Saturday, 17 April 2010

[rehomed!] Cat's owner migrating - needs a new home

As i am migrating away and can't bring him aboard, he needs a new owner. I have been taking care of him since he was born. I found him under the car with e mother missing. His right leg was injured (unknown reason) and he has difficulity moving.He looks stress and frightened. I scare he will be run over by a car and so take it home.

This is a gentle and shy cat which it cannot survive for 1 week if nobody take care of him.He is just too afraid of everything and hide due to his past experience. He love to catch insects, he is trained for passing motion on newspaper or sand.

I hope a kind soul will take care of him as he will be a useful asset to your family. If not i will just have to let him be a stray and most probably he will die with his dependent character.

E-mail or contact 98317720.

Update Sat 17 Apr
Found a home.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: male mongrel puppy found abandoned in woodlands

Male small mix breed puppy. Healthy, Gently, Playful, Adorable. Found abandoned on March 27th in Woodlands. Vet estimates adult size of 18-20 kgs

Needs Loving Home to call his own! Call Lori 8380 8830

[Tue 6 Apr. Source:, Mon 5 Apr.]

Update Sat 17 Apr
pup found a home.

Friday, 16 April 2010

[resolved] ADOPT: kitten who wandered off and is now attacked by his mother

I have a 6 months old kitten up for adoption. It is the "brownish" one. It has a cute belly - button.

It is toilet trained and eats solid food. It is vaccinated.

It is really my last resort to give him away but I have to.

The story is, this little fellow wonder off into the street one night and when he come back, his mother no longer recognize his smell and start attacking him.

I tried so many methods and it still fails and it breaks my heart to see him so wanted to go back to his brother and sister. Yet all of them does not recognize him. Now I have no choice but lock him up from the rest of the family.

If you are interested in taking him home, please call me at 90682350.

[Sun 28 Mar.]

Update Fri 16 Apr
Mother cat and son are now getting along fine. Owner will keep the cat.

LOST: 3mo black+white male Japanese bobtail kitten (Redhill Close) - no photo yet

sighs... my black and white kitten lost @ Redhill Close Blk 5 ,he is almost 3 mths old,still very small.if u had seen him pls contact me at 96556999.very worry about him.pls help~

no photo yet. photos of other japanese bobtails here

[Fri 16 Apr. Source:]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Coffee the cuddling and nose-kissing cat - rejected by adopter for falling sick

The kittens we rescued before Chinese New Year from the power station at Upper Boon Keng - three of them are still at the shop and one has been adopted. They have recovered from their flu' and diarrhoea and are now healthy and active. These three - Coffee, Coco and Cammy - are available for adoption!

Coco is the female black kitten, Coffee the male and Cammy is the tabby girl.

Shine (left) and Orange-gal (right) are available for adoption too! Do come and visit them, and if you are keen to adopt them, contact Aswat at 9337 8211 / 6748 9810.

Update 21 Feb
Shine and Orange-gal have been adopted.

Update 23 Feb
Coffee has been adopted.

Update Fri 16 Apr
Coffee was rejected by his adopter who didn't want him any more because he fell sick.

He has recovered from his scabies, and is totally mite-free now! His fur on his tail and around his eyes have yet to grow back totally, but the other bald patches have regained its furry glory. I have conditioned his fur and it is now really healthy and glossy.

Coffee is a really affectionate boy who loves to purr when you go near him, even while I am holding him to apply povidone iodine to his skin to help it heal. He loves other cats, loves all humans, and is at heart a real Oriental - loves to play, jump and talk to you. He enjoys cuddling up to other cats or to humans to sleep, and loves to nose-kiss you too.

He is now boarding at Angels and is currently eating Taste of the Wild as he is allergic to corn. If you would like to give Coffee a second chance and consider adopting him, do visit us at Angels Pet Shop at Blk 302 Ubi Ave 1 #01-49. Map and directions here.

To view all posts and pictures about Coffee, visit and type in his name into the search bar on the top left of the webpage.

[Source:, Wed 7 Apr.]

tue 26 oct 2010
coffee has been rehomed

[resolved] ADOPT: 8yo toilet-trained violet male chinchilla

8years old violet male for adoptioni. Pee pan train. SMS me at 98808734 for more information.

