Friday, 27 January 2012

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Wally - 6wo male mongrel found at construction site

Animal's name: Wally
Age: 6 weeks old
Gender: Male
Breed: Mixed
HDB-approved? He will be a big dog

Vaccinated? 1st vaccination on 4th of Jan 2012
Sterilised? No

Health condition? Vet said healthy. He's on revolution (heartguard+ fleaguard) but will be dewormed on 5th Jan

Physical description? Brown and Black

Personality/temperament? Seems friendly

Toilet trained? Seems to know how to go on paper.
Understands basic commands? Too young to tell
Good with other pets? Too young to tell
Good with children? Too young to tell

Why is it being put up for fostering/adoption? Found him at construction site. Looking for a good home as we already have 2 dogs.

Other comments: Looking for a good home with responsible owner.


wally has been adopted