Tuesday, 17 January 2012

[rehomed!] ADOPT: July Gal - docile, friendly, very curious female tabby

my friend found this tabby in almost-built Circle Line MRT. Apparently the guard there has been feeding this tabby for the last 9 mths.His contract with SMRT has expired since 11 Jul as we are afraid LRT or SMRT might get AVA to come cull the tabby as he won't be around then, we have resorted to paying someone to babysit the tabby in the interim.

This tabby is docile, friendly and very curious. It has the nicest of leopard spots on its belly.

My friend has been visiting her and the other 2 kittens as advertised, weekly without fail. I went with her today to pay her a visit too. She is now in a nice house 'shelter' where she stays in a big roomy room with 15 other cats. There are other cats in other rooms. Sadly, due to her being alone the last 9 mths or so, she has already developed an independent streak and she does not take the effort to get along with other cats as she is wary of being attacked by these cats so it really breaks my heart seeing that.

She has eyes that tells u she's a gd natured cat unlike most and she really deserves a gd home with lots of love! I still find her to be so special and i really hope someone can adopt her soon.


July Girl has found a home.