Tuesday, 24 January 2012

FOSTER/ADOPT: Goofy - chubby, healthy, contented 2yo male rex local rabbit

- Name : Goofy
- Gender : Male
- Sterilised : Yes
- Age : 2 yrs old
- Breed : Rex Local
- Litter trained : No
- Health condition : Good (no prior vet visit except once for sterilisation)
- Diet : Pellets, hay & veggie (includes drinking water from a container source, not bottle tip)

Goofy is a contented bunny who minds his own biz. He has been sterilised more than a year ago & has recovered fully since. Like all of us, we dun like others to tease or make fun of us. Goes the same for Goofy. He welcomes firm hand stroking and can be handled for grooming or carrying relatively well.

He's on the chubby side after sterilisation and would make a prosperous pet to the household. There has been NO incidents of Goofy falling sick. He goes easy on pellets, hay & veggie.

As photos shown, Goofy currently is not an indoor house rabbit & stays in a humble environment.

On behalf of an elderly caregiver in his 70s age, I appeal for sincere fosterer / adopter to come forward make a difference to Goofy's life. At the end of this search, we only hope fosterer / adopter to have a rewarding experience - be it fostering help or provide Goofy a permanent home sweet home.

Come Join Goofy Towards A Rewarding Bunny Care Experience

Option A
For fostering care. Food rations & beddings can be provided. Fosterer only needs to provide a conducive environment and concentrate in getting Goofy toilet trained up while an adopter comes along. Veggies & water sponsored by fostering family is gratefully appreciated & welcomed. As a start off, user friendly cage can be loaned to assist fosterer in training up Goofy. Once Goofy passes his toilet 'tests', alternative housing setup can be arranged to suit Goofy & fostering family home layout situations. Guidance will be given.

Option B
For adoption. Adopting family can consider 2mths duration trial adoption. Anytime within the 2mths timeframe as long as Goofy needs is taken care of & adopting family members have all settled down fine w/ Goofy, the adoption is confirmed.

For further enquiries, please email to mars_mentos@yahoo.com.sg

[mon 11 apr 2011. shared on request. source: email, mon 4 apr 2011.]