Monday, 31 October 2011

ADOPT: Lily Rose - highly intelligent, alert, friendly female mongrel pup

Do you remember this batch of New Year workshop puppies early this year? (

Here's Lily Rose, one of the female puppy out of the fourteen.

She has been returned by her owner, who is unable to handle her food aggression problem.

Apart from that, Lily Rose is highly intelligent and alert (look at her pictures, and you'll know definitely) and she understands basic commands such as sit, handshake, down, yes, no, up, go out, there, go inside, give 5, ball ball and can play fetch as well. She's currently housed at a shelter as I'm unable to find her a fosterer. She is indoor-trained and all she need is a firm and strict owner (she will push her luck to see if she can be an alpha dog). Preferably an owner who has experience in handling dogs. Her food aggression problem can be solved with time and patience. She friendly with both dogs and strangers with proper introduction.

From her previous owner:
"She is food aggresive, especially bones, meat and her own poo (can be corrected, we're working on stopping this bad habit). She loves to chew the knotted bones and balls. Her favourite is playing fetch with anything, especially her yellow ring, red ball and ropes. She loves chewing on the ropes. She RARELY pull on leash and if she does, just give it a pull and give a firm 'no' will do."

More pictures of Lily Rose below: (whole album on her) (she's the one with a red leash)

Interested parties please sms me at 97768464 (strictly sms only as I am still schooling) or email me at Kindly note that Lily Rose is NON-HDB approved. She has been vaccinated (2 jabs and last 1 to go) and microchipped. Adopter needs to license and sterilize her. (Steriilzation fee is provided by previous owner)

Please think twice and discuss with ALL family members before making a decision to dedicate 15 years to this loyal companion who will never get sick and tired of you. Can you spare adequate time with her daily? Can everyone commit and take good care of her?

If yes, then you are the patient and perfect owner for Lily Rose is looking for!

Please feel free to arrange viewing to check out on this girl. She might be fully grown but that doesn't make her any less cuter than a puppy (she still behaves like one and loves attention).