Wednesday, 26 May 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Rocky + Raco, male + female bull terriers

Dear all,

I'm helping a friend to post this.

The reason is he's always not in Singapore and the maid doesn't know how to take care of them so when he's away they are always locked up. So i really think that the dogs will be more happier with other people who have the time for them and know how to take care of them.

There won't be any adoption fee. Just hope to look for really sincere adoptees for them.

Below is the information:

Breed: Bull Terrier / Bull Terrier

Gender: Male / Female (Spayed)

Color: Tri Color (Brown/Black /White) / White

DOB: 01-01-2007 / 06-07-2007

Temperament: Friendly, Just love humans

Toilet-trained for living in an apartment (Bull Terriers is not approved for HDB)

(Conditions of adoption includes "Rocky / Raco is to be walk everyday and the whole family members must agree to the adoption)

[Wed 26 May. Source:, Mon 24 May.]

Update Wed 26 May
Both Dogs have been adopted by a very good family.