Wednesday, 24 August 2011

ADOPT: Missy the alert, intelligent dog who loves to jog

Missy was a bit shy at first but was quick to warm up with affection, Once she settles, she is so lovely to have around the house!

Always eager to please, she will always greet you with a nice wag of tail and lots of affection. She is very friendly with all of us in the family including my young 4-yr old nephew and also gets along fine with my other 2 dogs well.

When we found her at Sembawang Park on 11 Feb 2010 before CNY, she came running up to us looking for a good pack to settle in with. After a brief interaction, she was ready to follow me and my dogs home.

She has some boxer blood (black mouth with white stripe down the front of her head) and looks like a cross between that and a hound or something from the sporting group of dogs as she is always alert and an active sniffer.

Her health is excellent (no external parasite problems), clean ears and skin. I also had her microchipped and dewormed. The vet suggests that she is less than a year old and I have made arrangements to have her sterilise on 30 March. She is eating well, and is lean, and getting very muscular as I do run and exercise her everyday.

She is intelligent and is learning basic commands very fast (sit, stay, come, down, and responding to her name "Missy"). On the leash, she is a real joy to walk with.

Since then she has settled right in front of my house and is always alert (in a non-aggressive way) when there are visitors or passerbys.

I think she will make a good house and family dog if you are looking to have one around the house.

There is no special needs. But she is a fairly big and energetic dog so will require the new owner to take her out for the usual walkies and runs, and have time to have her socialise with other dogs and humans. We walk her twice everyday ( she walks very well on the leash) and she is an excellent runner i.e. if you love to jog, this one is for you.

We brought her to SPCA but was informed that she could be put down within 24 hrs, so we decided to do this adoption programme ourselves.

If you are keen to adopt her, pls contact me at 98221251 or 92368616. There is no adoption fee whatsoever eventhough I have paid for her deworming and microchipping. All we want is for her to go to a nice home. I can't keep her as I have already 2 fast growing dogs at home.

Please let us know as well your experience with dogs as she is energetic and will need to be walked or run and plenty of affection everyday.

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Update Fri 26 Mar
We found Missy lost and hungry on 11 Feb 2010 at Sembawang Park and have been fostering her since. Due to a change in family situation (one of the primary caregivers will be leaving Singapore in a month's time), we are urgently in need of help of any kind person who can adopt or foster Missy. There are already 2 fast growing dogs at home so Missy is adding to the pressure and we can't cope. The family decision is to surrender her to the SPCA in 2 weeks time if unadopted and we really do not want to resort to this as they may have to euthanise her if they deem her not suitable.

Missy is a very affectionate and intelligent dog and looks like a cross between a boxer and a hound. She can definitely run well and if you love to jog, she will make a lovely running companion.

I had her microchipped and dewormed already and she is a very healthy and fit dog.

Please contact us at 98221251 if you can help.

Update Wed 21 Apr
A potential adopter backed out at the last minute. Andy has decided to keep Missy and work out among the family on how to care for her.

update tue 6 jul
missy is up for adoption again.