

[reunited!] Lost - Momo the Female Persian cat (Mounbatten, Wed 24 Feb)

Help: $1K Reward for Missing Persian Cat
Name: Momo
Breed: Persian Cat
Gender Female
Age 10 months
Color White coat, brown and black.
Features: Fluffy tail. Black nose.
Last Seen Mountbatten Area (Katong Road, Branksome Road, Wilkinson Road, Arthur Road) Around S439540
Date Missing Wed 24 Feb 2010 at about 2pm
Contact tel 8511-0081 or 9792-2280
Details at

Update 5 Mar
Glad to let u know that Momo the Persian cat is found and safely reunited with the owner.

The hills are alive with the sound of meeeeooowwwsic...

Music Cats Love: While You Are Gone will be available for sale at $20 per copy via Ubi Kuching Project volunteers and at Angels Pet Shop. Proceeds will go towards our work at Ubi Kuching Project.

First shipment of CDs will arrive at Ubi Kuching Project on 22 March 2010. Limited pieces available. Reserve your copy by leaving a message on or emailing us at ubikuchingproject @

Click here for mp3 samples:

We are also in need of sponsors to help us with the wholesale orders' investment. At present limited in funds to order large quantity. If you are keen to sponsor our wholesale purchases of this CD - your dollars will stretch very far because they will be used to raise even more funds!

[reunited!] Lost - Rufus the Corgi (Cambridge Road, Mon 15 Feb)

Help! Please find Corgi Dog missing @ Cambridge Road

Rufus is a 4-year-old male Corgi. Brown and white color with white paws. Rufus is micro-chipped.

Last seen in the vicinity of Kent Road/Cambridge Road on 15th Feb 2009 (Monday).

If found, please call 9062-2080. View details and poster at

Please help find him. Dearly missed.

Update 5 Mar
He has been found.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

[reunited!] Case reopened - Uncle Grover the 9-year-old shetland sheepdog

[Original posts: Ubi Kuching Project 10 Feb and 17 Feb]

Today, our zone 1 cat feeder Auntie Can found a dog at her shop in Circuit Road. Male Shetland, unsterilised, about 1-2 years of age.

We are not sure if he was abandoned there - she has had animals abandoned at her shop before, like Kendra was - but to be sure he is not an abandoned boy, I passed the message along to the Shetland Sheepdog community in Singapore. He was found without a collar, and we have no microchip sensor so we wouldn't know if he is licensed to an owner we can trace. If no one comes forward to claim him, we will have to re-home him.

Aswat has named him Grover, after his previous dog. Grover is a really cute boy. He loves his walks, has no herding instinct thus gets along well with cats, and he is always happy. Aswat showered and groomed him today and Andy brought him out for his evening walk just now. He is a happy dog! -

He is likely to have been fed previously on a home-made diet, as his teeth is coated in tartar, and when he was fed today, he had diarrhoea after, possibly because he is not used to proprietary dog food.

We are currently too full-house to keep Grover for long before we have to re-home him. Aswat is already turning down paying customers for grooming because he has no more holding pens for dogs that come for grooming.

If you do know of anyone who lost this dog at Circuit Road, please contact Aswat at 9337 8211.

Update 13 Feb
We have had no leads on our Sheltie being a lost dog, and managed to rehome him to a friend last night. We are happy Grover has a new and loving home!

Update 18 Feb
Our cutie Sheltie, Grover, was brought to the vet by his adopter. Turns out he is much older than expected - he is 9 years old! He has mild cataracts too.

His adopter changed their minds about adopting Grover because their family recently had a member who was hospitalised.

He was also scanned for his microchip number, it is 985100010744473 which I have reverted to SPCA with, in case the reportedly lost Sheltie they had on file was the same.

Otherwise, when Grover rehabilitates fully, we will be re-homing him again if we can find a potential adopter. He is now still with the lapsed-adoptive family where he is receiving medication.

Update: He is not SPCA's reportedly lost Sheltie. No reported-lost dog with Petcall matching Grover's number either. Grover is available for adoption.

Update 3 Mar
the strangest thing - someone seems to have come forward claiming to be grover our sheltie's owner...

grover's owner verified. is an uncle who does not internet etc. grover happily and finally in his permanent home.

