Saturday, 3 April 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 2.5yo female mini schnauzer whose owners are moving overseas

We are moving overseas & can't take our 2.5 year old miniature schnauzer with us. Bought from 'Pet Lovers Centre' in HV. She's used to running around in my garden and isn't properly toilet-trained for indoor. She's very healthy and doesn't have any allergy or skin problems. She's sterilised & micro-chipped too. Will give away for free to a good home.

Contact Kim 91144905.

[Thu 1 Apr. Source:, Thu 1 Apr.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Lele the white male mini schnauzer

Le Le is a 3 year olds, male white miniature schnauzer looking for a new home. His temperament is good, friendly with dods and humans.... He is cute....

Le le has been sterilized and is currently recuperating. He will be available for viewing this weekend.


[Source:!/photo.php?pid=3828126&id=553460591&fbid=373136320591. Wed 24 Mar.]

Update Sat 3 Apr
Today Lele had went to a new home, liao.... He is very happy with his new home....

Friday, 2 April 2010

[resolved] ADOPT: another JRT... not abandoned after all

Helping to post on behalf of a friend.

Abandoned female JRT up for adoption. Contact and story here (leave a comment at the bottom of the original post or write a message on the cbox at the right-hand side):

HC received an email from Auntie S (Alfie's and Happy's owner )

To cut a long story short, Auntie S saw this unleashed dog with a woman and a boy about 6a.m.. The unleashed dog came to Happy - and Auntie S asked the owner why her dog was not leashed. The owner ignored the question and the boy called the dog "DiDi" which the dog responded. However, Auntie S noticed that the woman had her arm on the boy's shoulder as if to stop him from calling the dog back.

Auntie S continued to walked on home, but felt that something wasn't right as the woman was in working clothes, the boy in school uniform and the dog was not leashed. She turned back to Kovan MRT - and true enough, only the dog was nearby pacing up and down looking for the owner.

Obviously the poor dog was abandoned by both the woman and her son. Auntie S had no choice but to bring the JRT home first even though Happy was not happy about it.

Personally I hate these people. Why buy dogs and abandoned them? If life situation is so bad that you can't have the dog - at least have the decency to rehome the dog properly. And what values isa the mother trying to teach her son? That abandonment is ok? So years to come, can the son abandoned the mum when she's no longer needed in his life?

There are alot of parents feel that the school is not doing enough to teach the child right moral education such as filial peity, family values, intergrity....even sex education. However, how much can the authorities do? Ultimately, it all boils them to the right upbringing by the parents. There is a saying " the apple never falls far from the tree".

(Joey : ok, the last 2 para not written by me. Obviously, I have never been abandoned and am also too preoccupied with playing balls than to pay any attention to human(not-so)kind.

Jack was the angry one here as he was abandoned too! unlucky for him - he had to wait for his owner at the same place for 3-4 days, even when its raining, before an acquaintance of HC lured Jack back to her home.)

Picture of the female JRT. She must be thinking "is this an April Fools' Joke? Is my mum and human brother coming to pick me up soon?"

[Thu 1 Apr. Source:, Thu 1 Apr]

Update Fri 2 Apr
the female jrt was apprantly let out by the tenants and they din have the coutesy to tell the owners of the dog. Shirley(the founder) walked the dog aound the neighbourhood and saw kids clapping and was happy to see their dog back. Shirley had chat with their grandma and that's how the whole thing came to an understanding.

[rehomed!] Blessing the German Shepherd Cross pup

Blessing was found together with the two golden retrievers and other mongrel dogs and pups in rural part of Singapore.

He caught my attention as he's the only pup that stands out from the rest of the pups.He looks like a GS pup and we suspect the rest of his siblings may have been taken away by others but left him behind with the mongrels.

He has a small wound on his head which was bitten by other dog. We decided to take him with us.We were saddened to see many pups and dogs there but we couldn't take all of them.We left the place, feeling very sad, especially when the dogs ran after us when the car drove off.

