Tuesday, 1 November 2011

ADOPT: The SMLs - 3 male and 3 female mongrel pups

These little ones (3 boys and 3 girls) need good homes. They are clueless about the dire straits they are born into as homeless street dogs. Please help them stay alive and away from the dangers of a culling reality.

If you can give them a home, please contact: Mich 98393508 or email: sng28@singnet.com.sg

The males and females comes in S, M & L respectively not sure why it ended like that…LOL*

Picture above (from left):
M boy - sharper snout
S girl - black snout
M girl - white
L girl - brown


L-sized male (35-40cm in length), fattest and biggest among all. He is always first to run for food and apparently have heard him growl if other pups wants to steal his chicken…don’t be deceived by his cutie looks…he means business if you try poking your nose near his dinner! ( towards pups only..human can retrieve his food)

M-sized male (30-35cm) This boy has a sharper snout but pretty smart as he knows how to bark to gain our attention when he got himself stuck in the drain the other time…plump and a little afraid of human..

 S-sized male is the skinniest among the rest…he runs the slowest and he is only about half the size of L-sized…friendly and wag tails but also weary of human touch…


L-sized female is about the same size as the male,..fully brown..really fat! Greedy enough to let me hold her without screaming like I’m slaughtering her…

M-sized female…white…cannt hold her..she will scream like you are slicing her apart…LOL* its difficult to try take solo pics of her due to this sharp and loud screaming…else she looks healthy and fat too

S-sized female…black snout…hyper friendly…smallest in size…weary of human…cant possible catch her to take solo pics as she runs really fast too……….

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There is not much time left for them. Adoption saves lives. Please help to spread the word!