Thursday, 17 November 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Dixie - sweet, affectionate, mellow, smart, food-loving female tortoiseshell kitten rescued from bus stop

Here's Dixie, a tortoiseshell kitten for adoption. I rescued her yesterday at a bus stop which is pretty dangerous for her to be as there are lots of cars on the road.

She does not get along well with other cats except when she is sleeping or the other cats stay a distance away from her. With slow and patient introduction, I think that she will be able to get along with cats and dogs.

Even though she does not get along well with other cats and dogs, she gets along really well with humans. She is a really sweet kitten who loves to sleep on anything soft, like a pillow or on your lap. She can lay on my lap and fell asleep.

She is a mellow kitten who sleeps most of the time and love food. She will meow whenever she sees food. She is a bit skinny now and the new owner will need to fatten her up a bit. She is really affectionate and loves people to pet her. She loves feathery toys too.

She is really smart and knows how to use the litter-box on her first attempt. It is really great for me as I am worried that she might not know how to use it and will make a mess on the floor and my dad will surely scold me for that. Luckily for me, no mess on the floor throughout the first night.

She is currently staying at Guardian of pets ( as my dad does not allow me to keep her.

Thanks! I really hope that she can find a good home soon as she is a really sweet kitten who deserves to be loved and pampered. :)

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Dixie is happily adopted. Thanks everyone! :)