We hope that we are able to come back soon to rescue the rest of them.This only can be done if more people come forward to help in any it foster..adopt..pls help us to spread the words around so to make this dream come true to save them.

Blessing, as we called him.We pray he will be blessed to find a good home, and bless the one who will give him a home. Will you be that special one to give Blessing a home?

Pls contact 96890777 if you wish to adopt Blessing.

*not HDB approved

**we need sponsor for Little Blessing. Pls contact the above if you wish to help him. Thank you.

Lots more photos on the original Facebook album, Sat 20 Mar:!/album.php?aid=207241&id=592585589&ref=mf

Update Fri 2 Apr
Perhaps Blessing is a lucky name for him.We have found a home for Lil' Blessing.Mrs Lim & family love him and accept him despite his current condition.He need special care and we believe Mrs Lim and family is the most suitable home for him.Mrs Lim is a full time homemaker so someone is there to monitor him and he need to be on medication..for how long we don't know...we hope and pray he recover soon and hope to nurse him back to good health.The harsh environment he used to live contribute to these but with faith and blessings, we believe and hope he will get well soon with TLC from Mrs Lim and family.

He will be renamed as HACHI..yes we know he will be a very loyal dog like HACHI in the Richard Gere's movie, HACHIKO.He is blessed to have Mrs Lim & family and let's pray for him for speedy recovery and God bless them :)

Photos of Blessing in his new home:

Thursday, 1 April 2010

[recovering!] SOS! Blood for Bullet the 10yo bull terrier. DEA 1:1 Negative. Dogs 20kg above. SMS 90301075.

A 10-year old bull terrier (Bullet) was diagnosed with cancer - a big tumour in his spleen that is pushing his intestines back. Bullet will undergo surgery tonight. He will need more blood tomorrow if he survives the op, so he can undergo further treatment. If your dog is 20kg & above, has not donated blood in last few months, pls sms 90301075. Bullet's blood type is DEA 1:1 Negative.

[Thu 25 Mar. Source:!/pages/Project-JK-Just-Kindness/185453072387?ref=nf]

Update Fri 26 Mar
his surgery last night was successful. this morning, Elaine and her Lab - Toffee generously donated a bag of blood after testing for compatibility at the hospital

vet says he most likely will need more blood tomorrow as he is very weak now. in addition, the ECG shows his heart rate is abnormal...

visited him earlier and he looked drowsy, surrounded by IV drips...really very upsetting

thus, i am trying to organize a number of dogs to go down for blood testing tomorrow...hope to find as many suitable donors..

the tumour (around 9cm in diameter) has been removed and will be sent for testing. results will be known in around 10 days (!) but they said they'll try to rush...hope its NOT malignant. Sad

BIG THANKS to all who so generously offered their doggies!

[Source: Sable81 via doggiesite]

Update Sat 27 Mar via Sable81 on doggiesite
bullet's blood count this morning was 28. on the low side (normal should be 37 -55) but much better than previous days

he ate wet food this morning (has been on IV drip the past few days) ...visited him earlier and he looked sleepy/ says his heartbeat is better but still a little irregular.

biopsy on the removed tumour will be finished in around 8 days time...really hoping that it's not malignant...

BIG THANKS to Sherlene who brought Mocha and Patrick who brought Bruno. both their doggies blood are compatible with Bullet's.

Update Thu 1 Apr
at the moment, he doesn't need anymore blood...

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

[rehomed!] Beautiful Terra Rosa escapes death twice in a month!

Our beautiful Terra Rosa escaped death twice in a month!

She was cruelly abandoned by her irresponsible owners who vacated their home without taking her along. She was left wandering alone to fend for herself, confused, hungry, frightened and worse of all, was hounded and chased by the authorities.

