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Be careful whom you give up kitty to (Today, sat 24 jul 2010)

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Be careful whom you give up kitty to
05:55 AM Jul 24, 2010

SINGAPORE - A personal trainer in his mid-30s has received a stern warning from the police for deceiving cat owners into allowing him to adopt their kittens.

The man had contacted several owners through the Cat Welfare Society's (CWS) website from January to April this year, and gave false personal information when seeking to adopt eight kittens.

He told the owners he was adopting them as pets for his child. He has, in fact, five children.

Using various websites, he then put the kittens up for adoption at $30 each, while keeping the kittens in cages outside his flat.

The scheme was uncovered after CWS received complaints about the man from the cat owners. One of them said he had called to offer personal training courses, and when asked about the kittens he had adopted, said they had been stolen from him.

The police issued the man with the warning on July 16.

On its website, CWS has advised cat owners to be more careful when screening potential adopters.

It urged them to deliver the cats to the adopters' home if possible, and to conduct at least one subsequent home visit to ensure their the cat. ONG DAI LIN

[sat 24 jul., sat 24 jul.]

[resolved!] HELP: A wheelchair for Qian-Qian the 2yo mongrel with no forelimbs

Qian-Qian is a 2 yrs old mongrel who has NO fore limbs. I read of her plight in one of the chinese evening news and had contacted the reporter and recently in touch with her foster. With the foster is another dog (Bei-Bei, will also submit her on wish upon a bone) who's both hind limbs are also not working.

Please help spread the words and VOTE for Qian-Qian.

(You need to register on wishuponabone before you can vote)

[Fri 28 May. Source:, Thu 27 May.]

update thu 10 jun
Thank you for your vote for Qian-Qian, her wish was granted by Wishbone and soon she'll be trotting around freely (with supervision of course!)

update wed 23 jun
With the inspirational story of the abandoned two-legged dog, Qian Qian, Wishbone hopes to dig deeper into underlying issues of the pet community – about the importance of pet responsibility and ownership in this instance – by fulfilling the life-changing wish of Qian Qian to have a wheelchair that acts as a replacement for her front legs.

In 2008, Qian Qian’s original owner was shocked when her beloved dog gave birth to a two-legged ‘monster’ that was “not adorable” in any way. With this, and citing that she was incapable of caring for a handicapped dog, all attempts were made to abandon poor Qian Qian who was struggling with her movements as a puppy. Fortunately for Qian Qian, she did not have to fight her battles alone.

When Jenny Tan, Qian Qian’s current owner, heard about Qian Qian’s impending plight, her first thought was to bring Qian Qian home and provide her with the best she can afford –unconditional love and support. With help and guidance from Jenny Tan over the last two years, Qian Qian coped with her disability and moved about by hopping like a kangaroo. But with such disability, Qian Qian is inevitably putting excessive pressure on her hind legs that could potentially lead to serious problems in future.

After much analysis and research, Wishbone will be specially importing a custom-made wheelchair from US. This wheelchair will serve the purpose of supporting Qian Qian’s torso, thus lightening the burden on her hind legs. Stay tune to our blog for updates on Qian Qian. Please also help to share this story with your readers.


update sat 24 jul
After waiting for slightly more than a month, Qian Qian’s wheelchair is finally here! We will be fixing the wheel chair onto Qian Qian next week and she will be able to walk normally for the first time!

Jenny, owner of Qian Qian is as happy and excited like us when we broke the news to her. The early arrival of the wheelchair means that all our wishes for Qian Qian to lead a normal life would be fulfilled soon.

We would like to give special thanks to Ms Anonymous (she refused to be named) who kindly contributed a small token for Qian Qian’s wheelchair and Eddie’s Wheel who help with customizing the wheelchair and delivering it earlier than expected.

[, 21 jul.]

LOST: female grey tabby cat w clipped ear, small dark patch on forehead (toh guan road, sun 17 jul)

A female grey tabby cat with a small dark patch on her forehead has been missing from the carpark opposite Blk 276 Toh Guan Rd since Sunday 17th July 2010.

She has a medium length tail, a short rounded body and is quite chubby.

She is friendly and recently sterilised with a clipped ear.

Please contact me if she's seen at:

Tel: 97379944

Thank you.

[[sat 24 jul., fri 23 jul.]

[reunited!] FOUND: old(?) male maltese (eunos sims avenue, wed 21 jul)

Breed: Maltese (Male)
Colour Of The Dog: White
How The Dog Was Found: A Malay Man brought to my attention that there is a dog roaming the streets.
Condition Of The Dog When Found: Untrimmed Long Fingernails , Messy Rough Coat , He seem like a old dog

Date The Dog Was Found: wed 21 July 2009
Location Where The Dog Was Found: Eunos Sims Avenue :Carpark at Masjid Darul Aman Mosque

update sat 24 jul
i am the person who found the dog and have recently locate the owner and reunite the dog through action for singapore dog.

The dog is returned to his owner on 23 july 2010 Friday , 10 30 am.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Buggy the male puggy, abandoned at a church

Little Buggy needs a home!

