Monday, 7 June 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 4 kittens + mum by 8 June (HDB warning issued)

These 4 kittens and their mum were originally taken care of by a feeder.
But someone complained to the HDB saying that the cats from her house were defecating at the lift lobby and stairways so HDB has issued her a letter for the cats to be removed by 8th June.

Short story on them:
Originally the mama was part of our Earsnip 2010, but she gave birth on that morning before the sterilization op. The kittens were born on 21st April and are ready for adoption once they wean off in about 2 wks time.

Gender: All kittens are male. Mama, of course female.
Age: Mama unknown, less than 6yrs. Kittens born on 21st Apr 2010.
Tail: All have incomplete tails except grey black kitten with complete but kinked tail.
There's 2 ginger, 1 grey black, 1 orange kittens. Mama is mixture of grey black and brown.

Please repost in other forums if you can to find potential people to adopt the cats.
Thank you!

[Wed 26 May. Source:, Tue 25 May.]

Update Thu 27 May
Update 26th May: Just went to see them. The mum is not feeding them much milk. They are partially on wet food, whiskas now.

Update Thu 3 Jun
More pics of the cats:

Update Mon 7 Jun
All the kittens have been adopted by a lady.