Saturday, 28 January 2012

ADOPT: Chubbi Bunni - calm, sweet-natured, potty-trained 3+yo female local x netherland dwarf rabbit

Animal's name: Chubbi Bunni

Age: 3 years + months

Gender: Female

Breed: Local with Netherland Dwarf's blood, she have the local rabbit size, but ears are shorter than a local rabbit's ears.

HDB-approved? Yes

Vaccinated? No
Sterilised? No

Health condition?

Physical description?
Whole black with individual white fur streaks all over
*Picture not true to colour as was using iPhone app*

Sweet natured, calm, lies on tummy

Toilet trained?
Yes, potty trained

Understands basic commands?

Good with other pets?

Good with children?

Why is it being put up for adoption?
School's garden rabbit
No one is taking care of the rabbit, as previous batch of students who are good with it have graduated last year.
I've been taking care of the rabbit for a year.
Not all students are fond of rabbit, as some students are scare.

Other comments:
Rabbit will come with 2 APD pellets and 3kg of OXBOW orchard hay.
Will collect $10 to cover food supplies

Free 2ft to 3ft cage, worn out, but usable.

Will only consider experienced bunni owners, or someone who will provide playpen environment or free roaming.

Future owner will have to sign a simple contract and allow once in a blue moon house visits.


Contact details:
Please contact me at 9369 7092(SMS/Whatsapp only, will reply within 24hours)