Thursday, 2 February 2012

PLS SHARE-SOS!!! BY 5 FEB! FOUND/FOSTER/ADOPT: Vlek - male cross-breed dog (kuo chuan ave, off east coast road, 18 nov 6pm)

This poor dog came to our house looking lost and dehydrated.

We gave it water and since then he does not want to leave.

He is very timid and a bit scared, and quiet.

He has flees, skin rashes, and is very skinny, and a bend in his hip, maybe accident, it looks he has been abandoned or basly treated or on the street for a while.

We gave him shelter and food in our yard saturday and Sunday to help.

We can't really keep a dog and are looking at possibilites for rescue.


I am now desperately looking for shelter for Vlek, the stray dog.

I am leaving Singapore before 20 December.


I am now urgently looking for a boarding facility during Christmas, but also they are full.
I am leaving Singapore at 25 Dec.

Unless anyone can help this dog he will end at the SPCA this month.

Vlek has not found a home yet. He is vaccinated now and sterilised.

But we urgently looking for adoption before 5 Feb!!

Please contact or 90690304 if you can help in any way.

Please help to share this post.