Wednesday, 23 June 2010

[rehomed!] HELP: Silver the stray tom cat with an eye infection/ulcer

Silver is one of the stray tom that hangs around my Church car park. Though this area is not under my care, feeders there had sent me sos call and she is 84 and I find it hard to say “sorry, overload”. So there I am trying to link R, aunty feeder and aunty feeder J to trap tom. Tom, which R named Silver is a very feisty feral cat who gotten into a fight who left him with a very infected scar that is on the left side of his face. We all thought at first that he had been knock by car (many cats die of car accidents in this area) but upon Jvet’s x-tray he had confirmed it was a very bad fight as there is no bone fractures (PTL).

Jvet knock him off, inserted a pipe to flush the wound and what else? Antibiotic. Later we also realised that the left side of his eye seems bloodshot. At first, we thought it was the infection that had gotten to the eye and later last Fri Jvet called me to give me the bad news.

Silver has a ulcer in the left eye.

He could have got it during the gangster street fight. If no surgery done, he is confirmed blind on that side of his eye and I or rather we (Silver and me) know very well that he cant afford to have compromised sight if he were to get back on the street. So I opted for the operation and that bet is only a 50% chance of recovery. If it recovers, his vision will be blurred on that side of the eye. But, still, better than left with 1 eye (like Dobi).

50%? What is 50%, I am trusting the Lord (please be with me) for 100% vision restoration!! In Jesus’ name! Please pray that he will not get too comfortable in the vet as he got to be house for 1 month to see result. Please pray that he will continue not to trust human (for the sick of survival) so when he is ready to be back he will stay alive. Life is very, very tough for strays SO, please pray (whichever faith you believe in) that the Almighty (or the higher beings) will watch over them and be merciful to them.

If the live of Silver touches your heart and you would like to help with medical fee.

Donation can be made to :

Jireh Veterinary Clinic Pte. Ltd.
15 Venus Road
Windsor Park Estate
Singapore 574302

If donation by cheque, please state "Silver" at the back of cheque. They do accept Visa if donor wish to make a trip there.

Alternatively can IB to POSB Saving 055-27043-0

Drop me an email if IB at to confirm. My reply might be slower from 3-20/Jun as I will be traveling at different time zone.

[Wed 26 May. Source:, Mon 24 May.]

Update Tue 1 Jun

Silver is so much better now. His head is less swollen and now waiting for his eye to heal. I was told by the vet tech that he is eating well too. That's good sign and now with the eye... it's all really up to the Boss up there and lots of prayers!!!

He look tons better and very cute with the duo neon colour bandage. He is very vocal and will meow none stop when anyone come close to the cage. I request if the “hospital” is not too crowded to give him a bigger cage as his stay is long and he freezes when the girls let him out for stretches.

Please continue to pray for his eye that he will restall perfect vision. Thanks.
Donations are still appreciated.

[Source:, Mon 31 May.]

update wed 23 jun
Good and bad news for Silver. Bad new, his left eye is not healing and we have to remove it. I was suggesting to leave it since there is no infection of any kind but Jvet says it’s very painful for him, if infection later we still have to have it removed and best to have it removed now. So the op will be scheduled next week. Good news is Ms L, out of her kindness will be adopting him-BLESS HER! Ms L also will be helping with his medical bill.

[, wed 23 jun.]