Buggy was left abandoned at a church here. He was neglected as seen from his extremely long nails and skin problem. We had to give hope to this little guy. He's adorable and would do great with any family.

[sat 26 jun., sun 13 jun.]

update sat 24 jul
buggy has a home

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Dong Dong the 2mo male mongrel

Dong Dong was found in Jurong. All his siblings walked away with their mother while Dong Dong chose to follow behind a lady. Hence, he was rescued and is now looking for a home. He is a lovely, friendly and inquisitive puppy looking for a home to call his own.

3 vaccinations and sterilization at the age of 6 months. Dong Dong is not HDB Approved.

Dong Dong is now being fostered by a lady living in Pair Ris, hence, viewings will be at Pasir Ris.

[Fri 21 May. Source:, Wed 19 May.]

update sat 24 jul
rehomed happily

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Winter the 3yo gentle female bull mastiff who loves to swim

Winter was abandoned a while ago with another Mastiff that has since found a good home. Winter is a good dog and longs for a wonderful home.

Winter is truly a gentle giant. She is a wonderful dog with a lively personality. She is active and friendly. Very good with humans and gets along well with dogs in general. She also enjoys swimming in the pool at Pets Villa. She will require an owner who has experience with large dogs.

Please contact Christine @ 97937162 or Marcus @ 96973491 OR email us at

[Fri 30 Apr. Source:, Fri 30 Apr.]

Update Sat 8 May
Winter is a lovely Mastiff. She was abandoned a year ago with another male Mastiff. Winter is a wonderful dog. She is a gentle giant. We see no reason as to why Winter was abandoned especially with her loving personality.

Winter spends her mornings in our pool swimming. Sadly, winter and a dog in her area are not getting along of late and she can now only come out under our supervision.

Winter is the sweetest and she truly deserves far more with a family to call her own. She has lots of love to give and we are sure she would be wonderful companion for a family looking for an active dog to call their own.

If you have friends and family who might be able to offer Winter a home of her own, please help is spread the word.

[Source:, Wed 5 May.]

update sat 24 jul
winter is rehomed happily

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Cran the handsome black mongrel pup

Delila is beautiful. She is the sweetest and tiniest puppy. She needs lots of love, care and food.

Cran and Berry are lovely brothers. They are very playful and love being around humans.

Samson is a naughty little boy and is active. He loves attention.

The place these puppies were born in was awful. Flies, mosquitoes, sand and rats which were bigger than them shared their sleeping area. The 2 black boys are healthy except for a ringworm problem which we have brought for treatment. The girl is the smallest but the sweetest imaginable. As for samson, he has a nice coat with a very naughty face. Adopt and save lives.

Please give them a home they deserve, they have been through so much. The first day we took them away and showered them, they ended up licking water off the toilet floor as if they had longed for water each day but received none.

All they ask for is love and a forever home. They need daily medication for their skin which is being given now.

Please contact Christine @ 97937162 or Marcus @ 96973491. OR email us at

[Tue 13 Apr. Source:, Mon 12 Apr.]

Update Sun 25 Apr
Delila, Cran and Berry left?

Photo of Cran:

Update Thu 6 May
It has always been a difficult task to rehome black dogs as many see the colour black as a sign of bad luck. Cran, a rescued puppy is still looking for a home to call his own. All his siblings have found homes. Sadly, he has been left behind.

Cran has recovered well from is skin problem and is such a handsome boy now. We truly hope he finds a home to call his own.

He is such an inquisitive boy with a loving personality. He is paper trained and all he wants is to sit on someone’s lap as he chews on his toys. He would be the perfect companion for any family looking for a special dog with lots of love to give.

Please help us show Cran that there is a home out there for him just like the homes all his lucky siblings are at now. He has so much love to give, please help us spread the word about this amazing little boy.

[Source:, Wed 5 May.]

update sat 24 jul
cran just found a wonderful home.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Cookie the 8yo male shih tzu - police/HDB called due to whining

Name : Cookie
Breed : Shih tzu
Gender : Male
Age : Estimated 8yr old
(He was abandon by the previous owner at the pet shop whom didn't collect him after his grooming session. i adopted him and kept him for 6 yrs)
Food : Wet food with rice and dry food as snacks.

* not neutered
* no special diet required
* needs plenty of attention
* do not like to be carried
* used to run in the garden
* loves going for walks
* not paper-trained

We hope to find a nice family that can give him plenty of attention. He is very active and loves to roam around in the garden and go for walks. We're unable to keep him due to the current situation which do not allow us to keep dogs. We hope to rehome him by 27th June if possible as my family will have to vacate the place by end of the month.

We will send him for last grooming and drop him off at the new home so he will not feel scared. We will do which ever is best for him to adjust to the new place. Will drop by a couple of times for visits as well so he won't feel abandoned if needed.

There will be no adoption fee but we will screen the interested parties for the well-being of Cookie so do prepare we will come up with some simple questions.

Pls contact me for further details/information and for viewing for the dog.

Thank you.

