Wednesday, 21 September 2011

[rehomed!] SOS! NOW@SPCA! FOUND/FOSTER/ADOPT: friendly female black/white shih tzu(?) (blk 148 woodlands, sun 4 sep 2011)

I found this loss dog yesterday night under my block Woodlands Block 148, a black/white Shi Tzu?

She was hungry/thirsty, but friendly to me after I fed her & protected her from the stray cats around my void deck.

She is friendly, allow ppl to touch. I waited 2 hour plus with the dog for her owner, but no one was looking for her.
I have no choice but to send her to SPCA as ASD said they were full and unable to help.

My house have other small animals (rabbits, hamsters), if not I don't mind fostering till she found adopter.
I have asked SPCA what they will do to the dog, their procedure is wait 3 days for owner to come claim back.. if 3 days later nobody come look for her, she will go through healthcheck to see if she is fit to put up for adoption. If yes, she will put up for adoption till she found adopter. They did not mention will PTS but I suppose if she is not fit for adoption they will put her to sleep.

I told SPCA if she is not fit to put up for adoption please call me & DO NOT PTS. SPCA are willing to do that.
So I am trying to find a "fosterer"/adopter for this dog right now, I am willing to help this dog raise funds & also provide food and necessity for this dog.

I really hope someone can help this sweet heart. Thank you.

[mon 5 sep 2011. shared on req: email, 5 sep 2011.]

The dog has been successfully been adopted and has been renamed as "sze sze".