Thursday, 8 September 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Diesel - sweet-natured male terrier who needs a patient owner

Hello everyone!

Meet Diesel. He's a very sweet-natured li'l guy & did not make any noise at all throughout his bath. For him being a terrier, it's rather unusual! They don't like water very much. Anyways, we are hoping that through you, someone may be able to give him a permanent & loving home. He is at the moment, being caged up most of the time. When he's let out, he is usually leashed up & secured to an area. So either ways, Diesel has very limited movement.

There's a lack of info from the owner, but from what I can see:

1)No ticks anywhere, except for 1 on his bum.
2)Surprisingly, he does'nt smell despite not having regular baths.
3)His pawpads are all kind of deformed due to his long period of time being confined to a cage.
4)It also looked like he has ear mites, but this is a small issue & is easily treated.
5)Does'nt look like he's neutered & I also believe that he is not micro-chipped.
6)Has no skin problem, except for mentioned condition of pawpads above, with a little abrasion on one of his pads.
7)Sweet natured & very friendly
8)I'll say he's about 7yrs old, but will need to have vet check him out to affirm
9)Very bad teeth. Covered with plague & tartar, so needs dental scaling. Feeding oxtail may be another alternative.
Worked for my "gremlins"!
10)Don't think he's paper-trained. He does his business (big & small) in the cage.
11)Don't think he's registered to anyone as well

Current owner is willing to give him up for adoption. So we're hoping for good news for Diesel through you. Diesel deserves alot better and though one will probably need alot of patience with this li'l fella due to his lack of training, it will be worthwhile. He is really very sweet. Thank you in advance!

[fri 29 jul 2011. shared on request. source: email, 28 jul 2011.]

diesel is adopted and seems to be adapting well