Karen Rachel Yeo
Hp : +65 9100 9777

[wed 16 jun. source: e-mail, tue 15 jun.]

update thu 15 jul
URGENT! Karen is renting a room and, unfortunately, Cookie misses her while she is at work and whines. The neighbours have called the police/HDB twice to investigate the whining/barking. The owner of the flat has allowed to Cookie to be there (in the balcony) for a week while he is rehomed. Contact Karen if you can help to foster or would like to adopt Cookie.

update fri 16 jul
a kind person is fostering Cookie. (hope everything works out well for Cookie)

update thu 22 jul
Good news!!!! Cookie's fosterer has decided to keep him. Cookie is doing fine in his new home.

[rip] HELP: A walker frame for Bernard

Anyone who can help or know of anyone who can manufacture such a walker frame for Bernard (a rescued 9-year-old St Bernard with arthritis), please email to

[sat 3 jul., sat 3 jul.]

update thu 22 jul
bernard's walker was on its way to being made for him, but he passed on today. thanks to everyone who helped in this appeal.


[rip] ADOPT/SPONSOR VET FEES: 9yo arthritic st bernard to be put down due to financial reasons

Person in the picture is not the owner.

9 year old St Bernard about to be put down because of financial reason ; dog has arthritis problem and is now under the care of Dr Bryan Kong of Acacia Clinic at AMK; any adopter or offer of help to sponsor the vet fees, can contact

Any form of help in part or full is greatly appreciated. All details can be verified with the clinic above or email.

[mon 21 jun., mon 21 jun.]

update thu 22 jul
bernard passed on today. thanks to everyone who took care of him during his last days.


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

LOST: Mo the 1yo neutered male orange/white cat (marymount road, bishan/pemimpin/shunfu, thu 15 jul)

Mo is a year old neutered male who went missing on Thursday 15th July near Marymount road - Bishan / Pemimpin / Shunfu Rd area. We suspect he has been taken.

He is a friendly little guy who belongs to my daughter, and has tragically gone missing just before her birthday.

We are offering a cash reward to anyone who returns him - no questions asked - we just want our pet back.

Please call Dom 9003 2582 if you have any info.


[wed 21 jul., tue 20 jul.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: LV the 1.5yo male red mini poodle

Status: For Adoption

Breed: Mini Poodle (Red)

Name: LV

Gender: Male

Spayed/Neutered: Not yet

Age: 1.5 Year

Reason for Being Given Up: Owner is too busy and posted oversea for work. She couldn’t fulfill the dog’s need for attention and companionship.

Good with humans: Perfectly well

Good with Dogs: Friendly

Dog's Temperament:
Active, joyful, enjoys walking & grooming. Barky when left alone.

Other Remarks:
(1) Typical pack leader and attention seeker - can be problematic if the owner is inexperienced in handling a dominant dog.
(2) Toilet trained: Yes but needs to be trained again at new place.
(3) Generally healthy. The dog can walk and stand normally but he can't jump after recovered from a fracture on left hind leg when he was a puppy.

Ideal Home: Private or Landed (without other dogs and cannot be caged)

Member putting up this adoption notice: Rehomer

Adoption Fee: N/A, as long as you take good care him. The dog must be neutered.

Please pm with intro of yourself, age and occupation, family size and experience with or without dogs

[tue 20 jul., sun 11 jul.]

update wed 21 jul
LV rehomed

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Zach the rescued male Japanese spitz mongrel with one eye and no tail

Loving Japanese Spitz Mongrel for Adoption
Zach is a loving male Japanese Spitz mongrel in urgent need of a new home.

Despite being rescued with no tail and only one eye, he is a loyal and affectionate dog.

He is best suited to a single person household or one where all members are out during the day otherwise he will forge an exclusive bond with the one person who is with him the most to the detriment of his bonds with other family members.

Zach enjoys long walks in the park and tummy rubs. He becomes very playful after each bath. He looks like a small polar bear and loves being cuddled and loves to cuddle. Zach has beautiful, mostly white fur, sheds a bit but does not smell.

Zack's other qualities:
- sterilized
- paper trained
- understands basic commands
- a very clean dog

There will be no adoption fee.
Comes with his favourite blanket, comb, toiletries.

[thu 10 jun. source:, thu 10 jun.]

update wed 21 jul
zach has found a home

LOST: 2 streetcats - 2yo white w black spots & 4yo tail-less tabby (hougang blk 123, thu 15 jul)

Lost 2 cats since last Thursday 15 July at Hougang Blk 123. One is a white cat with some black spots (about 2 years old) and the other is a tabby cat with no tail (about 4 years old),

I only have photo of one of the cat. They are street cats, sterilised, friendly and very attached to the feeders.

We have gone down to AVA personally to trace and have also called up the town council and SPCA but efforts were fruitless.

We are afraid that they have been taken away by an unhappy neighbour after hearing some complaints just a day before they went missing... we hope no harm was done to them and wish we could trace their whereabouts.

If you think the photo and descriptions fit cats you've seen and happen to be a new face near where you stay, can you sms me, Ms Tham at 90284777.

