Monday, 24 May 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Milo the spayed 8yo male golden retriever - owners immigrating in June

Hi, we are looking for a dog lover, who would adopt our 8-year old golden retriever. Milo is very friendly and good natured. He has been spayed.

Reasons why we need to rehome him are:
1. We are immigration to Canada

2. I have 2 very young boys to take care of and it will be a great adjustments for myself too

3. The flight to Toronto is more than 20 hours and I am afraid he might not survive the journey due to his age.

Hence, we would rather he goes to a good family.

Thank you.

Update Wed 5 May
We have yet to find a home for Milo, would sincerely appreciate if you could help. We will be relocating in June and need to settle Milo in a home before we leave. At least we can be assured that he can adapt well in the new home. Thank you.

Update Mon 24 May
Milo has been adopted!