Saturday, 10 September 2011

ADOPT: Cookies + Moo - kittens found under block

Look at us.. Aren't we cute? We are called Cookies and Moo! Black and white is our favourite colour. We are only 2months old. But how we ended up on this adoption page? Let us share with you!

"Ring Ring" the phone rang...
A: Hello?
B: Hello! I need your help.. can you take in two kittens? They are three of them but I can only keep one. I found them under my block. Someone complain about the cats in my area recently and the authorities are going to take action very soon. I do not want to see them be just taken away.. So can you please help to keep them and let people adopt them?
A: ok.. we will try our best to help you.. How old are they?
B: they are about 1 month plus.
A: Ok can, We will go down and discuss further with you.

And..... that is how we ended up on the adoption sites. Now we have a place to seek shelter but that is not a permanent home. We are looking for a place where we can truly call home and be loved as part of the family members! Please see how cute we are..

We are very open.. We do not mind any owner! As long as they love us alot, they give us alot of attention, they love and care for us and give us food everyday! so anyone who pass the requirements please contact my assistant, Andy or Videl at 90180547 or 90180574.

Thank you for looking at our cute face! we hope to see your handsome or pretty face soon too!=)

For more pictures of them, visit: