Tuesday, 6 September 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Lucky - 5yo male golden retriever

Name: Lucky
Age: about 5 yrs old
Gender: Male
Health: Neutered, vaccinated, no major skin problems
Size: Smaller than the usual golden retriever.
Behaviour: Listens to simple commands, loves eating and playing with children, not barkish unless he is being ignored
Diet: Lucky will look best in shape and fur if he sticks to fish diet regime

Lucky was lost/abandoned in Feb 2007. found walking along Katong estates. He was malnourished and suffering from severe dehydration. He also had major bite wounds on his back as well. Nursed back to good health in Mar 2007and rehomed in April 2007. However due to the traumatic experience he underwent, Lucky tends to get anxious and overly-excited easily.


In 2010, Lucky's ex-owners were unable to keep him as their newborn had hay fever. Lucky was rehomed again, to a young owner. Young owner already has two dogs in her flat. With Lucky's best care in mind, we decided to rehome Lucky.

Current fosterer and young owner did a tremendous job in teaching Lucky to walk on leash and he is less anxious now. The fosterer is unable to take care of Lucky anymore as she has three other german shepherds and she is also fostering a homeless dog. Her hands are very full now.

Please help Lucky cos he is indeed a good dog. In fact, he will make a good therapy dog.

We are looking for committed owners. Lucky has moved from places to places. Please, keep him for life.

[tue 26 jul 2011. shared on request. source: email, 23 jul 2011.]

tue 6 sep 2011
lucky has found a home