Sunday, 15 January 2012

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Bailey - healthy, playful, active, friendly, affectionate 2yo female beagle-harrier

Animal's Name: Bailey
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Breed: Beagle-harrier
HDB-Approved: No

Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilised: No

Health Condition: Good. No illness and health conditions

Personality/Temperament: Playful, active, extremely friendly and affectionate

Toilet trained: Yes
Understands basic commands? Yes, like sit, down, go, and come.
Good with other pets? Very good with other dogs
Good with children? Not many experiences that includes children thus far

Why is it being put up for fostering/adoption?
Due to work-related commitments that requires me to travel most parts of next year

Other comments:
Those interested in adopting Bailey should be active and would be willing to spend at least 2 walk/jog sessions of 30 to 45 minutes each day with her. She is very playful and needs playtime whenever possible or she may get bored and become destructive. It would be best if the house has a yard; apartment living not recommended.


Bailey has been adopted.