Sunday, 23 May 2010

[rehomed!] FOUND/FOSTER: Male JRT (Pasir Ris Drive 10, Sun 25 Apr)

Male Jack Russell found at 707 Pasir Ris Dr 10 on 25th Apr 2010, Sunday.

The kind couple who found him sent him for a vet check up, he's in good shapre, except for the neglected nails.

The Jack is rather shy and timid, and might snap with sudden approach.

As the couple are both working, they are unable to keep the dog for long. He has been sent to Mdm Wong's Shelter this afternoon, but the environment proved too stressful for him.

Appreciate anyone who is able to foster him while we continue to look for his owners/potential adoptors.

Please contact XXXXXXX if this is your JRT, or if you are able to help with short term fostering.

[Mon 26 Apr. Source:, Mon 26 Apr.]

Update Sun 23 May
JRT is adopted.