He has nv bitten anyone before. Have me reason for giving him away.

[Thu 8 Apr. Source:, Sun 4 Apr]

Update Fri 16 Apr
Sorry. not giving away le. cant bear to give him away. Will post again if i am really not able to keep him. =) Thankz for all the interests.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

[rehomed!] someday my prince will come...

Some day my prince will come
Some day we'll meet again
And away to his castle we'll go
To be happy forever I know

Frank Churchill and Larry Morey, 'Some Day My Prince Will Come', Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White is her name. She is a very energetic, smart cat. She is toilet trained.

She is 1 year plus and we have to give her up for certain reason. I really hope i can find her a new home and a owner who really love cats.

Do contact me if you are interested: 81896815

[Original post, Tue 16 Mar:]

Update Thu 15 Apr
Snow White has already been adopted.

[rehomed!] another 4 kittens looking for a home

There are 4 kittens living near my condo in Little India.

3 of the kittens, although a little nervous, will come to me when I feed them, and don't mind being held. the 4th one is a bit shy, but I think with love and care he/she will come around.

E-mail or call/sms on 9827 8072

Update Thu 15 Apr
all adopted.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Cash the male shih tzu cross poodle saved from being put to sleep

8 year old male shih tzu cross poodle. Small but fat. Skin problems but curable.

Very sweet natured. the owner wants to surrender him to the SPCA as his maid has gone home. Passed from foster home to another

Was passed from one owner to another. Nearly put to sleep but was rescued. Needs someone who can give him a forever home.

Cant take chicken.

Charmaine @ 96364226

[Wed 7 Apr. Source:, Tue 6 Apr.]

Update Thu 15 Apr
Cash was adopted last week.

[reunited!] Lost - Kendall the long-haired stocky British domestic cat (Greenleaf Rd/Holland Rd, Tue 2 Mar)

Name: Kendall
Breed: British domestic
Colour: Tabby coat with white legs & chest
Description: Long haired coat, large stocky cat - weighs approx 6kg)
Microchip no: 826098100382808

KENDALL went missing on 2 March 2010, in the GREENLEAF ROAD, OLD HOLLAND ROAD, SIXTH AVENUE area. He was wearing a yellow collar with his name tag, and my name and number on it. He is very shy and nervous of strangers.

More photos here:

If you have found him, or think you have seen him, please call SARAH on 9228 6811.
He is very sadly missed.
Thank you.

Update Thu 15 Apr
Kendall has been found.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Small Girl Girl the chihuahua

Small Girl Girl is a 4-5 years old CHH. She is up for adoption.... Contact

[Tue 6 Apr. Source:!/photo.php?pid=3908298&op=1&view=all&subj=100000789694172&id=553460591&fbid=376308020591, Mon 5 Apr.]

Update Thu 15 Apr
She has been adopted.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Big Girl Girl the chihuahua

Big Girl Girl is a little 4-5 years old CHH. She is up for adoption.... Contact

[Tue 6 Apr. Source:!/photo.php?pid=3908299&op=1&view=all&subj=100000789694172&id=553460591&fbid=376308030591, Mon 5 Apr.]

Update Thu 15 Apr
She has found a good home.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 2yo male Shih Tzu - no pix to be posted

Shih tsu is male, not sterilised (new owner to pay for sterilisation before taking it home), very nice red brown/white, good temperament, human friendly. About 2 yrs old. Currently in a shelter.

Potential adopters will be screened/interviewed for suitability.

No pics will be posted cos if you are suitable, arrangements will then be made for you & family to view the dogs on weekends.

Kindly sms to 96434462 if you are interested.

[Mon 5 Apr. Source:, Mon 5 Apr.]

Update Thu 15 Apr
He has been adopted.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

[reunited!] FOUND: Spitz in Sembawang (Mon 12 Apr night)

Spitz found in Sembawang on Mon 12 April, 11pm.

If you think this may be your dog, please call 97634717.

[Tue 13 Apr. Source:, Tue 13 Apr.]

Update Wed 14 Apr
Owner Found.

[rehomed!] Landlord issues: 1 yo male rabbit (with accessories) for adoption

1-year-old male rabbit

Free! Lovely rabbit, comes with all things: food, cage,shampoo... landlord doesn't let us keep it anymore.

