Tuesday, 31 January 2012

ADOPT: DakDakDei - energetic, playful male local breed

My name is Dakdakdei or DDD for short.

Now don’t you go turning your nose up at my name. I would have you know that it has authentic Cantonese origins. One of the humans named me after her favourite Hong Kong drama character and the name stuck. It’s a long name and some of the other humans have resorted to calling me Dada which I reluctantly accept.

They say I look like Scooby Doo but I say that I’m way smarter. I can jump over obstacles, sit, eat and lie down on command. I used to be very easily excitable, but I went for obedience lessons and some of the humans at the shelter have been teaching me tricks.

Like my brothers Daelle and Dillon, I was born at the shelter and adopted out as well. Sadly, I was returned to the shelter because they said I bullied the house cat. I was only a puppy. How was I to know the cat didn’t want to play?

Because I was the first to be adopted, my mama Debbie no longer recognised me on my return to the shelter. You should have heard me howling my lungs away on my first few nights here. I was devastated and I missed my home. I pined and yearned and longed, but as days turned to weeks, it began to strike me that my humans were never ever going to come back for me.

I am an active dog and would require one to two walks a day. If you are active, like I am, and you wish for a companion, I am willing to pledge my lifelong loyalty and all the doggie love in the world. All I need is a chance from you.

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[sat 7 may 2011. source: email, 4 may 2011.]