Thursday, 2 February 2012

ADOPT: Shy, gentle, good-natured Gaga the rescued female puppy

Gentle Good Natured Gaga

Hi there, my name is Gaga. I am one of the four puppies who were rescued off Lorong Halus. Out of the four sisters, I am the shyest. Sometimes, I’ll get bullied by Lady and Poker. It got so bad that the humans had to house us in separate kennels so that I wouldn’t have to live in trepidation. That’s a shelter dog’s life for you.

I always hear talk of a home. Being born in the forests of Lorong Halus and brought straight to the shelter, I’ve never known what a home is. My other furry friends speak of it as something magical. But the truth is... I have no clue what a home means. What I do know is that there are so many dogs at the shelter all pining for attention and not enough humans to love them.

I’m shy but that doesn’t mean I deserve any less love. If you get to know me personally, I’m more than that shy black dog peering out from the other side of the fence. Please think of me when you’re considering adoption. I promise I’ll be good.

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