Thanks and I appreciate your kind attention.

[wed 21 jul., tue 20 jul.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Rocky the superhyperactive 1+yo male jrt

Kind . But SUPER very Hyper Active. Needs to have lots and lots of patience with him. Good With Dogs, once pee, need to change paper. if not will go around marking the house.

Need to be give up due to brother's allergic Problem. so no choice but to put for adoption.


Daily Walks 30mins, Bath 2 days per week with special shampoo. Feed only EAGLE PRO or Force (honest kitchen)
needs to bring to groomer every month for his claws

-Would wish to visit Rocky every month.
*need a comfy pillow or small cushion chair for him. he likes sits or lie down on your lap when you're watching the tv.

No Adoption Fee. just need a caring owner
Item to go with rocky - Rocky Personnal House & Shampoo

PLS call ONLY for Age 21 and Abv! thanks

[sun 11 jul., thu 8 jul.]

update wed 21 jul
rocky is adopted

[rehomed!] FOUND/ADOPT: Junee the 7-10mo female border collie (jun 2010)

We found this poor collie along the street, so we brought it home for foster care

We had been waiting for the owner to contact us since 3x weeks ago till date

No adoption fee required, just hope to find a genuine good owner who can give her a good home, love & care

We found this collie along the street

Detail of collie:Name (Junee)
1) Female
2) Est: about 7-10 months old (by vet)
3) Healthy (check up done on 10 Jul at Animal Clinic)
3) Not sterilized
4) Very playful
5) Good with humans
6) Not paper trained
7) Just had one vaccination (might be her first vaccination on 10 jul 2010)

[thu 15 jul., sat 10 jul.]

update wed 21 jul
junee has been rehomed

[rehomed!] FOSTER/ADOPT/SPONSOR: hit and run victim, both hind legs broken (4.5mo mongrel puppy)

Mongrel Puppy for adoption
4.5 months old
hit and run victim
Both hind legs broken
Already operated
Will be able to walk after recover


Pls contact Ruohui at 97895232

[wed 30 jun., wed 30 jun.]

update thu 8 jul
Puppy has to go for another operation on his hips. staying at the clinic meanwhile till he is better. He needs a forever home.

update thu 15 jul
the pin has been removed. both hips shd be pain free. need abt 2-3 months for full recovery. Can be adopted in a few days.

update wed 21 jul
Great news!!!! The pup has been adopted by a very nice lady

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

[rehomed! ADOPT: Boy Boy the singapore boy who can wish you "gong xi fa cai"

Boy Boy has to be given away due to family reasons. he is very affectionate for her owners.

He can understand basic commands like "sit","come", "Paw",

he also can shake his two paws tgt like wishing you "Gong xi fa cai" very cute indeed.

He wont bark much unless he Feels it's the time to be protective.

He is very adorable and loves to be shower with love.

Looking for only serious dog lovers who is willing to commit And take care of him.

[sat 26 jun., sat 26 jun.]

update tue 20 jul
boy2 has found a home

[reunited!] FOUND: female b/w shih tzu x, blue collar, white spot on head, white ring round neck, white chest (yishun ring road, sun 11 jul)

A lost dog is found in Yishun Ring Road on sun 11 jul 2010 at 4pm.


Found a black and white shih tzu cross at Blk 731 Yishun Ring Road. Blue collar with no ID or microchip.

Size: Small
Has a white spot on top of her head, and a ring of white on her neck. Her chest area is white.
Dog is well-groomed (likely groomed about a week ago).
Very active when playing & very willing to please.

[mon 12 jul. email, mon 12 jul.]

update thu 15 jul
We have posted on forum, ST and ASD but no replies from owner yet.

But heard that the owner is looking for a dog that fits this description at Yishun area. Pls help if you have seen the owner, if not the dog has to be put up for rehoming. Thanks

[, thu 15 jul.]

update tue 20 jul
The owner of the lost dog has been found and the dog has gone home.

[rehomed!] SPONSOR/ADOPT: 6 rescued singapore specials looking for homes

These mongrel puppies are rescued and now looking for home. Location: Mutts & Mittens.

Pls contact the rescuers directly.

Photos of the rest of the puppies on Facebook:

Sun 28 Mar.

Update Fri 28 May
If the puppies don't get adopted, would anyone be willing to sponsor their long-term lodging in a pet farm? it costs between $150 - $300+ per month per dog, depending on the shelter.

update tue 20 jul
all 6 pups have found homes!

[resolved!] SPONSOR DENTAL BILLS: Stevie the blind cat with rotting teeth

Blind stray cat needs a home. The cat eyes look normal not cloudy, no discharge, you would not know it is blind if not told about it. I learned from the cat feeder "Cat Uncle" he been feeding the cat for more than a year since cat abandoned. The cat was initially half-blind said Cat Uncle. Gradually the cat became completely blind. I am surprised how the cat survived in the back alley for long time despite its total blindness. It cannot run from predator for sure, as when I as a stranger approached it, it seems lost direction don't know where am I at. My worried is other stray cats or wild dogs attacking this blind cat, or worse ... human (the biggest predator of them all) ... animal abuser or mischievous children harming it. I hope someone can rescue this cat for its safety.