[reunited!] Lost - furry male Maltese (Tiong Bahru, Mon 1 Mar)

I recently lost my maltese which most probably ran out out of my house at blk 76 Guan Chuan Street area just down the road from tiong bahru market earlier yesterday morning on Mon 1 March.

He is 3 years old, male, has long furry hair, and is affectionate towards strangers. Unfortunately, he does not have any form of identification on him, e.g. collar or microchip.

Would really appreciate if those who spotted a stray maltese in the tiong bahru area could notify me at this handphone no. 96786637 or email at, thanks a million!

Best, Jacob

Update 3 Mar
Have found my maltese, thank God!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

[rehomed!] Lose that CNY paunch! Walk, run, jump with Max the smooth fox terrier.

Active loving smooth fox terrier. Loves water - water hoses, pools, waves, running, playing. Although he is 9 years old, he still looks young and handsome and is active.

Bought as a 6 month old pup about 9 years ago. Not a dog for owners who prefer to sit around at home. He loves walks and running in fields. He has boundless energy and is a great jumper. Keen sense of smell and hearing.

Love and attention. Daily Regular Walks.
Preferably a loving home with space to run around ( if possible a home with a garden)
Has gone for his vaccinations and is sterilised.
Fed a dry food diet with occasional meaty treats.

Call Mario at 97458455.
No adoption fee required. Just a good home.
I have no choice but to give Max up for adoption as we are moving overseas in a few months time and cannot take him with us. View his pics at

Update 2 Mar
Max has been adopted!

[rehomed!] "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." - de Saint Exupéry

Jackie (top) is our tricoloured one-eyed girl, one of the first few kittens we rescued from Upper Boon Keng.

Jackie is a really lovable, purring ball of affection. She is about 9 weeks old and gets along well with cats and dogs alike. She has recovered from her flu and is looking for a new home.

We are not sure if we will ever find a home for this little girl. Her eye will remain this way and she will only grow bigger and older.

Donut (bottom) is red and white in colour, has a long tail, and is currently about 12 weeks old.

He was found at Upper Boon Keng, specifically, the pavement flanking the CC. One of the cat feeders there rescued Donut (and his brother Biscuit) because they had flu'. She brought them to the vet, and rehabilitated them in her home for a month. Both are now recovered, but Donut is blind in one eye.

Donut will need daily eye-drops for now to help clean out his eye. He also needs socialisation to get used to human contact, so we have been taking time to groom him, hold him and spend time with him, so that he can get used to human affection.

A special kind-hearted owner will be needed for Jackie and Donut. If you are keen on adopting them, do visit us at Angels Pet Shop Ubi Ave 1 Blk 302 #01-49. Do also spread the word to help Jackie find a loving home.

[Original posts: and]

tue 26 oct 2010
jackie has been rehomed

Monday, 1 March 2010

[rehomed] Found - Chihuahua in Toa Payoh

Anyone lost their chihuahua? Or anyone knows of chihuahua owners in Toa Payoh, pls help me to spread the news...

Currently putting the dog at my friend's place cos my two chihuahuas at home cannot get along with it.

Please contact 92769229 or

[Original post:]

Update by finder, 1 Mar
no microchip. now my friend has adopted the chihuahua. Hope everything goes well. Ex-Owner did not respond to my online ad or straits times ad.

[reunited!] Lost - Smokey 8-year-old creamy-white Maltese (Bt Batok St 51, Wed 10 Feb)

Owner's Name: Janice
Contact Number: 96961174
Date The Dog Was Lost: Wed 10 Feb 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Bukit Batok St 51
Name Of Dog: Smokey
Breed: Maltese
Colour Of The Dog: Creamy White
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Size: 1 feet

Update 1 Mar
I have found my dog 3 days after he got lost. Someone pick up my dog who's wondering and send to my area's pet shop.

[reunited!] Lost - 4yo male maltese (Bedok North, Sat 20 Feb)

my maltese went missing at Bedok north around blk 135 while strolling with my uncle on Sat 20 Feb. We had tried to look around the area, called the spca and ava but to no avail.

Description of my dog:
- Male
- Ard 4years old
- White in color
- Skin infection at the back
- His fur length is as per my profile picture. He just had grooming sometimes back so fur is no fully grown yet.
- His paws are not very nice cos he likes to lick his paws

Thank you very much!! I really missed my dog bery much... i can be contacted at 98487201 or

Update 1 Mar
My maltese is found!! He is picked up by a dog lover couple...