After the first escape, she hid in the bushes, however, she was not lucky the 2nd time round. She was caught while taking a nap beneath the bushes. Doomed for death, she was redeemed by a group of caring individuals, at the eleventh hour and immediately sent to the vet to be spayed whereupon the vet informed that 5 puppies were aborted.

We call her Terra Rosa - which is the name for the lovely color of red clayish earth where grape vines thrive and flourish best. This best describes our beautiful dog for her colouring is unusual and she glows in the sunshine. Just as lovely is her temperament and personality for she is gentle and sweet.

Terra Rosa or Rosa as she is affectinately known is a one year old Mixed Breed, sterilised and fully vaccinated. She is temporarily staying in a boarding home and is ready to be adopted. According to the caregiver, Rosa is a wonderful girl. She does not bark, gets along with the other dogs and and is non aggressive to anyone. She spends her days watching and following the caretaker around. Her favorite pastime is napping away in the warm sun, smiling at the birds and enjoying the cool breeze.

If you are able to provide a home for Terra Rosa so she can indulge in the warm glow of your love and bring you great joy, please send a text message to 9066-1999 and we will call you back or email to Rosa is a medium size dog and is not a HDB approved breed.

[Original post:]

Update Wed 31 Mar
Terra Rossa has been adopted!

[rehomed!] Get a BlackBerry - stay connected everywhere you go

Blackberry!! Maltese x Silky Terrier, Intact, est 2-3 yrs

Blackberry was found near a coffeshop around Sin Ming Ave/Jalan Todak/Thomson area. Kind souls brought him to us for a nice cut and wash, and has offered to pay for his lodging til we find his owners.

Blackberry is a fat round black thing that rolls around your legs everywhere you go. No, you will not be able to upload your pics onto this model, but he is able to upload loads and loads of love onto you.

Blackberry is currently at Stormville. To arrange for viewing, please call 6289 9273.

[Original post:!/photo.php?pid=3833252&id=725367335&fbid=334130237335]

Update 21 Mar
Blackberry has been adopted.

[resolved] Lorong Ah Soo Blk 140 ginger-white cat surrendered to AVA - caregiver, contact AVA asap

I called AVA this morning to see if one of my missing tom had been surrender to AVA and the kind lady told me there isnt any from my area but one from Lorong Ah Soo surrendered by pest control. If you or know someone from this area of block 140, please contact AVA ASAP (tel: 1800-476-1600).

The cat is sterilised with tipped ear so we have some time to look for the care giver and I’ve contacted CWS and they will try to hunt down the care giver there.  If you know of someone please also help pass the news.

[Wed 31 Mar. Source: Tue 30 Mar.]

Update Wed 31 Mar
Thanks to CWS, they managed to locate the care giver at Lorong Ah Su and now working in getting the cat bail out.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

LOST: Money the female chihuahua (Saint George's Road, Tue 30 Mar)

Money is a small female chi hua hua .She was lost at SAINT GEORGE'S ROAD Blk 20 (Macpherson) on Tue 30/03/2010 at about 1.30pm.

Any Information of the dog ,pls call 81548155
Rewards will be given
Please help to spread the words around...

[Source:!/photo.php?pid=3681965&id=792683465. Tue 30 Mar.]

[rehomed!] owners leaving s'pore on 11 apr - cuddles the black female local cat for adoption

Up for adoption, Cuddles is a 2.5 year black female local cat.

She has lived in our house since she was 4 months old and is used to being around children and babies. She is a very lovable cat who is adored by my children.

We are leaving Singapore in early April and would like her to go to a loving home. She has been desexed.

We leave Singapore on 11 April and I am hoping we will find someone prior.

Contact Karen at 8233 1956.

[Original post: Sat 13 Mar,]

Update Tue 30 Mar
The ad at Cold Storage did the trick within a day. We found a nice English family with two older children who had to leave there (very old) cat behind n England. We are really happy as they seem to have adopted before and are excited to have Cuddles. They pick her up tomorrow.