Cattery is not a solution as this cat will live with more than a dozen cats confined in the cattery. Cattery workers busy no time, would not give the blind cat individual care whether it eating well or not, stressed or not, also if it get beat up by other cats - it cannot fight or run away as it is blind and cattery workers not there all the time to look after this cat. Blind cat need special personal individual care that is why I hope someone can bring it home for adoption.

Due to its blindness, I noticed it stayed within its comfort zone (territory) and not wandering around. If living in home it probably will stay put in one room and don't roam further.

Please help find the stray blind cat a home. Thank you.

Warm regards,
Aminah Bee.

Please leave a comment at the link below if you are able to give this blind cat a home. She is tame and friendly.

[Mon 7 Jun. Source:, Sat 5 Jun.]

update mon 21 jun
Blind stray cat urgently in need of a home. It is a neutered, one tip-eared white and ginger coloured male cat age about 2 years old. The cat eyes look normal not cloudy, no discharge, you would not know it is blind if not told about it. This stray cat lives in another part of my neighbourhood under care of another stray cat feeder. Cat feeder said this blind cat was initially half-blind when abandoned. Gradually the cat became completely blind.

Against all odds, despite it's total blindness the cat managed to survive living dangerously in the back alley. It cannot run from predator for sure. The lady who emailed me, as a stranger approached it, it seems lost direction don't know where she is . My worry is other stray cats or wild dogs attacking this blind cat, or worse ... human (the biggest predator of them all) ... animal abuser or mischievous children harming it. The feeder already caught someone last night poking this blind cat with a stick .

Cattery is not a solution for this blind cat as it will live with more than a dozen cats confined in the cattery. Cattery workers busy no time, would not give the blind cat individual care whether it eating well or not, whether it can find its food and water or not, stressed or not, also if it get beat up by other cats - it cannot fight or run away as it is blind and cattery workers not there all the time to look after this cat. Blind cat need special personal individual care that is why I hope someone can bring it home for adoption.

This blind cat is gentle, very tame and friendly which makes it very vulnerable to abuser. It need home and not living dangerously in the streets fending for itself in complete blindness.
Due to its blindness, it stayed within its comfort zone (territory) and not wandering around. If living in home it probably will stay put in one room and don't roam further.

[, mon 21 jun.]

update thu 24 jun
Hi all, This lucky cat has been adopted. Thks to all the well wishes

update thu 15 jul
A previous appeal was put up for this blind abused cat (see previous appeal here:, and that was successfully resolved, thanks to the kind support of donors and animal lovers. While Stevie, as he’s now called, is now recovering, he has had to visit the clinic again on 10 July and was hospitalised for 2 days to extract 3 of his remaining teeth. They had decayed so much that they were a continuing source of infection. He’s down to just 2 canine teeth.

The bill came to SGD269.10 after a generous discount from the clinic.

How You Can Help:
Your help is needed to cope with this new expense of SGD269.10.

A scan of the bill is can be found in the link below.

[, wed 14 jul.]

update tue 20 jul
Stevie the blind cat fund appeals are closed as enough donations were collected.

God bless you all for your compassion shown to the unfortunate strays.
May you all be blessed with heavenly reward, good health and happiness.

If only Stevie can talk, he would said a big Meow thank you.

Stevie is happy he is no more homeless and having a human slave around.
Stevie said "For once in my life, I have someone who needs me" ...
Check out this music video from Stevie namesake Stevie Wonder famous hit appropriately titled

"For Once In My Life"

Monday, 19 July 2010

JUSTICE FOR BUTTER: 621 signatures and growing...

On the 10th July 2010, a video of a woman beating her pet dog on the head with a wooden broom was uploaded on to Youtube. It has since created a huge uproar from netizens.

In it, the woman is seen yelling at the dog for chewing on a cushion. She repeatedly strikes the dog on the head forcefully, causing the dog to shriek in pain. The dog tries to escape but has nowhere to run as it is cornered against a wall.

SPCA and AVA have stepped in and are investigating this case. However, SPCA revealed that they have no power to prosecute the culprit. We hereby would like to appeal to AVA to update us on the investigation and take firm actions against the woman and bring Butters out of the house.

This new petition page is created to give everyone a voice. Not only can you sign it, you can leave your comments too. Let's make a stand and urge AVA for a swift action by clicking on the link below!

We are targeting to have 1000 signatures before we send this to AVA. Please spread the word around and collect as many signatures as possible. THANKS!



The Straits Times STOMP, Caught in the Act, 12 Jul 2010
Woman whacks and whacks dog on head

A video of a woman beating her pet dog on the head with a wooden stick has drawn flak from netizens. In it, the woman is seen yelling at the dog for chewing on a cushion.

She repeatedly strikes the dog on the head forcefully, causing the dog to shriek in pain.

