Tuesday, 8 June 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Tiger the 5+wo kitten found outside Lavender MRT

Hi there,

I'm Latifah. 3 weeks back, I found a sick and wet kitten outside Lavender Mrt Station. I have nursed it back to health and she is well now. Extremely well in fact :) However, my parents have given me a week's notice to get her adopted or else they will be throwing her out.

Tiger's Info

Age: about 5 wks plus

Appearance: Dark grey with black stripes.

Tiger's Health

Not vaccinated or sterilised.
In good health.

Tiger's Behavior

Tiger is a very inquisitive and active cat. She is litter-trained and will respond to you once a bond is formed.

Tiger's History

- found outside of Lavender Mrt Station and nursed back to health in a week.
- current fosterer able to keep her for a week at most

[Wed 12 May. Source: e-mail, Tue 11 May.]

Update Tue 8 May
Tiger has found a home.