Monday, 7 June 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Dinco + Finco, 2 female abyssinian guinea pigs

Kelly is giving up her 2 guinea pigs, both female, 1 year & 4 weeks as of 2/5/10. They are housed together.

She has 6 hamsters & 6 guinea pigs. Her parents do not allow her to keep too many and she has to board the pets.

I informed her that she should only board her pets with me when she is travelling and not when she is running away from her parents.

This afternoon she visited my home as she wanted to board her pets with me. She shared with me about her problem and I have suggested her to reduce the nos. of pets or reduce the size of the cages.

Long term boarding is not a solution as she has to make numerous trips to visit her pets and unable to spend much time with them.

Currently all of them is kept in an individual cage, except the two up for adoption. Hamster in a 2.5 feet cage and guinea pig in a 3.5 feet cage.

Thanks to Oceania, she had adopted the guinea pigs today 6/5/10 but due to unforeseen circumstances*, Oceania is looking for good home for the furkids.

(* They have two bunnies. They are giving up as they were told by the vet that bunnies have a kind of bacteria which live in their respiratory system, it is harmless to bunnies, even if they're a carrier, but it is deadly for guinea pigs. They therefore do not want to take the risk and decided to give up for adoption.)

Gender : female
Age : 6 Months
Breed : Abby

Contact Katherine Thia through facebook.

[Sat 22 May. Source:>, Sat 22 May.]

Update Mon 7 Jun
Both pigs are adopted.