Wednesday, 23 June 2010

[recovered!] SOS! Blood for Nicole with tick fever. Dogs 1-6yo, above 20kg. Medical/transport covered.

STOMPer unique079 is urgently seeking blood donors for her sister's dog, Nicole. Nicole is sick with tick fever, which is destroying her red blood cells. Her vet says that she may need blood donations from other dogs.

Said the STOMPer:

"Help! My sister's dog Nicole has tick fever and it is destroying her red blood cells and platelets. She is currently on steroids and anti-biotics and she has to be brought in for review again this Saturday.

The vet wants her to find some dogs to donate blood, just in case. The criteria for donors are:

1. Between 1 to 6 years old

2. Must be 20 kg or above

If anyone is willing to help, please contact me at or 98281992. We will cover all your medical and transport expenses".

[Fri 21 May. Source:, Thu 20 May, and, Wed 19 May.]

Update Sat 22 May
the correct email address is
thanks, dolphinwoof, for checking.

Update Mon 24 May
just to updated to you our nicole had went back to review at mount plasant and the vet said nicole red blood cell is still on the low side so the vet had given nicole another stronger medicine and had to take for ten day so hopefully after the ten day nicole red blood cell will increase and does not need trans blood for nicole. now i have two dog in standby hopefully nicole doesn`t need to use it cos every dog life is very important to the owner..... this is my sis blog you can get update from there too

update wed 23 jun
hi everyone, nicole had recover from tick fever. Thks for everyone concern! Thks for all the kind help and advice given.