Contact 94233419 aft 2pm

[Original post: a href=""]

Update Wed 14 Apr
Rabbit has been adopted.

[rehomed!] Found/now for adoption - Labrador retriever at Jurong West/Yunnan (Fri 19 Feb)

Finder: Ritchie Wilson
Date The Dog Was Found: Fri 19 Feb 2010

Location Where The Dog Was Found: Jurong West Extension/Yunnan Area

Breed: Labrador Retriever (Male)
Colour Of The Dog: Biege

How The Dog Was Found: The dog followed my friend's wife and daughter to the house

Please contact ASD if this dog is yours.

Update 11 Mar
Dear friends,

A lovely male cross Labrador was found wondering at Jurong West. He is just a couple of months old. The rescuer has posted notice on a number of online websites, pasted posters around the Yunnan Park area, and published a found ad in Straits Time Classifieds, to locate its rightful owner. He has been brought to the vet to scan for microchip. Nothing found. ASD was also approached.

Due to personal constraints, the rescuer has now placed the pup with SPCA, for adoption. The stay would probably come with an expiry date, as we all know. So we are now urgently looking for his rightful owner or a kind adopter family, who would have the patience and time for this lovely pup who has just started on his life journey. Will make a wonderful member of the family, with some training and communication, I am very sure..

We are appealing for a your help to find a home for this lovely Lab pup. Please contact Ritchie at or 92317338.

Update Wed 14 Apr
He has found a home.

[rehomed!] 2 kittens left for adoption - b/w and ginger/white females

(clockwise from top left: 2-month-old Black/White Boy, 2-month-old Black/White Girl, 4-month-old Ginger/White Girl, 2-month-old Tabby/White Boy)

I have three 2 months old kittens and one 4 months old for adoption.
-Kittens to good homes only
-Adopters have to sign adoption agreement

Interested adopters pls sms/call 94364476 for details.

[Original post: 10 Mar,]

Update Mon 15 Mar
Tabby/white n Black/white Boy kittens r already adopted. 2-month-old Black/White Girl and 4-month-old Ginger/White Girl still available for adoption.

Update Wed 14 Apr
All the kittens have been adopted.

[reunited!] FOUND: black/white male husky (Onan Rd, Tue 13 Apr)

Hi there,

A male black-and-white husky has just been found along Onan Road this afternoon.

It is currently lodging temporarily at Loving Pets, 158, East Coast Road, Singapore 428866. Tel : (65)6346-1286.

If you have any reports of a lost dog that fits the description, could you kindly contact Jane at Loving Pets at the abovementioned number please?

Thank you very much!

Please help spread the word as well, as we are unable to house the dog and hope to find the owner a.s.a.p.


[Tue 13 Apr. Source: e-mail, Tue 13 Apr.]

Update Wed 14 Apr
We've managed to get the husky to the vet and found the microchip -
traced the owner (an old lady who lives in the area).

[rehomed!] FOUND - Shih Tzu (Lim Chu Kang Lane 1)

Hi everyone, while on the way to the grooming school this morning, one of our fellow classmates had found a Shih Tzu girl roaming back and forth along the junction of Lim Chu Kang Road and Neo Tiew Road.

She wears a baby blue collar and had her fur probably DIY-ed by her owner cos they look very uneven (looked like layered). She doesn't look abandoned or abused cos she is well fed and doesn't have any dental or skin problem. She has a bit of ticks problem but we have applied medication for her with regards to that. She is currently being fostered by one of our classmates. She is of mild temperament, very shy, however seems to be a little afraid of humans and dogs. She is not microchipped and probably is around 1-2 years old.

We are hereby sincerely hoping that her owner will step forward and claim her back. Please contact us at septave[at]gmail[dot]com or 96393463 if you are the owner and should you come across any news of owner looking for their missing Shih Tzu.

[Source: and Sun 28 Mar.]

Update Sat 3 Apr
Hana is not for adoption. She is doing great and has been drinking and eating well. So far nobody has stepped forward to claim her so the classmate who found Hana has decided to keep her

Update Wed 14 Apr
We have decided to adopt her... Adoption closed!

