Sunday, 16 May 2010

[resolved] ADOPT: Shepherd the 10yo male golden retriever with a limp

Shepherd, a 10-year old Golden Retriever, is up for adoption. Shepherd was an abandoned dog which someone found wandering outside a pet shop. He was then passed to a family to temporarily house him while they looked for a potential owner. During that time when Shepherd was with the family, they bonded with him and decided to keep him instead. He's been with that family for the last 7 years.

Shepherd is a fairly healthy dog. The only problem he has is a limp on his front legs. However, that has not hindered his movement as he loves to take lengthy walks. Shepherd's true age is unknown. Vets and groomers estimated him to be about 10 human years (he's young at heart). He's not neutered.

The family's decision to give Shepherd away is not an easy one, but one they have to make due to the current situation. Shepherd needs to be taken down for walks 3 times a day to relieve himself. He does not have a good control of his bladder. Both the father and son share this responsiblilty. However, the father had a couple of heart attacks and went through heart surgery and doctors forbid him to walk big dogs indefinitely. The son has been taking care of Shepherd, however, he is going back to school this July, which leaves practically no one to look after Shepherd and bring him for his walks.

Shepherd is a very friendly dog and loves people in general. He's quite ok with other dogs except sometimes with other male dogs.

If you can give Shepherd a good home, pls email Thank you.

Update Sun 16 May
Shepherd has ben diagnosed with malignant melanoma, a form of skin cancer. There is a tumour growing on his upper jaw and it has been bleeding profusely. He is now on medication which helps to stop the bleeding, smell and infection. The vet says he has only about 1-3 months to live. Due to the current situation, I think it is best that Shepherd remains with us for his remaining days.