Tuesday, 31 January 2012

SPONSOR/ADOPT: sweet, timid, mild-tempered 3yo Girl Girl

This is Girl Girl and her litter of young puppies. She is about 3 years old and was brought up and cared for by an old uncle at a factory. However the new owner had evicted him when the factory was taken over. Girl Girl was left behind and she stayed at the factory--the only home she had ever known.

The new owner has no compassion for the dogs that were left behind. Workers have been seen trying to bash them with sticks. Girl Girl and the others struggled to survive on leftovers; they came out of hiding only at nightfall to feed.

Life as a rejected and despised street dog is very hard. For Girl Girl, it took a harder turn when she gave birth to a litter of 9 puppies during the first week of September and was chased out of the factory by the workers. She didn’t dare return to her newborn babies until the next day, only to find 3 girls and 2 boys are left.

4 of her babies were dead.

These poor little innocent souls…would never survive under such cruel conditions. Our teammates did what they could and pulled out this poor family before any fatal abuse is inflicted upon them.

Your support is needed for this family. They need contributions for:
- Food
- Sterilization
And most importantly, GIVE THEM FOREVER HOMES!!

Unfortunately due to constraints, the current fosterer is only able to help provide refuge for Girl Girl till her babies are weaned. It will be heartbreaking if she is unable to find a good home by then...where can she go?

Please help save this poor family. Give them their chance in life.

UPDATE 18OCT2011: BIG BERTHA HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!! 3 Puppies have found new families too!! They will be going to their new homes at month's end.

Only 1 black girl is left. She will miss all her siblings very much... We're keeping our hopes up for her, that she will soon find her own beloved family and home! Please do not forget Girl Girl too!

For any adoption enquiries,
please contact/sms 9762-2507

To support with contribution,
please email: sostreetdog@gmail.com

To view more pictures, please go to: http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.237779659605984.88200.212281025489181

UPDATE 30OCT2011: "Girl Girl's fostering term has come to an end. She has been relocated to a shelter. The timid girl is still not used to her new environment, and trembling. Although she usually responds to food, she was too distraught to care about snacks offered to her... really broke my heart.." - Girl Girl's fosterer & friend: TW (Hawk).

Like her puppies, she is a really sweet girl.

See Girl Girl's story & video:

All the puppies have been adopted. Anyone who would like to adopt Girl Girl, kindly contact 9762-2507.

Girl Girl also needs support for her sterilization. If you would like to sponsor her procedure, kindly email us at sostreetdog@gmail.com - most appreciated!