[rehomed!] ADOPT: black female kitten picked up from drain

1 1/2 month old female kitten for adoption, a stray picked up from the drain. we have to give him away coz he doesn't get along with our current 6 month old cat and we can't always keep him in the room and not let him run about.

she's a really tough cookie and shows no signs of any health problems despite being trapped in the drain for 3 days without food and shelter before she was rescued.

she is all black, with yellow eyes, has a white patch of fur in a diamond shape at her neck in front, and an arrow on her belly. very cute. very cute, playful, a bit scratchy but loves to sleep with you at night and be close, and when not so hyper is very affectionate.

she is not vaccinated, and we bathe her once a week, no fleas, ticks and really nice long smooth coat. loves to play with shoe lace.

please go to to see pictures if interested please call christabel at 98319664 asap

[Sat 3 Apr. Source:, Sat 3 Apr.]

Update Wed 14 Apr
Kitten is adopted.

[rehomed!] Suri the German Shepherd

[Originally posted on, 27 Jan 2010. Still looking for a home as of today.]

Suri the 3-year-old female GSD is up for adoption... Good with kids, trained in basic commands. I have met with her several times before and she is a REAL sweetie. I know the poster says that she is basic command trained... but she is really a lot more than that. I have objected with Auntie Eileen about that but she says wait till the potential adopter meet her and get blown away!

So please help spread the word. She really does deserve a great home with lots of space! She is very well-formed and exceedingly pretty too! Contact Auntie Eileen @ 9384 2126 for more details and visiting timings.

Update Wed 14 Apr
Suri has found a home.

[rehomed!] Troy the GSD for adoption

Troy. Male. He will turn 5 yrs old in March 2010.

We are moving into a Condo and we are looking for someone reliable to adopt our dog.

He's from Australia and we have all his certificates.

He went through the obedience lessons when he was 8 months old and we reinforce his training regularly. Troy is an easy dog to handle.

Contact Ranesh Sandhu @ 9637 1875

Update Wed 14 Apr
Troy is adopted.

[rehomed!] Another rescued puppy for adoption

5 mth old puppy for adoption. Was rescued from being run over.

He's smart, affectionate and intelligent. Mixed breed and should be abt 2.5 ft when full grown.

Contact Arvind @ 91050937

Update Wed 14 Apr
puppy is adopted.

[rehomed!] Home for four rescued kittens

Found four siblings and mummy in a locked bulky refuse :( got town council to open up the door and rescued them out. Hope that the kittens are able to be adopted.

Tabby kitten is a female, long tail and sweet. Able to eat soaked food with KMR.

Tabby/White kitten is a male, long tail and active. Able to eat soaked food with KMR.

Black/White kitten is a female (the one with more black on the face), long tail and gong gong look :p Able to eat soaked food with KMR.

Black/White kitten is a male, long tail and gong gong look :p Able to eat soaked food with KMR.

The pics are not very clear cos too many to handle for photo taking.

They're currently boarded them at a clinic and I'm looking for permanent homes for them. If you wish to adopt the kittens/mummy, please sms/call Linda at 85220512.

Update Wed 14 Apr
All four kittens have been adopted.

[rehomed!] Home for one-eyed cat

Tabby boy, who was found at void deck with one eye closed. Suspected to be scratched by other cats in a cat fight? He's very sweet and toilet trained. Brought him for treatments but it's too late... his eye has to be removed. He currently hospitalized until the stitches are removed. 2-year old local breed. Good with other pets. If you wish to give him a good home, please sms/call 8522 0512.

Update Wed 14 Apr
he has found a very nice home.Owner loves him a lot.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Coco the 2+yo female American cocker spaniel

2 year 3 month old American cocker spaniel. Coco is a very lovely girl, not a barker.close to people.

No health problem.With shining coat. with microchip, VACCI card & Full accessories.

CoCo's owner rehome her due to his busy working hope to find a warm and stable family.

new owner must be prepared to:
1 clean and dry her ears regularly to prevent the ear infection.
2 w like to licensing her
3 Prefer someone willing to keep her as only one dog.

sms 94233962, or send email to we will get back to u.
coco is available for adoption as long as this post is here.

adoption fee optional. simple agreement to be signed.