The dog tries to escape but has nowhere to run as it is cornered against a wall.

The person behind the camera can be heard persuading the woman to stop but she does not stop.

In an email, STOMPer ambien said:

"I found this on an online forum.

"The dog gets beaten on head hard because he bit the owner's cushion.

"They recorded the punishment and uploaded it online!

"I think the method of disciplining the dog is wrong as the dog might go deaf or die if this goes on".

STOMPer AK, who also saw the video online said:

"The video was titled: 'My dog Butters getting punished for chewing on cushion covers in Singapore'.

"Apparently, the woman in the video is the mother and the guy who posted the video is the owner of the dog".

Warning: The video may be disturbing for some viewers.


AsiaOne, Tue, Jul 13, 2010
Woman hits dog repeatedly with wooden sticks
By Angelina Dass

A video of a woman hitting a dog on the head is now under investigation by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA). The video is currently circulated on popular video sharing website YouTube and social network

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) told AsiaOne that the owner of the dog - not the woman in the video - contacted them and stressed the importance of getting the dog to the vet.

In an e-mail to AsiaOne, AVA says SPCA has given them information on the "identities of the parties involved" and currently investigating.

However, both AVA and SPCA have declined to reveal this information until investigations are completed.

Further information on the location of the abuse has yet to be clarified.

In the video, a woman disciplines a dog by hitting it on its head repeatedly with wooden sticks. The dog reacts by barking and cowering away from the woman.

The dog also tries to get out of her way but is unable to because it is cornered.

Its crime? Chewing on a cushion.

A boy can be heard telling the woman to stop by saying "enough already". But the woman does not listen to him and continues hitting the dog and threatening it.

If the woman is convicted of animal cruelty under the Animals and Birds Act, the offender can be fined $10,000 and/or imprisoned for 12 months.

Spokesperson for SPCA Ms. Deirdre Moss said that when the officers at SPCA viewed the video together they were very shocked and "there's no doubt that the dog is not only being beaten but also terrorized".

"We just hope the authorities will get to the bottom of this and that the person behind the beating will be identified and action be taken against them."

SPCA also hopes the dog can be removed from the possibility of this happening again and is recommending to the authorities the dog be rehomed.

A vet should also examine the dog to determine if it has suffered any physical injury.

The SPCA also promotes positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement like physical abuse.

"It does not teach a dog how to behave... (and instead may bring about) a host of other problems like aggression and fear and may have an adverse effect on the dog."

The woman's actions have drawn much criticism from netizens. Facebook users have made their anger very clear in more than 450 comments about the video on SPCA 's Facebook page alone.

Many have called for action by authorities.

Says Facebook user Angelynn, "No matter what get this woman first and save the dog first".

A latest check on Tuesday evening showed a Facebook page dedicated to raising funds for this case.

According to the page, the funds will be a reward to "any individual who contributes the most effort in tracking down the culprit and bringing her to justice."

Individuals can be nominated by fans of the page and the winner will be chosen by the most number of "likes" - a function that Facebook users click on to show their support.

Anyone with information on the case can contact AVA at 64717198 or e-mail or the SPCA at 62875355 extension 9.


ChannelnewsAsia, 13 July 2010 2130 hr
Female owner caught beating dog on video
By Esther Ng

SINGAPORE: A video of a woman beating her dog with a broom, for chewing on cushions, has made animal-lovers see red.

They have rallied on online forums, YouTube and Facebook to demand punishment for its owner.

A male voice is heard telling the woman to stop but she goes ahead with the beating.

An appeal for information from Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, SPCA, on Facebook drew more than 500 comments in just one day.

Meantime, the Agri-food and Veterinary Authority, AVA, says it will launch an investigation and will take action against the owners if there is sufficient evidence of cruelty.

If convicted, the offender can be fined $10,000, imprisoned for 12 months, or both. - CNA/jm


TODAYonline, 05:55 AM Jul 14, 2010
Animal lovers cry foul over beating
Owner contacts SPCA; AVA launches investigation
by Esther Ng

SINGAPORE - A video of a woman beating her dog with a bunch of sticks has made animal-lovers in Singapore see red and many have rallied on forums, YouTube and Facebook, calling for the dog to be rescued and its owner punished.

Yesterday, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals told MediaCorp that its male owner had contacted the animal welfare group.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) also said it will launch an investigation and will not hesitate to take action against the owners if there is sufficient evidence of cruelty. If convicted of animal cruelty, the offender can be fined $10,000 and/or imprisoned for 12 months.

In an apparent attempt to discipline the beige-coloured canine for biting cushions, the woman in the video rains sharp blows to the head of the dog, which yelps and cowers in a corner.

A man is heard telling her to stop but she continues for another 11 seconds.

But some animal lovers told MediaCorp that the cruelty pales in comparison with the abuse inflicted at puppy mills and that the woman in the video was ignorant.

"Rather than vilify her, we should reach out and let her and the dog attend obedience-training sessions," said Mr Daryl Ng, an accountant.

