Thursday, 24 June 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Bailey the female local Dutch bunny, loves being stroked on her cheeks

A bunny in distress cuz being starved. I only noticed it today at around 2pm. When discovered, no signs of food + water to be seen. At ard 11.30pm I made my trip to provide foods water in the event if it is still not provided with any foods/water. Only a faded color pingpong ball with the bunny - bunny also din want to play w the pingpong ball anymore cuz cannot be consumed for foods. However my mission failed cuz there were few ppl engaging in late night chat session. I was not able to get close to the distress bunny to offer late supper pellets and water ration. However from a few metres away, as I cast my glance to the bunny, apart from shock that still no signs of bowls and not even improper foods given, the bunny was behaving frantic desperate as he/she standing hopping anxiously left right and clinging onto the cage grilles.

Our weather lately has turned hot sunny. How it feels like when our skin is heated up? When we can't reach for any water source? When our skin in contact with scalding door or window grilles for hours during daytime?

I am appealing for anyone to be this poor starving bunny foster parent. U dun need to have any experience neither do I have any requirement from u. The only criteria is a gracious sincere heart w keen interest to commit and last of all, family members awareness of rabbit to be fostered & w consent given. If u have just a corner area, it's just fine. Situation can be improved / fine tuned along the way as advice & coaching will go hand in hand.

Food rations & housing accessories will be provided.

A little biodata :-
- Dwarf mix
- Light caramel color w dutch markings
- Round nose bridge
- Short ears
- Short fur coat
- Approx 5 mths old
- Gender : unknown as at now
- Friendly, active, curious
- No signs of disease / injuries (cuz bunny is really desperate hopping away begging for help)

At this moment of time, I apologise bunny photo is not readily available yet.

[Original post, 17 Feb:]

Update 12 Mar
Thanks to Ms Angela for fostering the bunny. Photos will be coming soon....

Update Sat 27 Mar
Currently in foster care undergoing litter training. Bailey would be undergoing sterilisation in time to come so as to complete her litter training progress.

Breed : Local Dutch
Color : Caramel w/ white markings
Age : 6 mths old
Gender : Female
Diet : Hay pellets veggie
Temperament : A young excited + curious bunny that is full of action to delight you w her innocent charm. More sharing to be provided by foster parent soon.
Location : Toa Payoh Lor 1

Coaching guidance on grooming care & any other necessary assistance will be provided depending on the proficiency level of the adopter. A sincere responsible heart w/ keen interest to learn is what Bailey needs after all that she has gone thru. Experience is not the priority as coaching combined w passionate learning will eventually gain experience along the way. I have witnessed Bailey from the start from distress hunger + under hot weather right up to finding foster home - she is one who will reciprocate and watches whoever is her caregiver intently.

For visiting arrangements & enquiries, pls email to

Update Mon 29 Mar
Updates from fosterer Ms Angela --> Bailey is fully litter trained now despite not sterilised yet. She is also given time out from cage to do her free roaming activities.

Update Mon 3 May
Updates --> I have visited Bailey at fosterer's home yesterday PM.

She has settled well as a home indoor foster pet since a month half ago and demonstrated great potentiality.

Her strengths :-
- She stands on her 2 hindlegs to greet ppl, even to 1st time visitors (actions similar to a dog)
- She knows how to use the stairs (fosterer shared her pets' 3storey cardboard box purchased from The BusyBarn) travel to 2nd storey & then finally to 3rd storey
- She simply welcomes strokings on her cheeks area as long as the stroking can last, even to 1st time visitors
- She gets excited each time when taking photographs - only thru using 1 finger touch her forehead method, she would then freeze to allow more photos to be taken
- She eats a variety of foods, esp. loves the yellow capsium and is not fussy eater
- She has not chewed furnitures so far. Only enjoys to hop behind the sofa to hide rest after some time of venturing.
- She follows ppl footsteps & responds more to hand clapping.

I have never realised Bailey has these qualities. My earliest efforts to get her out from her past living conditions plus wee night hours secret feeding has not been in vain.

Bailey, I am really proud of you and to Angela, your contributions is indeed valuable. W/o your fostering help, Bailey won't be outstanding today. She would still probably stuck w the small tiny cage under harsh outdoor weather conditions and eating lotsa stale cabbage. Becuz of you, she has unleashed her hidden potential.

I will try to upload her photos taken yesterday.

update thu 24 jun
bailey was adopted a week ago.