Tuesday, 6 September 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Pidian - healthy, active, trainable, toilet-trained 3yo shorter-eared male beagle

Pidan is looking for a home. Sold as a pure beagle in a petshop three years ago, he has shorter ears than most beagles, but he has the characteristics, temperament and beagle yodel of ooo ooo ooo.

His current owners have no time for him and travel frequently and can't take care of him anymore.

He is unsterilised and around 3 years old, healthy and active and a good boy, gets along with other dogs, cats and children. He just needs a place to run around because he is always cooped up at home in a flat.

Pidan is toilet trained and will not pee and poo in the hdb and wait patiently for his owner to return so he can relieve himself.

Unlike typical beagles who are a little stubborn, Pidan learns willingly and
is trainable. So his shorter ears make up for his fantastic temperament and

Is there a home for Pidan, someone who can see beyond his looks and beagle ears?

[mon 25 apr 2011. shared on request. source: email, mon 25 apr 2011.]

tue 6 sep 2011
pida is adopted