Thursday, 17 November 2011

ADOPT: Cute BoBo (male mongrel pups) is looking for a good home

These 2 delectable warm chocolately little puppies, a boy (Bobo) and a girl (BiBi) are pups rescued before a recent 'clean' round up. Four of their siblings are still out there. They are estimated to be less than 3 months old.

You will expect pups as young as these to be noisy, happy, excited and greedy. Sadly, not these babies. Since their arrival, they have not made much sounds, hiding behind doors and peering from 'neath the sofas and cabinets and treading with great care. They are fearful of humans, and who can blame them. BoBo and BiBi are testament to the cruelty and intolerance of mankind. This is the real realistic world for pups not born into pedigree or to families. We can only imagine the horrors their innocent eyes have seen and screams only their ears have heard.

But we are confident these too very lovely dogs will learn to adjust to normality given your love and care to shower on them and they will grow up to be magnificent companians.

Young BoBo and lovely BiBi have certainly gone through much in their short little lives, through no fault of them own, except the unfairness the world have thrust them in.

Can we help right the wrong? Give them a chance at life? A life that some of their siblings can never have because we didnt manage to save all. The pups do not need to be adopted together.

If you would like to adopt them, please let me know by emailing or SMS/call 91552213


Bibi & Bobo are the latest rescued BB pups. Bibi was adopted by a kind family at the adoption drive on 12th November. Be blessed and be happy girl!

Bobo is still looking for his forever family. He has every potential to be an awesome companion if angels will give him the chance.

Make a date with him and other lovely doggies who are looking for homes at an Adoption Drive this coming Sunday 20 Nov at Animal Infirmary (Thomson Road) from 10am-2pm.

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