Tuesday, 15 March 2011

ADOPT: MooMoo the responsible, obedient, peace-loving 10mo singapore boy

MooMoo the 7 months old Mongrel

Paper-trained and 3 vaccine-jab done.

Understand basic commands like sit and shake hand.

MooMoo is not good with strangers and will do low-barks at the stranger unless someone familiar ask him to stop.

He recognises neighbour's footsteps and will not bark at them after he's used to hearing them.

MooMoo doesn't like people to fight or shout at each other in the house. He'd bark for us to stop. Peace-loving!

He's a lovely boy. But we have to give him up to a better home as we're going through a very difficult phase and everyday is a lot of argument in the house becox our mother refuse to accept MooMoo. We've been trying for half a year now. Nothing seems to convince her. And we know that MooMoo doesn't like it this way too.

MooMoo is perfectly healthy. Also MooMoo gets very playful with other dogs around!
But is relax and cuddly after the 10mins excitement with new HUMAN playmates.
In short, he likes to be around people and other dogs. But will behave a little bit timid on initial contact.

We think MooMoo is a responsible and obedient boy. Once our dad went down to wait for some delivery in the morning. And we stay on the 4th floor and my dad could hear MooMoo barking which is very unusual. Our mom was too sound asleep to attend to his barking.

And when our dad came back up, our bicycle that was chained outside the flat was stolen. MooMoo was trying to stop it by barking to wake my mum up.

We love him, but he deserve a lot more than what we can give him.

MooMoo is not HDB-approved.

We would love for him to be adopted by good people.
No fees required all we want is someone who can accept and take care of MooMoo.

[tue 16 nov 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, tue 16 nov 2010.]

sun 13 feb 2011

MooMoo is a 10 months old singapore boy and he is currently at a shelter, waiting for a good home. All three vaccines done and knows basic command like sit, shake hand and used to be paper trained when staying in the home. Is a smart boy and is very responsive to play time and food!

If keen, please drop a SMS or call (after 5.30pm) to 81264997