[Sun 11 Apr. Source:, Sun 11 Apr.]

Update Wed 14 Apr
Coco was adopted yesterday.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Pepper the 10mo male JRT who loves children

Peps is a 10-month-old JRT. friendly & energetic, loves to go for long jogs & won't stop following everywhere u go. He's a sweetie with kids & loves a snuggle & a treat every time i get home. Loyal & friendly & loves children.

However, due to my husband's complains i'm unable to keep him any further. Sincere adopting parents, please let me know if u can give him a give him lots of love.

I can be contacted on my mobile @ 91815638 if you are interested to love him.

[Source: Moon 29 Mar.]

Update Wed 14 Apr
Pepper has been adopted.

LOST: Ben Ben the 5yo male Japanese Spitz (Admiralty, Mon 12 Apr)

Owner's Name: Chris
Contact Number: 91839346

Date The Dog Was Lost: Mon 12 Apr 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Last seen at 10th level of Blk 468B admiralty drive

Name Of Dog: Ben Ben
Breed: Japanese Spitz
Colour Of The Dog: White
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Size: 2 ft

[Wed 14 Apr. Source:, Wed 14 Apr.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 5mo Pomeranian cross with cow-hocked hind legs

He is a little 5 months old Pom Cross. He is up for adoption.This pom cross born with cow hocked hind leg,other then that he is ok... He was save from been put down to sleep by breeder. Contact

[Wed 31 Mar. Source:, Wed 31 Mar.]

Update Wed 14 Apr
He has gone to a new home.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Kino the male cavalier king charles

Here are the information about Kino, our pet dog for adoption.

• Cavalier Kings Charles
• Male
• Colour - Blenhiem
• Age - Born 28.05.08
• Microchip No. - 702039390007987
• Sterilized
• Has got all documents of previous vaccination.
• Gone through basic training at Pasir Ris (scored well) with cert.

Attached are photos of Kino (Dated 30.03.2010)

Hoping to find a good family for adoption of Kino.
Any inquiries please contact :

HP: 98154842 (Sebastian Lim)
Email :

[Fri Apr 2. Source: e-mail, Fri 2 Apr.]

Update Tue 13 Apr
Kino has been adopted.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: unsocialised 10mo male JRT

Cousin's ah-ma locks the dog up whole day. No socialization so he/she is quite barkish. Will try to get more info. Meanwhile who's interest to foster/adopt pls pm me.

10months old male JRT. Slightly Barkish. Not socialised, caged up all day

looking for place by this weekend, pple pls pm me with

no. of family members
who will be main care taker
whether you had dogs before
does everyone approve

And i have condition that you must license and sterilise him within 3months.

No adoption fees.

[Source: Mon 29 Mar.]

Update Sun 4 Apr
Urgent case as family moving out of property today. The 2 dogs are being left alone in the house and family members come by once/twice a day to feed them.

Jrt is a lil territorial and snaps when u try to discipline him. Not advisable for family with young kid. Training is a must. Barks at stranger v good door watcher. He's very intelligent too like all other jrt, but seriously need a form hand.

After staying for a while he warmed up to me and he became quite attention seeking when I gave my attention to the lab.

Anyone who can help pls pls contact me asap at
. Thanks

Update Tue 13 Apr
He has been adopted.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Family of 3 guinea pigs - father, mother and daughter

Anyone interested to take in 3 guinea pigs under their care?

1 male (Father)
2 female (mum and daughter)

FOC. Their age is 2 years old.

You can reach me at 97864689 for adoption. Thanks

More photos here:

[Source: Sun 28 Mar.]

Update Tue 13 Apr
The family has been adopted.

[reunited!] LOST: Anya the grey female weimaraner (Coronation/Bt Timah, Fri 9 Apr) - no pix

Contact Number: 97864487

Date The Dog Was Lost: Fri 09 Apr 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Coronation/ Bukit Timah area

Name Of Dog: Anya
Breed: Weimaraner (no photo yet, but they generally look like this
Colour Of The Dog: Gray
Gender: Female
Age: 2
Size: 3 ft long

[Mon 12 Apr. Source:, Mon 12 Apr.]

