Friday, 23 September 2011

ADOPT: 2 x 4mo(?) abandoned mongrel pups

Hi everyone,

These two pups, I'm guessing 4 months (milk teeth still present), are up for adoption.

If any responsible individuals want to adopt them for life, please email to

1. your name,

2. your contact and

3. why you think the puppy should live with you.


Q: How is the champagne-coloured pup like?

A: Love toys, always playing (if not sleeping), yet independent and affectionate.

Q: How is the brown pup like?

A: Intelligent, daring, active climber, seeks fun and adventure!

Q: Where are they housed now?

A: (Divert question) They are somewhere in the west, I can check for you. Are you really interested in adopting them?

Q: Are they vaccinated?

A: No. Please check with a vet for required vaccinations and routine check-ups.

Q: What's their story?

A: Abandoned by 2 men in a lorry.

Q: Are they paper/grass trained?

A: No.

Q: What are they fed now?

A: Solids; canned food, rice, raw meat.

Q: What is the procedure to adopt them?

A: Come down with your family or just your spouse. We will have a interview and decide the best house for them.