Saturday, 12 June 2010

[rehomed!] FOUND/URGENT FOSTERING: timid persian cat (tampines st 21/22, fri 11 jun)

Hi All,

i found this very adorable and timid persian cat hiding behind a dustbin amongst ants near my house. Around Tampines St 21/22, fri afternoon 11 jun.

I am URGENTLY looking for adoptor or fosterer cause my mum is going to set the cat off in the morning. I am sure this cat is owned by someone cause it has clean ears and clean fur. It looks young judging from the teeth. Like maybe a year old? I can't seem to find any poster around looking for lost cat. I am sure this cat won't be able to survive on the streets as its just shivering and hiding behind the dustbin. I fear for this cat's surviver. But by morning, it has to go on the street.

PLEASE help! I need to send it to somewhere in the morning! Or my mum will set it off. I have a dog and another cat at home too. Which makes things worst!

As you can see from the pictures, its really pretty!

Thank you!

[sat 12 jun. source: e-mail, sat 12 jun.]

update sat 12 jun
the cat has been given to someone who loves cats.