Friday, 21 May 2010

[resolved!] ADOPT: AJ the gentle female golden siberian husky

We are looking for a good home for AJ, our adopted female Siberian husky. She has a lovely gentle temperament but needs lots of exercise. Please contact us if you are a true dog lover. Reluctantly, we have to give AJ up for adoption as our own dog, a mongrel, is exceedingly jealous and would not tolerate the presence of another dog. What is AJ like?

- gentle, seldom barks

- needs lots of exercise

- loves to eat potatoes, meats, carrots, vegetables

- beautiful golden coat, and light brown eyes

- most beautiful feature - her tail - long, fluffy

- good with other dogs (it's my old dog who gives trouble and starts fights all the time).

More photos in the link below.

[Wed 12 May. Source:, Tue 11 May.]

Update Fri 21 May
owner has decided to keep AJ.