Saturday, 31 December 2011

ADOPT: Trino the manja, playful + fast 3-legged singapore boy

Name : Trino
Gender : Male
Age : About 1-2 years old
Breed : Mongrel
HDB approved? : No
Sterilized : Not yet
Adoption Fee : Adopter to pay for sterilization and microchipping to be done.
Important Note : He is 3-legged.

Due to a freak accident, Trino needed to have his left hind amputated. He is currently recovering well from his major operation. A very manja and playful boy despite his handicap. And yes 3-legged dogs can still run, as fast as his 4-legged friends too!

Contact :

[mon 2 aug. e-mail, sun 31 jul.]

Thursday, 29 December 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Brownie, Dolly, Jacky - 3 adorable hdb-approved dogs (shih tzu, maltese, schnauzer, cross)

Dear friends,

These dogs are up for adoption as their owner is unfortunately involved in a serious accident and still in hospital at the present moment.

All interested parties have to be above 21 years old and will have to undergo thorough screening before viewing will be arranged. Appreciate your understanding that this is to the best interest of the dogs as we will want them to go to suitable families. Adopters have to be agreeable to home visits and to sign a simple adoption agreement.

Name : Brownie

Gender : Male

Age (estimated) : 5-7 years old

Breed (estimated) : Maltese cross shih tzu

Colour : Brown and white

Sterilized : Yes

Vaccination : Done yearly

Adoption Fee : $120

Name : Dolly

Gender : Female

Age (estimated) : 2-4 years old

Breed (estimated) : Maltese cross schnauzer

Colour : Brindle

Sterilized : Yes

Vaccination : Done yearly

Adoption Fee : $120

Note : Body is on the long side

Name : Jacky

Gender : Male

Age (estimated) : 2-4 years old

Breed (estimated) : Shih tzu cross

Colour : Brown and white

Sterilized : Yes

Vaccination : Done yearly

Adoption Fee : $120


Good news. All 3 dogs Jacky, Dolly and Brownie has been adopted.

ADOPT: Popeye the singapore boy rescued from Pan Island Expressway

Gender: Male
Sterilised: Yes
Temperament: Good with dogs and humans.

Popeye was rescued at Pan Island Expressway. Hence given the name Popeye or PIE for short.

Don't be deceived by his looks as he is still a puppy despite his size!

Extremely playful, a small boy at heart.


add as your facebook friend to view popeye's photo album

[Sat 1 May. Source:, 6 Dec 2009.]

update tue 22 jul
here's a photo of PIE checking his flowers from crystal's owner for thanking him for donating blood to crystal! Who say strays are useless? They can save lives !!!!!

he is still up for adoption. contact if you want to bring home this friendly hero...

ADOPT: Kyoto the sweet, mild singapore girl rescued from industrial area

Name : Kyoto
Cross breed
1.5 years old
Small-framed mid size dog (not suitable for HDB dwelling)

A sweet, non aggressive and mild dog, Kyoto was rescued from an industrial area, in a car parts shop. She would hide beneath the cars, amidst battery water and car acid that ate into her fur and skin. Kyoto then always had bad bloody, bald patches all over her body.

She gave birth to a beautiful litter of 9 pups, sadly none survived for long as they were affected by the fumes and chemicals. This was the second litter that died and in view of this, a volunteer from ALL took her away and now Kyoto resides at Pets Villa with her glossy black fur and happy smile, no more bald patches, no more chemical burns. Kyoto has since been sterilised and now looking forward to meet her new family and home.

Kyoto is still in the shelter waiting for her home.

Please email us at if you are able to provide for our friendly and sweet Kyoto.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Queenie - shy, gentle, smaller-sized singapore girl

My name is Queenie.

I am one of those smaller-sized orange dogs you see at the shelter. I am slightly shy, so as the other dogs rush up towards you, I tend to hover in the background. It is so easy to fail to take notice of me.

I like some human affection, but I would appreciate if you go slow with me. Any quick and harried movement scares me. Spend time to bond with me and when I’ll reciprocate with more love than you can ever imagine.

If you are thinking of cultivating a relationship with a small sized dog, please think of me!

In the meantime, check out more of my photos at


Queenie's adoption is confirmed today. She is now know as Lizzie. The family is so satisfied with her. They even donated $100 to Gentlepaws (donated by Mr Chan Kheong Sann). We wish Queenie happiness ever after :) love love Queenie!

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Boy Boy - handsome male chihuahua

A pair of Chihuahuas were found along the road this afternoon, a male and female.

Both have been taken immediately to vet for check up The male has severe conjuncitivitis and severe heartworm, while the female has badly infection wound on her stomach, possibly from a Cesaerean wound that might have burst open and did not heal well. She will need surgery to fix it.

We are still trying to trace if they have been abandoned or are lost. Both have microchips and estimated to be about 5-7 years old.

[wed 20 apr 2011. shared on request. source: tagged on]

The female chihuahua, Girl Girl (now renamed Hito) had been adopted by a kind dog lover and is living happily with another 2 Chihuahuas in her new home!

However, the handsome male chihuahua, Boy Boy, is still looking for a home. For the recent picture of Boy Boy now and information on him, please visit:

Boy Boy's photo Copyright © 2011 Colleen Goh

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Flower - 6mo female tri-coloured domestic shorthair, scared but sweet, loves cuddles, purring, kneading

details here:

[mon 11 apr 2011. shared on request. source: email, sun 10 apr 2011.]

flower has been adopted

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

[rehomed!] FOSTER: Harry - very ill dog in pain, with not long to live and nothing to live for

Please help Harry find a home. Share this please?

[sun 14 aug 2011. shared on req. source: tagged on]

harry has been adopted

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Oscar - affectionate, small-sized orange male mongrel who loves cuddles

Hey! My name is Oscar but I am no Grouch.

On the contrary, I am a relatively small-sized orange dog. Together with a few others such as Teeny, Queenie and Yen Yen, we were rescued from the streets.

When I see the humans cuddling other dogs, I’ll rush toward them and squeeze my way through the throng of other dogs to reach the humans. I always do my best to make my presence felt because I really do love a good cuddle. I’m the leader of the pack in my compound. My small size has not diminished by authority in the least.

If you are in search of a small-sized dog who appreciates human affection, I’m the man for you! Will you please give me the hugs, cuddles and love?

E-mail or meet me (and my other adoptable pals) face to face on Saturday, 12 Nov, at Pasir Ris Farmway.

In the meantime, check out more of my photos at


This Christmas is a special one for Oscar. His rehome is finally confirmed! We wish Oscar and his adopter Clara a very Merry Christmas! May all your wishes come true :) Woof Woof Woof...