Friday, 6 July 2012

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Donnie - 4-5yo male husky mix

Up for adoption!
Donnie(Husky Mix) HDB NOT APRROVED!
4-5 years old

Donnie will be at Gentle Paws' adoption drive on 10 & 11 Dec

fosterer has decided to keep donnie

Donnie is up for adoption again.

He's been officially adopted.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Hugo - 5yo male maltese x poodle, toilet-trained, scared of rain

Name: Hugo
Gender : Male
Age : 5 years old
Breed : Maltese cross poodle
Sterilized : No
Others: Toilet trained. Scared of rain. Has skin allergy.


27.3.12 Hugo has already been adopted! :)

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Frosty - 6yo female westie

after much consideration and the fact that we are relocating overseas, we have decided to rehome our westie. Below is the info:

Name: Frosty
Breed: Westie
Sex: Female
Age: 6 yrs old
Sterielised: No
Health Problems: Minor hot spots (common in Westie)
Grooming: Now with short fur for easy maintenance
Diet: On Science Diet Sensitive Skin Formula

Free to good home, prefer potential owners with no big dogs, as she does not mix well with big dogs.


25.3.12 Frosty has been adopted

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Princess - 1+mo female 3-legged mongrel

Name: Princess (because she is precious)
Gender : Female
Age : 1+ month old
Breed : Mongrel
Sterilized : Not yet
Background : Rescuer happened to bypass and saw from afar 5-6 dogs going after her. She found it weird that Princess kept tumbling down the hill/slope she was trying to climb and she stepped forth to save her.
Note: Princess is born disabled, but she is nothing short of a wonderful lifetime companion.

All interested parties have to be above 21 years old and will have to undergo thorough screening before viewing will be arranged. Appreciate your understanding that this is to the best interest of the dogs as we will want them to go to suitable families. Adopters have to be agreeable to home visits and to sign a simple adoption agreement.


Princess has gone to a good home

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Miko - timid, lovely, interactive, toilet-trained 7yo male jrt

I need help to re-home my JR.

Gender: Male , Miko
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Age(approx): 7 years
Colour: Brown/White
Sterilisation: No
Training: Toilet-trained
Personality: Timid, very lovely and interactive temperament. Miko has got slight carteret on his left eyes due to old age however his veterinary medical record states that his vision is still fine.
Microchip: Yes

Reason for rehoming: Re-locating oversea to rented apartment


Miko has been rehomed successfully

[reunited!] FOUND: brown-white JRT, dark face w centre white stripe (?) (yishun st 21, 14.3.12)=


Animal's name: don't know
Age: don't know
Breed: JRT (maybe?)

Physical/character traits? brown and white colour. Dark face with a centre white stripe.

Microchipped? No

When and where was it found? 14 Mar 2012, 5 am at Yishun St. 21

Other comments:
Hope it reunite with the family soon.


7.4.12 The dog's human companion has contacted us

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Dempsey - lovely, playful, vaxed, sterilised 2yo male bobtail cat who loves children

Animal's name: Dempsey
Age: 1 - 2
Gender: Male
Breed: Bobtail

Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilised: Yes

Health condition: In very good condition

Physical description:Small, bobtail

Personality/temperament: Lovely, playful, but happy to be a lap cat as well.

Toilet trained: Yes

Good with other pets: He is very playful and as our cats are older and not at such a playful time of their lives he is difficult for them to deal with.

Good with children: Absolutely! He loves playing with our two year old and being "stroked" by our six month old.

Why is it being put up for fostering/adoption: He is too playful for our other three cats and this is causing friction between them.

Other comments: Dempsey was rescued from the middle of Holland Road about 5 months ago and as much as we would like to keep him it is not fair on our other three cats.


Dempsey has a new home

[reunited!] STILL LOST: Cookie the male japanese spitz (pasir ris drive 6)

We are very worried about him.....Thank you.

Dear All,
I think I should post clues on Cookie's disappearance.

1: He was seen at 5pm + at 7-11 walking towards Pentacost church area.

2: He was seen playing with a golden retriever at Blk 456 Pasir Ris Drive 6

3: LAST SEEN at the bus stop opposite Casurina Primary (the Easties should know, the 358 bus stop
after Pasir Ris Crest). A woman was petting him.

[thu 4 nov 2010. shared with permission of post creator. original post:]

23.4.12 He has been found and returned to me!!! After 1.5 years.....

Thursday, 5 July 2012

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Jewelian - male cat

Her name is Jewels. She was found outside.


We recently realised Jewels is a boy, So we will be renaming him close Jewels, like Jewelian or.. Similar. :)

Jewelian who as been renamed Mr Cow (due to his spots) was taken in by a friend of mine.