Monday, 17 May 2010

ADOPT: 1 2mo kittens saved from being aborted by owners

These kittens were born in January 2010. My family and I had saved this litter of 5 kittens from being aborted by their owners by agreeing to take them in. After one month of fostering, we are now finding homes for them.

These kittens are offspring of house pets (not strays), accustomed to being kept in homes and extremely friendly. They would make the perfect pets.

Please email Jimmy at or contact 84276079 with a short description on why you would like to adopt this kitten.

Details and more photos at

Update Fri 23 Apr
2 kittens have been adopted; 3 more waiting for homes.

Update Tue 27 Apr
2 kittens to go...

Updte Mon 17 May
1 kitten left for adoption (the one on the bottom right)