Tuesday, 18 May 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Jia Jia the 5yo male maltese adopted and returned (no photo yet)

28 Dec 2009:
Hi, i have a male maltese (sterilised) looking for a new home. Details of the maltese are as follows:-
Gender:- Male
Age:- abt 5yrs old
Breed:- Maltese
Paper trained:- Yes
Good with kids:- Yes
Healthy:- Yes but got abit of smelly mouth
Name:- Jia Jia

Further details of this dog, he was sort of rescued when he almost died in a pet shop due to neglect. After rushing him to the hospital and stayed for 4 days, he survived and was discharged. Cos i myself have 5 dogs already, i cant keep him, so he was passed to my elder sister who took care of him for abt 5 yrs, so anyway cut story short my sister is unable to care for him as she is too busy with work and kids (3), hence she asked me to find the dog a new home.

Anyone interested please pm me. I need details like what kind of housing u are staying in? How many dogs u have presently. Any experience having dogs before? And also most importantly, please do not dump him away if u dun like him anymore.

21 Apr 2010:
Hi all, sad case, dog was adopted but returned back. So now looking for new home again!
Reason for returning is because new home female owner found out she is pregnant and therefore......as you guys now what the reason is so need not explain further.

Dog is now under my care, but not for long cos i cant take him in. So, interested parties please call XXXXXXXX.

Dog food and treats with carrier will be given away with dog. Also dog is microchipped, sterilized and come with dog licence also.

[Wed 21 Apr. Source: http://www.doggiesite.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=66228, Wed 21 Apr.]

Update Tue 18 May
A young couple adopted Jia Jia.