Sunday, 30 October 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Big Tom, the 8mo male purr machine

Big boy Tom is a sweet fella. Found with 4 other siblings on the road in a box, by a kind person, he wants to be as fortunate as his three siblings who have gotten their own abode.

Tom Tom is 8 months old. He is big and fat and loves nothing better than to sit by your side, snuggled closely as he watches football together with you, cheering on your favourite team, or comfort you as you sob sob sob watching those touching K-dramas, or even enjoying the American Idol singers and David Blaine's magic shows. All Big Tom wants is to be by your side, never mind if it is a small flat or a mansion in a posh estate.

Handsome Tom is vocal. His purrs can outdo those of a well-oiled Ferrari and he loves to meow meow meow as he replies when you talk to him.

Tom is neutered and currently undergoing kitty training in a litter box. He's previous fosterer has allowed him to use his own bathroom as it was more economical that way but we understand that not all adopters would like that and we have introduced this new toileting to him. He hasn't the full grasp of it yet but we are sure given time, he will adjust.

Big Tom would love to go to a home with or without other cats, with or without children as he is a sweet big baby and just contented with the simple, basic pleasures in life. A docile and calm boy, he will not disrupt your life as he silently pads around the place.

There is no adoption fee requested, just your assurance and love for a forever, safe home for Big Tom


Big Tom has been adopted. Thank you for sharing.