Dog trainer and president of welfare group Action for Singapore Dogs, Mr Ricky Yeo, told MediaCorp that dogs develop certain habits from their formative years.

"Puppies chew because their gums are painful and itchy when teething. If they are not taught what not to chew, then they carry it into adulthood," said Mr Yeo. The solution is to catch the dog in the act and startle it with a stern "no", or isolate the dog in a darkened room until it calms down.

The next step is to focus the dog's chewing tendencies on "allowable objects" like chew toys, Mr Yeo added.

Dog trainer Harry Quek said changing its diet would help as a dog chews or bites out of boredom or nutritional deficiency.

Both AVA and SPCA said reports of animal abuse are on the rise due to greater public awareness. SPCA received 864 reports last year, a 13-per-cent increase compared to 2008, while AVA received 383 reports last year - six more than in 2008.

Last year, the AVA took action on four cases of animal cruelty and four more this year. Just last month, the AVA fined a rabbit owner $150 for keeping it "poorly".

In March, AVA's deputy director of risk communication Wong Hon Mun told MediaCorp it was difficult to prosecute animal abusers as those who report the cases do not provide enough evidence.


The Straits Times, page B6, Wed 14 July 2010
AVA probes YouTube dog-beating video
Netizens, incensed by clip of woman beating a dog, alert SPCA, which refers matter to AVA
by Jalelah Abu Baker

TODAYonline, 05:55 AM Jul 16, 2010
Three offers to adopt dog beaten by owner
by Esther Ng

SINGAPORE - Three animal lovers have offered to adopt Butters, the six-month-old pup seen, in a widely-circulated video, receiving a thrashing from its owner for chewing on a couple of cushions.

Ms Sandy Lim, founder of the animal welfare group, SOS Animals, has volunteered to adopt Butters and also pay its owner for the crossbreed and buy her a new set of cushions.

Mr Jerry Toh, an assistant outlet manager, and his girlfriend have promised to shower Butters with love just as they do their two-year-old Maltese.

"My concern is the well-being of the dog ... the authorities and the SPCA can do a spot check on us," he said.

Another concerned animal lover, Ms Fiona Foo, has been informed by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) that Butters was not "in any danger".

"We have checked on the dog," AVA principal animal welfare inspector Soh Seng Beng told her in an email, adding that investigations were ongoing.

Earlier, Rachel Goh and Clara Fu on Facebook called on the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to rescue the dog.

The pup could develop a "nervous aggression" if beaten repeatedly, said dog trainer, and president of welfare group, Action for Singapore Dogs, Mr Ricky Yeo.

The SPCA said it was grateful and encouraged by the public's concern for the welfare of the animal.


TODAYonline, 05:55 AM Jul 16, 2010
Animal cruelty in its various guises
Letter from Daryl Yong

I READ with interest that animal lovers in Singapore are calling for a woman to be punished for "beating her dog with a bunch of sticks". ("Animal lovers cry foul over beating", July 14.)

When we fatten animals, then slaughter and eat them, we call it "husbandry". When we shoot crows and lay poisonous traps to kill mice, we call it "pest control". When we imprison animals within enclosures for our entertainment, we call it "family fun".

Yet when a woman disciplines her pet for destroying her property, we call it "animal cruelty", a crime punishable by up to 12 months in jail.

To punish a woman for acting like we all do would be the height of hypocrisy.


The Straits Times STOMP, Caught in the Act, 17 July 2010
Outraged by AVA comment that dog cruelly whacked by woman is not in any danger

STOMPer Jennifer was angered by the report she read in the media, in which the AVA apparently said the dog that was hit repeatedly on the head with a wooden stick by a woman, was not in any danger.

The video of the woman hitting the dog, Butters, drew criticism from STOMPers, many expressing anger over what they see as an example of animal abuse.

The dog, which was apparently being punished for chewing on a cushion, was heard shrieking in pain as the angry woman kept hitting it on the head with the stick.

STOMPer Jennifer, who was enraged by the response from the AVA, said:

"I was so surprised, shocked and disgusted to read in the media that AVA's principal animal welfare inspector Soh Seng Beng said through an email that Butters was 'not in any danger' and investigations were ongoing.

"Does AVA want to see Butter brutally abused and all bloodied before it says 'yes, the dog is in danger'?

"What kind of message are we sending out to other abusers who keep abusing their pets behind closed doors?

"As Butters was seen on video being whacked so many times by the woman (I'm sure that it was longer than the video clip), you could see the dog was distressed and in pain. Yet AVA says the dog was 'not in any danger'. What about the other two dogs with her too?

"AVA please get your act done right. Butters and the other two dogs with her should be removed and re-homed.

"That woman should be charged for abusing Butters and she should be sent for rehab or anger management. Butters can't speak for himself and ask for help so AVA take action NOW!"


[reunited!] LOST: Billy the male jrt (blk 149 lorong 1 toa payoh, sat 17 jul 2230h)

Please help to bring Billy home.....last seen on 17 July @ 10.30pm @ Blk 149 Lor 1 Toa Payoh.

