Monday, 1 August 2011

ADOPT: Tame, friendly 3yo female community cat - residents throwing rocks at her

I hope you won't mind the mass email, but I am writing to ask if you will please help me find a home for this cat. If you can't take the cat in, please do ask if anyone is interested, and feel free to forward this email along.

This cat lives in my condo - it belonged to a family and earlier this year, that family moved away and left the cat behind, leaving half a bag of food with the condo gardener.

Since then it's been collectively taken care of by the grounds staff, guards and several residents. It is a bit wary of strangers but is very tame and friendly. It is not feral, and so not a stray cat - very much a house cat. Apparently it's been spayed/neutered but I'm not sure if it's a male or female. It seems young (at least not old) and healthy, at least from the looks of it.

Anyway, its case has now become urgent as one of the residents has voiced displeasure at seeing the cat around (and I think the cat has been sleeping on the hood of his Beng car) and there is good reason to believe this person may kick up a fuss or call the authorities soon. The guards are also afraid to feed the cat now, to avoid being complained against.

[sun 29 aug 2010. e-mail, fri 27 aug 2010.]

mon 25 oct 2010
Cat is living at the condo happily and people are taking care of it.

wed 27 oct 2010
Unfortunately, after my last reply to you, it was reported that certain residents were seen trying to chase the cat away by throwing rocks at it. I believe the cat could be at risk. I am sending out another appeal to try and find it a home.

This cat is very tame and very good natured. She deserves a second chance and a new home.

I have some new important information:

Details: Female, sterilised, estimated to be approximately 3 years old (definitely under 5 - a young adult cat). Recently de-wormed, de-ticked and vaccinated. **Unfortunately she tested positive for FIV. She is healthy now and there is no reason she cannot live a full life with proper care and nutrition. Because of this however, she needs to go to a home where she will be the only cat, and she must live indoors at all times.

sun 23 jan 2011
she's at a shelter now, but no, has not found a home.

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