Sunday, 15 January 2012

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Cookie - sweet, quiet 4+yo diabetic, red neutered toy poodle given up twice in his life

“Cookie” is a 4+ yr old Red neutered Toy poodle who was saved from being put down as he was diagnosed with diabetes and his owner had also been diagnosed with cancer at the same time. His owner was unable to cope with treating “Cookie”’s diabetes and undergoing intensive chemotherapy at the same time. Prior to this, he was abandoned by his previous owner to this current owner who had no choice but to give him up now. Poor “Cookie” had been given up twice in his short 4 years of life.

The vet that attended to him refused to put him down just because of diabetes. Unfortunately the vet is unable to adopt him herself as she has 3 geriatric cats who would not allow a dog into their territory. As such, “Cookie” has been residing at the vet clinic since the end of June. However he cannot live in a cage in the vet clinic for the rest of his life and so I am appealing to kind souls who would be willing to foster or adopt him and give him the much needed love that he needs.

Cookie is doing well on twice daily insulin. But as a consequence of his diabetes, he has developed cataracts in both eyes and appears to be blind in one of his eye. He can still see a little from the other eye but his vision is rather poor. Other than that, Cookie is a wonderful sweet little quiet dog that loves cuddles.

Apart from his daily insulin injections and a prescription diet that he is on, Cookie is a low maintenance dog that does not require any other treatments. He is fully vaccinated and is also protected against heartworm. The medication needed to treat his diabetes and food will be provided. I am willing to work out a long term management plan with the new owner regarding Cookie’s medical needs.


[wed 24 aug 2011. shared on request. source: email, 20 aug 2011.]

cookie has just found a new home finally and is happily settled in. :) thank u for all ur help!