Sunday, 20 June 2010

FOSTER/ADOPT/SPREAD THE WORD: dogs from pasir ris rescue kennel that's forced to close

Hi All,

We're a rescue kennel at Pasir Ris. Currently a major sponsor didn't come through and all pups and dogs are in danger to be sent to the SPCA by the end of the month if no one adopts them. Please help to spread this (emails, facebook, forums, word of mouth etc ) to as many people as possible. Many thanks in advance.

For contact in regards to the puppies/dogs , please call/sms 9397 8890

1. Johnny and Jojo (Mother and Son)
Mother and son pair that was sent to the AVA for displeasing a new coffee stall owner. Johnny very likely has German Sheperd blood, with same standard colouring of black and tan. An active dog that loves to be with his/her owner and also exploring on his own, Johnny's goofy antics will sometimes bowl you over with laughter . Jojo is a lovely brown coloured female, who is about 2yrs of age. Sterelised and healthy, she's a fuss free, adaptable, and a giving mummy. Till now, she still lets Johnny feeds first and had even brought a chicken wing for her only son!

2. Pappy (Steadfast, and Calm)
All white, steadfast dog who's most exraordinary characteristic is his ability to Moo like a cow! Gets along with any dogs, Pappy has never been in any scuffle, choosing rather to slowly make his rounds at the kennel, moving almost like the cows grazing on the grass! He also stays by your side and emotes a calm that is especially soothing on a stressful day.

3. Handsome (Well trained)
All white(cream) compact dog, who may have some pedigree blood. Handsome listens and understands commands. He has been to school! Give a call for sit, come and he follows it to a T! Found wondering at the void deck looking very lost and pinning for his owner, a kind lady took him in and sent him to school too! Handsome makes a good guard dog as well.

4. Little Lady and Ruby (sisters of the yayahood!)
A mongrel and JRT, found together on a hill. These odd looking pair has a bond that's closer than real sisters. Little lady has lovely light brown coat. As she went missing for awhile, upon returned, her feeder found her near skin and bones. She's slowly recovering and will sure blossom like the sweet dog in Lady and the tramp. Come to think of it, she looks like Lady as well, therefore her namesake here!

Ruby, white and ginger JRT who's quiet! but observant! She loves sneaking some side glances at you! Definitely abandoned as she simply sighs and rolls in happiness when presented with a towel, and stands in attention when given a bath!

5. Maple (Little India stray)
Maple has been a stray for many years at Little India before she was caught by the AVA. Rescued from AVA by a cat caregiver as she didn't want a sad end to an already long and tough life. Maple suffered more after her release from AVA and was slowly nursed to health at the kennel.

(Her story can be further found here").

Due to her experiences on the road, Maple will likely stay 2 feet away from humans alike, though she seems to have a penchant for guys! She's sterelised, and her skin condition has improved much. She has also put on a lot of weight! 6. Angel (on earth)Semi long fur dog that's spending her quiet days out in the Kennel. A stray rescued by a kind lady who has been regularly feeding her, she was caught by AVA and saved by the same lady. Now Angel's piece of heaven on earth will be gone by the end of the month and the lady can't afford expensive kennel fees, she will likely be sent to spca. Quiet and unobtrusive, Angel is easy to upkeep, prefering to spend time quietly contemplating life herself.

7. Brownie (Corgi in Disguise)
With warm sunny tones on his coat, short legs and a happy smile, Brownie is like a corgi in disguise! Rescued and brought up by his owners since he was 2 days old, he had to stay in the Kennel as complaints from neighbours brought on warning letters of eviction to his owners. An affectionate boy (he loves to brush himself against you), he pads over with a big smile whenever you call.

8. CiCi (Sassy Miss and Resident "exterminator")
Miss Cici's first class act is as resident rat terminator. Small in stature, with black and light brown coat, Sissy's best feature are her sweet round eyes and floppy ears. When not doing her important duty, she spends time with her babies wenwen, nokia, jellybean and tiger.

9. Wenwen (The girl in the romantic cong yao novel)
Wenwen means gentle in Chinese. This gentle female puppy has sweet round eyes like her mom Cici. Light brown coat, and cute bark, wenwen's more gentle soul means she sometimes gets bullied by other puppies, but don't look down on her! She can stand on her good paws and tell those puppy off with fierce barks worthy of any!

10. Little Rose (3 legged puppy)
Little rose's story began with a crushed paw. Found active, but limping around, she was rescued and nursed back to health after a major surgery to remove her dead paw. No slowing her down, this little puppy jumps, runs and chase like any of her four legged comrades! Sweet and attentive, she's a doggie that will stay close to you and your heart for many years to come.

11. Brownie no. 2 (Pug in disguise)
Brownie no. 2 looks like a cross between a pug and a brown mongrel. Her favourite expression is to show you her quizzical face when asked about how she is, and then runs to give you quick hugs. Healthy and fuss free puppy, Brownie No. 2

12. Nokia (Baby of the lot)
The "littlest" baby, so called because Nokia sounds like Little Child in chinese dialect. Black with white bib, her most endearing quality is the ability to be playful but quiet when the time calls for it.

13. Tiger (Hear me roar, no yelp!)
Unusual brindle coloured puppy, one of the first to charge ahead only to quickly draw back when the first sign of trouble shows! Her funny antics will endear you, especially her cute yelps!

14. Jellybean (I'm Sunshine)
She's like colours of the rainbow, happy Jellybean's sunshine personality bursts forth like a packet of skittles! Her black colouring doesn't do her justice at all, but this happy puppy is always up for any activity you engage her in.

15. Kiwi (Kwick, i'm whipping ice-cream!)
Little Kiwi loves her food! She's a non fussy eater and an easy baby to raise. Her good appetite and zest for life makes her one of the most well loved puppy in the kennel.

16. Socks (Leader of the Pack)
All the babies seems to love following brother Socks. So called because of his white paws, Sock's a natural born leader. This stray puppy was found at the bus depot stealing food from the resident dog! He loves a good run and can outpace all the dogs in the kennel, even the adults!

17. Little Star (Pretty baby boy)
Easily the prettiest baby, with light brown fur and white mitts. The mischevious twinkle in his eye belies his sweet looks! Little star loves every bit of action that's happening in the kennel and his favourite toy is the washing sponge! He's a healthy baby with good appetite close to kiwi's!

To adopt or see any of these lovely dogs and babies, contact 9397 8890 Thank you all.

[sun 20 jun. source: facebook wall post, sun 20 jun.]