Tuesday, 31 January 2012

SOS! ADOPT: Willfill the 1+yo singapore girl needs home urgently


11-month-old female X-breed. She posseses a warm and friendly character. She is also a very good runner. She will hardly bark.

She was found in a box with 3 other siblings near a coffee shop. She was adopted by a couple and returned after they realised that she is not HDB-approved.

Contact 91455311

Original post: 6 Mar 2010, http://www.petschannel.com/adoption/pet_profile.cfm?c=1&ad=5211&g=0&st=2&so=2&start=97

update tue 10 aug
She was found in a box with 3 other siblings near a coffee shop when she was about 6 weeks old. I can't keep her anymore as she I have got other dogs.

I gave her to a friend who owns a factory and put her there for about 3 months.

When I visited her, she has turned to be fearful of men and became seclusive. She has gone missing for 3 days when she was on heat. Her ears were bitten and private part was bruised.
I cannot imagine that she was the home pet I'd raised since puppy and what has became of her ?

As it broke my heart, I brought her back again. She is adapting well. I will be bringing her for sterilisation. Hopefully she can find someone who can love her unconditionally.