Wednesday, 1 February 2012

ADOPT: Affectionate Qiqi - female local cross

Hey there, my name is Qiqi.
If ever there was a neglected compound, that has to belong to Caspian and I. Do you know how painful it is for humans to come to the shelter, only for them to walk by your kennel? They stand outside, stick a hand in, give you that perfunctory pat on the head but they don’t come in for a sit or a long satisfying cuddle.

The problem with shelters is that there are too many dogs. Human attention is spread out over so many furkids that the attention each gets is meager.

I am a gentle dog who has lots of love to give. Stop by my kennel and I guarantee you will be greeted with the most affectionate wag of the tail. Spend time to bond with me and you will almost be worried that I will be carried off by my “helicopter rotor tail”.

So please, grant me my wish of a home to call my own and I’ll repay you with my eternal loyalty.


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