Monday, 29 March 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Lucky the female Japanese spitz

well,I rescued a female japanese spitz name Lucky frm ex-owner.they are leaving singapore suddently,and can't keep her anymore.They bought her frm petshop 9 months ago at $1500 abt 9 months ago,bt did nt kw well abt taking care of her especially her skin problem.I bought over so have time to do with her skin and find her a good home.otherwise they would sell to another foreign student and once they found her skin problem is like this may abandon her.
she came with vaccination card.

Lucky is 11 months old,a really a pretty girl bf I send her for grooming, shaved off her coat with a lion clip so that good for her skin prblem recovering.

she is sweet, playful, smart, a bit timid, bt very close to people. people love her with first sight.

actually i don't mind to take her, bt my own maltese never get along with bigger size dog.and she became very angry with lucky although lucky never do anything to her.

I already spent $440 include buying her a few days ago, i hope there will be a good home would like to take her for a lifetime, and carry on treating her skin problem.

pls contact 94233962 esther i post here.

Thank u !


[Source: e-mail. Thu 25 Mar.]

[rehomed!] tame and obedient cross angora bunny found abandoned during refuse collection

This case was found by one of the TC workers when they went round the estate blocks to do their daily refuse collection. When found, it was housed in a hamster cage. Bunny was transported by / followed the TC workers making their way round via the mobile metal vehicle to collect rubbish for that day.

Currently cared by the TC workers. During day time working, bunny is housed under a nearby tree next to the refuse collection centre. When work ends for the day, bunny is kept inside the refuse collection centre. Since found, bunny is fed w food scraps and white cooked rice & veggie offered by the workers.

Seeking for foster / adoption help!!!

Gender : Male
Age : approx 1 year old
Breed : Cross Angora
Color : Chocolate Brown

Personality : TC workers remarked bunny is extremely tame, quiet / gentle, obedient & well mannered. He does not snatch bite foods when offered, does not behave hysterical or aggressive when in hungry and can be easily handled. Bunny is friendly to the workers and allows pat stroke carrying for the past 1 week. TC workers had tried 1 occasion to shower his lower half of body using waterhose & soap bar and bunny does not struggle - in fact co-operated well. Not a fussy eater.

Health condition : Good. Furs are currently scruffy due to poor neglect care by irresponsible owners & will take time to shed off reveal new coat of soft fluffy furs in a few months' time. No signs of diarrhea, wetness, discharge, wounds, sores & ailments are seen.

Requirement : Experience is not priority (coaching & other assistance - eg. 2.5ft cage + other accessories etc can be given) but requires a sincere heart w commitment + responsible + keen interest to learn is of utmost importance. Family members' consent to provide foster / adopt help is also necessary.

To foster or adopt, pls SMS 9769 2048 or email

Pls come forward to help this gentle tame rabbit....give it a 2nd chance to have a home sweet home (temporary or permanent).

[Original post, Sun 21 Mar:]

Update Sun 28 Mar
Grateful thanks to :-

- Ms Yi Ling for adopting 'Blume' yesterday evening.

- Dr Ling Khoon Hsing from Namly Animal Clinic.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

[rehomed!] wheek! wheek! 5 guinea pigs for adoption...

Looking for a home for our 5 cavs.

2 male GP - Date of Birth: August 4 2009
2 male GP - Born November 2008
1 Female GP - Born November 2008

*Reason (in case some of you will be asking) our female labrador back home recently gave birth and my husband decided to keep 2 pups that we have to let go of our cavs.

Please email - or

We are located in Hillview Avenue (Near the Rail Mall).


Thank you!

[Original post, Thu 18 Mar:]

Update Sat 27 Mar
Taken this morning...

2 male GP (Nov 08)
1 female GP (Nov 08)

the other 2 will be picked up today and tmrw...

Thanks everyone!

I am sad but i am glad that the one's who adopted our 3 babies this morning are good people...i'm pretty sure they will take care of them