Update Tue 13 Apr
A lady found her and called the SPCA with whom we had left a message and we were put into contact. We have been reunited and she is one very raw pawed large puppy, but happy again!

[rehomed!] 6-week old Hachi the male pup

6-week old male mixed breed. Should grow to medium size, based on his mum's size. Quite active, very affectionate. The family who first took him decided they couldn't keep him (cos other family members disagreed). They have put him at a factory now. He is being fed but needs proper care and TLC. Please help!

No adoption fee. Contact Amanda at 9092 0704.

Update Tue 13 Apr
Hachi has been adopted.

[reunited!] LOST: Cash the giant black schnauzer (Limau Estate/Bedok/Siglap, Sat 10 Apr)

Cash, my black giant schnauzer, ran out the house when the front gate opened yesterday. Normaly, he would be back within 10 - 15 mintues. But, yesterday he did not come back.

I have walked around the whole nieghborhood but cannot seem to find him. If you are staying around this area, Please help keep a look out for him around Limau Estate.

Do give me a call if you find or spotted a similiar looking dog.

Thank You,
HP 97897126

[Sun 11 Apr. Source:, Sun 11 Apr.]

Update Tue 13 Apr
Cash is found. My neighbor has spotted Cash wandering a distance away from our neighborhood and brought him home to me.

[rehomed!] Freida the Chow Chow x Husky

Chow Chow cross with Husky. Body is light brown - looks like Chow Chow, Head looks like Husky. Friendly dog. 1 year & 10 months old.

Owner moved to smaller house. Cannot accommodate her. Fredia is not approved for HDB ower. He is a good guard dog for landed property.

Looking for right owner with private property for adoption.

Contact Bernard @ 979-50893

Update Tue 13 Apr
Freid has gone to her new home.

Monday, 12 April 2010

[rehomed!] Could this be your Golden Jubilee? (3y5m male GR)

Jubilee, a 3 yr 5 mth old male Golden Retriever. Good health, good with other pets, good with children. Vaxed and sterilised. Understands simple commands.

Has a tendency of getting too excited sometimes. All in all a normal dog.

Very friendly and outgoing. Was adopted from SPCA during 2007. Letting him go now as i'm moving to a smaller house.

Update Mon 12 Apr
Jubilee was adopted recently.

Ezra - 91383707 (HP)/ No adoption fee

[rehomed!] good golly miss molly! female cat found under a tyre, ready for a new home

Found her under a heavy vehicle's tyre -_-" Named her Molly, a ginger white female kitten who is sweet and loving with long tail. She's about 4 months old, eating dry food well. She loves to play around with adult cats and enjoys companies.

If you think you can give this sweet girl a lovely home, please sms/call me at 8522 0512.

[Original post, Tue 17 Mar:]

Update Mon 12 Apr
Molly has found a new home!

LOST: Garfield the Persian cat with collar, yellow bell, owner's details (Mountbatten, Tue 23 Mar)

STOMPer Peck Moh is urging anyone who has seen Garfield, a Persian cat lost on 23rd Mar along the junction of Branksome Road and Arthur Road to come forward.

Said the STOMPer:

"I hope STOMP can help me find my lost Persian cat with long hair & long furry tail.

"Everybody misses the cat.

"Garfield went missing on Tue 23/3/2010, from evening 6pm to 12 midnight along the junction of Branksome road & Arthur Road.

"The cat has a collar with a yellow bell, address and telephone number on collar.

"Also has a clipped left ear."

Please email STOMP at if you have any information regarding this STOMPer's cat.

[Mon 12 Apr. Source:, Sun 11 Apr.]

LOST: Ger Ger the female shih tzu (Blk 302-304 Ubi Ave 1, Sun 11 Apr)

Owner's Name: Gen Sim
Contact Number: 91050650

Date The Dog Was Lost: Sun 11 Apr 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Lost dog in Ubi Ave 1 Blk 302. Last seen in Ubi Ave 1 Blk 304 near shop and save. Dog has a miceochip no. 7020955550002814 but is not registered. If found please contact me.

Name Of Dog: Gerger
Breed: Shih Tzu
Colour Of The Dog: Tri-Colour
Gender: Female
Age: 4
Size: mini

[Mon 12 Apr. Source:, Mon 12 Apr.]