[sun 18 jul., sun 18 jul.]

update mon 19 jul
billys found

[rehomed!] URGENT! FOSTER/ADOPT: Little Rascal, the hyperactive 4-5mo male puppy with red harness (blk 406 woodlands st 41, early july)

A small puppy had been found few days ago around Blk 406 Woodlands St 41. Estimated to be ard 4-5months old and looks like a little deer. Healthy and hyperactive. Puppy was not micro-chipped and he was wearing a red colored harness when found. Do contact me at 9246 8063 if u had lost your puppy.

[sun 4 jul., sun 4 jul.]

update sat 10 jul
Estimated to be around 4-5months old puppy found around Woodlands St 41. He was wearing a red-colored harness and was clean and neat from his outlook and highly suspected to be a case of abandon pet.

It has been around a week but no one has came forward to claim the puppy hence I'm putting the puppy up for adoption. He is too hyperactive and my own dog is very hostile to him probably upset at his existence.

more photos of little rascal here

update sun 18 jul
The foster family can't keep him longer and going to send him to SPCA if no one foster/adopt.

Pls help to spread words for this young boy.
est. 4-5 mths old.Friendly and playful.

[sun 18 jul., sun 18 jul.]

update mon 19 jul
rascal has been adopted by a young couple

Sunday, 18 July 2010

SPONSOR: sterilisation of cats in marsiling drive blk 31-37 due complaints

I do not represent any organisation and is working on this case closely with Mr Sivam who represents Sembawang Town Council (SBTC), with regards to the complaints made by residents that there are too many un-neutered cats, making lots of noise in the middle of the night and dirtying the area.

I made a trip down and spoke to some residents - most are okay with the cats. I was further informed that it was not just that estate alone - just across the road at Blk 203 there are more untipped cats and more new kittens born. I made a few discovery and documented some of the cats that I had encountered - there are a total of at least 7 adult cats unsterilised 3 kittens.

I have not gone to to Blk 203 and am thinking of resolving the urgency at Blk 33-34 first since SBTC had placed a notice to inform residents to be responsible, or else actions will be taken. I do not want the cats to be rounded up, not especially since one of the resident told me just recently they had rounded up a lot of cats there.

How You Can Help:
I sincerely appeal to who are staying close by to make rounds and communicate with feeders as well as residents, and at the same time those who are able to contribute donations for them. I am financially constrained with simply faith, energy and a never-say-die body to work on it. Thus I will require as much support as possible.

I will be engaging the Cat Welfare Society's subsidised sterilisation programme to get slots for the cats. The cost for spaying a female cat will be $45 while male at $25.

With 15 cats as the aim, and with the fact that there're more female cats, I'd estimated the total for sterilisation to be roughly $900 in total with transport and boarding included.

I will be very transparent about the donations and will scan all receipts and report on my Facebook profile as well as updating my appeals on the various portals.

Any funds leftover will be either be brought forward to sterilising more cats in Marsiling or donated to the Cat Welfare Society and MettaCats at a 50/50 split.

If you have any further concerns, enquiries or even advices, please do drop me (Jayet) a mail at - from thereon I can then provide a HP no. for further follow-up on this case.

Thank you.

[sun 18 jul.!/?ref=logo, sun 18 jul.]

LOST: cream-coloured, short-haired pomeranian - needs medication (bukit panjang, 18 jul 1pm)

My pomeranian was run away from home this afternoon.
We notice his absent at about 1pm today.

He is cream color and with very short hair cut.
An australian breed, much larger size than typical pomeranian.
He also needs long term medication.

Pls kindly call me at 9850 2948 if you have seen him or found him.
Thank You.

* sorry we do not have a photograph of him

[sun 18 jul., sun 18 jul.]

[rehomed!] FOUND/ADOPT: 5yo male labrador wandering in Serangoon Gardens

Status: For Adoption

Breed: Labrador, Cream, Big Boned

Age: Vet estimates ~5yrs

Gender: Male

Spayed/Neutered: No

Reason for Being Given Up: Dog was found wandering in Serangoon Gardens Estate; given up looking for owner/suspect abandoned. (no microchip)

Good with Children: Yes

Good with Dogs: Needs socialising/note Alpha male character

Good with other animals: Yes with socialising

Dog's Temperament: Typical Lab, alert, gentle, loyal

Ideal Owner: Need experienced/firm owner to initially 'break in' Alpha male dominance

Other information: House trained (only relieves himself outside home on walks)

Member putting up this adoption notice: Fosterer

[Tue 27 Apr. Source:, Tue 27 Apr.]

update sun 18 jul

[reunited!] FOUND: black male doberman pinscher (hougang ave 7, fri 16 jul)

Breed: Doberman Pinscher (Male)
Colour Of The Dog: Black
How The Dog Was Found:
Condition Of The Dog When Found: Hair well trimmed and nails cut short. Looks young and very clean.

Date The Dog Was Found: fri 16 July 2009
Location Where The Dog Was Found: Hougang Ave 7

[fri 16 jul., fri 16 jul.]

update sun 18 jul
this is actually rocky